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My Psychic Secret Swapper

Check out the crazy loot from Christine in the SP10 reveal package!! Wow! There is too much here to fit in one frame! And all of it so perfect! Aaron is quite tired of listening to me gush so now it’s your turn! And seriously, you should all follow that link over to her blog. She has some really interesting posts. The freakiest? This one. *shudder*
1. Vegan Cupcakes by these folks, a book I’ve coveted since reading the New York Times article
2. Lots of chocolate, both milk and dairy free
3. RSPCA dish towel
4. Cloth book/rattle for Beatrix
5. A fold-out postcard of her town in NSW
6. Super cute necklace by Karin Taylor
7. A skein of Merino Cashmere 4-ply in Geranium from The Knittery (!!!)
8. Rebecca Baby & Kids magazine
9. Some great laminated patterns (I don’t know what I did with those pictures…)
10. This really funny card (Christine, are you saying I’m That Mom? Kidding, of course I am…)
10. A Princess Beatrix t-shirt (where did she find that??)
Thanks so much, Christine!!! I hope you were as spoiled as I was this swap!!!

Actual knitted items will reappear later this week. Beatrix is cutting her top teeth and no one is sleeping well at all at my house. Knitting has been temporarily placed on the back burner while the three of us focus on survival.

Celebratory Knitting

This week I took two finals and handed in a 5-page paper and an 80-page paper. I’m officially done for the semester and done with my masters degree. Commencement is tomorrow but it will be a bit anticlimactic, since I still have to take more science classes to meet the medical school entrance requirements.

Needless to say, I celebrated with a few rows of sock. I present one finished Orchid Sock. The second is already on the needles.

This picture shows the lace pattern a bit better.

Even though this yarn was probably not the best choice to show off the lace pattern, I love the striping shown here.

Instead of knitting the lace pattern on the front and back, I knit the back the same way the Canal du Midi Socks were made, mostly to give the sock some stability.

I enjoyed knitting these socks so very much! As I’ve told some of you, I will be sad to finish the second sock!

My secret pal, whose last two packages been waiting for me after each of my last two organic chemistry, struck again. This time? Four hours after my organic chemistry final. If it weren’t for the Australian postmarks, I would swear that my pal is in the class with me because her timing is freakish.

This time, she sent a Jo Sharp pattern book, three wonderfully soft balls of Alpaca Silk Georgette and some chocolate wrapped in the prettiest paper!

Although I had heard great things about Jo Sharp patterns, I’d never leafed through one of her pattern books. I must say, this pattern book is definitely my style. You all know how often I knit adult sweaters (have I even made one since I started blogging?) but I’m itching to cast on for several from this issue! Unfortunately, I can’t find any pictures of the mitts and stockings that my pal suggested for the yarn. Maybe I’ll have to knit them. Thank you so much, secret pal!!! You are totally amazing!

Finally, both Emily and Jen tagged me for that 7 Random Things About You meme that’s flying around blogland. I’m conflicted about memes because I don’t like when they replace real knit blog fodder (personally, I’d rather see what you knit than learn about your freakish talents or strange pet peeves, even if that means you only post once a month). Read on if you so choose. I’m not going to tag anyone else (much to the annoyance of Minty) but feel free to post your own you like.
1. I grew up on Cape Cod.
2. I begged to go to boarding school and loved every minute of it. Cape Cod was that awful (pretty, yes, but an intellectual wasteland nonetheless).
3. When I went to college at the University of Kansas, my grandmother referred to it as a study abroad period.
4. I live happily without both meat and television (until Beatrix, I lived without dairy and eggs too). I firmly believe television is the root of all evil. I won’t judge you if you like it but if you can’t carry a conversation without talking about TV shows, my eyes will glaze over and I’ll politely excuse myself from the conversation.
5. I’m a New York Times Crossword junkie. Like Bill Clinton, only not nearly as good. Have you seen the Bush crossword? It’s good.😉
6. I don’t run on the Kansas River levy (the best running surface in town) because one time, a lone female runner who was really far out got stalked by a mountain lion at 5 a.m. Even though I would never run at 5 a.m., alone on the levy or that many miles out, I still fear mountain lions.
7. Whenever I ride out of town, I think about how nice it would be to live in the country. Then, I think about snakes and mountain lions. That’s the end of that fantasy. I’m such a New Englander.

