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My Mission: A Second Sock


The wonderful Stella knit me a Drunken Bee with BMFA Socks That Rock in “Pond Scum” (isn’t that a great name?) This is a much more accurate representation of the true color of Pond Scum. I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it on domesticrafts earlier this summer.


Isn’t it just gorgeous? *gush* I can’t wait to start in on the second one! Speaking of which, I seem to have lost every US 1 circular needle and DPN I’ve ever owned (no small number). I’ll cast on for #2 as soon as I buy find the requisite needles!

As if this beauty weren’t enough, Stella also sent along a coveted misocrafty bag and some SOAK*!


Thanks so much, Stella!!

*When I opened this package, it occurred to me that SOAK packets look a lot like GU energy gel. I will be sure to keep the SOAK in the laundry room and the GU in the kitchen…

FO: No Slouch Socks


Yarn: Fleece Artist Sea Wool from weaverknits

The pattern is so simple that it’s hardly worth writing up. Nevertheless, here it is if you like. I’ve always had trouble keeping hand knit socks from slouching; thus, a slouch-less sock was the goal for this pair. I selected this stitch pattern because cable ribs are notoriously rigid.


The yarn choice couldn’t be better. I wish I could knit an entire wardrobe out of Sea Wool. It’s unlike any yarn I’ve ever used and I am certainly a convert. The yarn content is 70% merino wool/30% SeaCell. The SeaCell makes the yarn extra soft and shiny. Sea Wool has its drawbacks, however: the yardage (350 m) may not accommodate larger feet, it’s a bit expensive ($25/pair) and some of the colors are a bit, um, what’s the word… ugly? Not to worry, Fleece Artist offers a handful of very nice semi-solid colors too.


Stay tuned for some socks inspired by Kristy and a meme (I haven’t forgotten, I promise!)

Socktoberfest, wait for me!!

I didn’t plan on participating in Lolly’s Socktoberfest this year, mostly because October started out as a terribly busy month. I also felt guilty about starting new socks when I had three pairs unfinished. Well, four to be completely honest, but I had almost resigned myself to never finishing these:


Yarn: Fortissima Sock

Pattern: a toe-up stockinette sock with 3×1 rib leg

I present the most painful socks I have ever made. In fact, I’m fairly certain these took a chunk of my soul with them. What was I thinking? Size 11 man socks in a terribly boring pattern on size 0 needles at a gauge of 10 sts/in? How could I possibly finish them after Aaron admitted he’d prefer a different kind of sock? The first sock required no less than six different bind off attempts before I found one stretchy enough. For the record, that was the k2tog method with a size 10 needle (yes, you read that correctly).


What was I thinking when I started these a mere 15 months ago? I’m not entirely sure. I imagine my judgment was clouded by the fact that I was 9 months pregnant, nesting and bored to tears. In this hormonally induced state, I wanted to make my dear sweet husband happy with some fine gauge socks. So what changed in the intervening time to make me loathe this project? Well, if you guessed pushing out a 7 lb 12 oz baby, you’re a winner!!!!!!!! The second sock has been 1″ shy of completion for over a year. I knew I would never knit that last inch. What would you have done? I ripped back the first sock to match the second and cast off. Done. Now Aaron has at least one pair of nice socks. Was that so difficult?


Yarn: Claudia’s Handpainted in Blue Sky from Mintyfresh!

Pattern: Minty’s Anastasia Socks


I started these in July but for whatever reason, I let the second sock languish on the needles for a few months. The pattern is wonderful, the socks fit perfectly and they’re for ME! A great combination!


To celebrate finishing two longstanding WIPs, I cast on a sock using the Fleece Artist Sea Wool that Ann sent me over the summer. I have never felt a nicer yarn. Never. It took every ounce of restraint I had to refrain from ordering 75893759843758934 more skeins of this stuff.


FO: Sunrise Circle Jacket


Pattern: Sunrise Circle Jacket by Kate Gilbert

Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed in Heath

I made some major modifications to this sweater because I could not make the appropriate row gauge with Skye Tweed. I knit the sleeves/front sections first and then knit the back to match. I knit the smallest (33″) size because my row gauge was 5.5/in instead of 7. In a perfect world, I would have preferred a 35″ chest; however, the size is more like 38″. This isn’t as big of a problem as you might think, since the fronts can be overlapped more or less to fit. The real problem is the raglan shaping. Do you see where the raglan falls? When I initially knit this up, the raglan sleeve fit where it was supposed to but the jacket was too long between the sleeve and neck edge. I decided that I would position the raglan a bit closer to my shoulder edge and shorten the sleeves to compensate for the new sleeve length.


It’s not ideal but I will certainly wear it, provided the temperature drops enough! Oh yes, don’t you like my closure? I haven’t yet found a closure that really suits the jacket so you get pictures with a stitch holder. Do any of you have any suggestions? I’ve been staring at the sweater too long to be objective.


I’ll leave you with another FO, a single Petticoat Sock from Weekend Knitting (Ravelry link here), to be sent away on Monday for its recipient to knit the mate.


Thanks for all of your sweet comments and congratulations about my half marathon last weekend!

The Sewing Machine Ate My Knitting Mojo

Perhaps for lack of inspired knitting, perhaps because of the heat but whatever the reason, my sewing machine has lured me with its promise of quickly finished objects – near instant gratification compared to knitting. I say “finished” but the truth of the matter is that all of my sewn items need buttonholes or trim added so you won’t see actual FOs for a few more days. You know what I mean by “finished”…

Here are some previews:

I’ve also been working on a pair of Anastasias with the Claudia’s Handpainted (in Blue Sky colorway) that I won in Minty’s blog contest a few months ago.

I think once I clear my knitting plate of second socks and gift knitting, my knitting mojo will come back. Until then, I slog along!