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Maybe a new project

I know I have some other projects in need of finishing but I bought this yarn (Queensland Kathmandu DK Tweed) at a WEBS clearance sale in early November. Actually, I bought a lot of it. More on that later.

Happy Thanksgiving!

“There’s a yarn turd in the kitchen.”


That was Aaron’s nonchalant comment about the ball of Skye Tweed that I mistakenly dropped on my way into the living room to seam some of the Sunrise Circle. I’m not sure why this monotoned observation gave me fits of giggles but I hope some of you think it’s funny too.:-)

Contest winners are as follows:

Prize #1 (Cotton-Ease + pattern): to blogless Jennifer who wrote the following:

“…I am pregnant with twins (a boy and a girl) and am knitting up blankets for them in that terracotta cotton ease and the lime green based on YOUR wear test. ;) I would love to have the three skeins and jacket pattern to knit a jacket they could both wear that would match! As I am facing the prospect of bedrest, will have plenty of time to knit…”

What a sweet comment! Upon careful reflection, I decided it wouldn’t be fair to send yarn for only one sweater so I’m going to send her some lime Cotton-Ease for a second one. She’ll certainly have time to knit, although I think the seed stitch will get old fast!

Prize #2 (Lorna’s Laces sock yarn): to the always fabulous Liz K. over at Crossroad Knits.

Prize #3 (Rellana Flotte sock yarn): to Chris, cohabitant with the infamous duo, Chaos and Mayhem. Go wish her a speedy recovery!!

Ladies, please email me (elinor AT knitlawrence DOT org) your addresses and I’ll send your loot this week!

Thanks for playing, everyone! I’m glad some of you de-lurked to say ‘hello’! My inbox was flooded with comments so it will be a few more days before I can back to many of you. I appreciate all of your positive comments and warm welcome to my new home on teh internets. Olga‘s comment, in particular, made me laugh out loud:

“Love what you’ve done to your new place! Those wood floors are fab-tas-ic! So much light – makes the place look larger! Love the landscaping too. Anyhoo- just came by to drop off cookies for the house warming…”

Now, if I could figure out a way to get blog readers to send me cookies… Hmm… must work on that…

Welcome to My New Home

on WordPress! I can’t move my Haloscan comments from Blogger over to WordPress but that’s a small pittance to to pay.*

I hope you’ll change your .rss feed subscriptions over to my new domain, exercisebeforeknitting.com. What can I say? It’s so much easier to type than exercisebeforeknitting.blogspot.com.

I thought I’d celebrate my new home by offering a new pattern and hosting blog contest. I’ve made the final edits on the baby jacket pattern I worked up last winter. Many thanks to blogless Lisa, Kellie and Kelly for test knitting the pattern for me! You’ll find a link to the pattern in the menu on the right.

There are three prizes up for grabs:

1. A copy of the baby jacket pattern and three skeins (207 yds/skein) of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) in the gender-neutral color of Terracotta. It’s too dark to take accurate pictures of the yarn now but the link will give you an accurate representation. The version shown here was knitted in white Cotton-Ease.


2. Two skeins (215 yds/skein) of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock (80% superwash wool, 20% nylon) in Sunshine for you solid-color knitters. The color isn’t quite so orange as the picture would indicate but it was the best I could do in low light.


3. One 100-g ball (420 m) of Rellana Jubilaumsgarn Flotte sock yarn (75% superwash wool, 25% polymide) for you variegated-color knitters. Actually, I’m not sure whether this is self-striping of variegated.

Leave me a comment telling me which prize you’d like and I’ll draw three winners on Sunday, October 7th!

Three weeks of no blogging means I have lots to show you! Stay tuned for sweater knitting, a blogger rendez-vous, stash expansion and a very special UFO.

*Blogger fucking sucks.

Contest Winners!

Thanks to a random number generator, the winners are as follows:

1. Green cotton sock yarn: Kodachrome
2. Blue wool fingering weight: Megan
3. Spring 2007 Interweave Knits: EnnaVic

Congratulations to all winners! I will send out emails in the morning, I’m afraid I’m too tired this evening. If you read the blog before you get your email, send me an email at elinor AT knitlawrence DOT org with your name and address and I’ll get the loot out to you next week!

Many of you commented about particular blogs missing from my Bloglines list. I must confess that several months ago, my blogroll grew larger than I was publicly willing to admit so most of my newer subscriptions are now private. More than anything, a larger than a 150-count blogroll would take up way too much space in my sidebar and until I move it to its own page, that’s what you get.

So many of you lurkers came out of the woodwork! I’m looking forward to getting to know you through your blogs! To that end, I was thinking of featuring a new blog read at the end of a post, every so often. With a list of new commenters a mile long, I should have fodder through the summer!

Here are some new blogs to add to YOUR blogrolls. I know I’ve left some off (not intentionally, to be sure) but I’m too tired to add more links. You can look back through the comments from the last post. I had intended to alphabetize the links but, as you can see, I am an incredibly lazy person.

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I must say that I found what other people look for in a knitting blog very interesting . When I look at a new blog, I want the author to show me something new, teach me how to do something or offer useful technique and/or pattern advice. And then there are the pictures. I admit that I look at your pictures before I read anything that you’ve written. For example, if I were reading this particular post, I would scan for pictures and seeing none, would sigh and mutter something about the blog author’s long-winded ramblings before moving on to something more colorful. I assume that other bloggers feel similarly so that’s why I almost always post lots of pictures. Or as my dad says, “pitchiz”.

Blog Contest!

As promised, a blog contest for free stuff! As if any of you need more yarn…

This is a destashing more than a contest, I must say. I took a good look at my stash and saw some things that don’t have projects attached to them. Leave me a comment and give me a link to a knitting blog you like to read and also tell me which one of the three items you’d like. I’ll draw names out of a hat for each item. Please don’t all say Yarn Harlot. We all know she’s great but I’m interested in undiscovered blogs, not ones with 7534875849357894375893475934 subscribers.

Enter before 5 p.m. (CST) on Friday, April 27th. I will draw the three winners while celebrating getting through another chemistry test. I’ll post winners and a list of interesting blog reads on Friday evening.

The Prizes
1. )Two skeins of Fortissima Cotton sock yarn in a kelly green color, 231 yds/ball, 26sts/4 in on US 1-2. I made some socks for my mom out of this stuff and it’s really soft and nice to knit with.

2.) Four skeins of fingering weight 100% wool from Jojoland, 220 yds/ball, 7-8sts/in on US 1-3. This would be good for lace. It’s not scratchy wool.

3) The Spring Interweave Knits
Somehow, I wound up with an extra copy. Who wants it?