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FO: More 3×1 Garter Rib Socks

Another Pair of 3x1 Garter Rib Socks

Pattern: A simple 64-st 3×1 garter rib sock with an 8-st decrease over 8 rows for calf shaping

Yarn: ShibuiKnits Sock in Bark

Needles: US 1 1/2

Since I’ve needed mindless socks to work on to get through some dense reading lately, I worked up a second pair of garter rib socks. I changed needles for the calf shaping for the last pair but I didn’t have smaller needles on me when I reached the shaping on these so I used decreases.

Calf shaping

I’m a bit ambivalent about which method is better. I think I prefer changing needle sizes but it’s hard to talk myself into using anything smaller when I’m desperate to get to the heel.

The yarn was a little disappointing, given the promise of no pooling. It did not pool with 56 sts on size 1 needles but there was plenty of pooling at the ribbing (64 sts), the heel turn and the toe. While it looks like Koigu or CTH, as Christy warned me at the time I bought it, Shibui Sock is a bit thinner than it looks (along the lines of Lorna’s Shepherd Sock). Nevertheless, that’s one more pair of socks for the rotation and two more skeins of sock yarn gone!

I cast on a pair of Latvian Socks from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush with some J. Knits, thinking that this lace pattern would be easy to do while reading. As it turns out, it’s not exactly mindless knitting so I might cast on some stockinette socks. I do love how the pattern works up, however. Isn’t the picot lovely?

Fine gauge picot

Latvian Socks

More on these next week!

Latvian Socks

Finally, I must thank Tiennie, Laura and Stella for tagging me for the Make My Day meme! I’m so flattered! I feel conflicted about choosing only a few people to tag because there are so many of you! Needless to say, my blog roll makes my day. I love seeing the beautiful garments you all create and I look forward to reading your posts about them so you’re all tagged! Have a wonderful weekend!

Pooling Grapefruit Socks

Here is what remained of the sock yarn for my in-laws’ socks. Four socks and this is all the yarn I have left. You can see why I was worried about not making it!!

My Grapefruit Socks are definitely pooling in spite of knitting with two skeins, as Stacey predicted. Surprisingly, I don’t hate them. Not yet, at least. And really, what do I care anyhow? These socks are getting me through through exams! Their intended purpose is not to sit in my bag looking pretty. I must remember that.

In other news, a few weeks back, I realized that there was a mistake with the Secret Pal 10 swap and I had two spoilers! Well, Christine ended up getting reassigned but she sent me stuff too! Some coffee, some of her own hand-dyed wool in an absolutely beautiful blue and personalized stitch markers!

Can you see those stitch markers? She used pictures of me and Beatrix from my Flickr account!!! That is so cool. I wonder how she did it? I will definitely treasure these stitch markers! I should put them to use in upcoming baby knits too! How sweet is that lady? You should all stop by her blog and see that kid of hers! He’s such a cutie with all that great hair!!!

Thanks, Christine!!!