Gifted Ribby Cardi

Theresa of Knitting Underway fame posted last week about her dissatisfaction with her Ribby Cardi and asked if anyone would be interested in it and she sent it to ME! Can you believe it? That Theresa! I’m going to find something really nice to send her!

The cardi is absolutely beautiful and it fits too, although I won’t likely wear it until it cools off again in the fall. I had an audience as I took pictures of it for you:

Something about that head popping up from the neck of the sweater made me laugh. “Oh, are you taking my picture? Oh OK, I’ll pose…”

Thanks so much for sending it, Theresa! I’m sure it will see lots of use next fall and winter!!

I also just received a skein of Posh Yarns Emily in “Tickly” from Elaine! It’s so soft! I don’t know what I’ll make with it just yet. Either a pair of socks or maybe some baby booties and hat sets. We’ll see!

Thanks, Elaine!!!!

More Loot

My secret pal has amazing timing. After each of my last two Organic Chemistry exams, I have returned home to find amazing packages sitting on my doorstep. Check this out:
An Australian knitting magazine, some candy and chocolate, a notepad (note the picture on the cover) and some Lang Jawoll Comfort in my favorite color: bright pink.
But that’s not all! SOCK BLOCKERS!!!!! I’ve been coveting sock blockers for ages. I tried them out on one of my UFOs. This particular sock has been languishing in the UFO pile mostly because it requires a cable needle and I don’t have that kind of attentive knitting time available. Normally, I never use a cable needle but this particular yarn/cable pattern requires it. Looking at the sock on blockers makes me hope that I can finish the second sock soon!
I’ve finished the first of my Gentleman’s Fancy Socks but I haven’t had time to photograph it so I’ll leave you with a picture of Beatrix. I’ll let you guess what she’s doing in this picture…

Knit blogging will resume later this week! I will have lots to share with you!

FO Child’s First Sock, Frogged Conwy Sock

Wow, so you guys really liked that kaftan! I wasn’t expecting that much of a response from a rediscovered FO! I think Aaron was pleased to read the positive comments too.

After the organic chemistry exam and four comprehensive exams, I returned home Friday to find loot! Mintyfresh of Pepperknit sent me two skeins of Claudia’s Handpainted yarn from her recent blogiversary contest.
What a great prize! Thanks, Minty!! I’ve been thinking that I really need to get some variegated and give it a try. When scanning through my Flickr gallery last weekend, I came to the conclusion that I am the most boring knitter alive. Same types of patterns, same types of yarns. I need to expand my knitting horizons a bit, lest you readers die of boredom.

Next up, a package from my secret pal! Before I continue, I should say that there has been some Secret Pal craziness that resulted in me having two spoilers. SO… while Heatherly works that out, you can look at pretty pictures of what Secret Swapper sent me from Australia!

A beautiful card, a teddy bear for Beatrix, a great folk music CD for kids, some chocolate and…

some soft Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in one of my favorite colors:
and another look:
Thanks, Secret Swapper! Just in time for my yarn diet!

For those of you have remarked the lack of much knitting progress in these last few weeks, I give you some FO photos of my Child’s First Socks for my cousin Ida:

Pattern: Child’s First Sock from Vintage Socks
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Boldly Red on US 2s

In my excitement about having the weekend free from studying and encouraged by a great example on Flickr, I cast on for some Conwy socks from Knitting on the Road. I was looking for a conservative pattern for my mother-in-law that wouldn’t tie me to a book (so fairly easy to memorize). As it turns out, Conwy is the perfect pattern.

Unfortunately, because it was the perfect pattern, I found it so tedious and boring that I frogged it a few inches later and started Canal du Midi, inspired by Grumperina’s version. I could not face the prospect of two large socks with Conwy. Stay tuned for Canal du Midi progress photos next week!