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Relaxing Vine Lace

As other, more important project deadlines mounted a few weeks ago, I decided to cast on for some mindless knitting to help calm my nerves during a bought of insomnia. Some might find this a waste of already precious time; you know better, don’t you? 

 Swatching a spring project

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing quite like an easily memorized, repetitive pattern to cure insomnia.** Consequently, the body of this pullover knitted up in lightning speed; however, the sleeves languish partially finished as their master has recently rediscovered the merits of sleep.  

OK, maybe I'm at the armholes. Maybe.

The yarn is Harrisville Designs Shetland (in White), leftover from my Ivy League Vest last winter. The lace pattern is a 4-row repeat from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns

Lace project

This is destined to become a scoopneck tunic with no waist shaping and as little sleeve shaping as possible, mostly because the combination of shaping and lace renders this no longer mindless. Perhaps that is a better reason for why the sleeves remain unknitted?

**Except when it doesn’t, and the knitter is forced – forced! – to stay up late to knit obsessively on a project about which she cares nothing. Ahem.

Print O’ the Wave Stole

Well, I said it would be worn as a scarf and here it is!


Pattern: Print O’ the Wave Stole by Eunny Jang (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in #1294 (“Turquoise Mix”)

Needles: 4.25 mm (Clover 6s, which are between US 6 and US 7)

Approximate size: 15″ x 76″

Print O' the Wave Stole

Despite my frustrations with this project, I could not be happier with the end product. The pattern is very clear and well-written and I would certainly recommend it. I found Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Fine delightful to work with. The yarn is smooth, soft and shiny and it comes in wonderfully saturated colors. Furthermore, it is relatively inexpensive for the yardage ($8.75 for 440 yards). I fully intend to use the worsted weight Ultra Alpaca for a sweater in the coming months.

Print O' the Wave Stole

One drawback of the project was that the knitted on edging required more yarn and took longer to complete than the main body of the stole. I doubt I will ever again sign up for knitted on edging. Still, I admit it was probably worth the trouble.

Print O' the Wave Stole

I will need to be careful how I wear this, however; already, I’ve managed to snag a few yarn-overs (without any damage). This probably cannot become my every day scarf but it will see plenty of use.
Print O' the Wave Stole

It’s not bad for an unintended stash buster, is it?


As I suspected last week, I will most certainly run out of yarn for my Print O’ the Wave stole.

I definitely will run out of yarn

Furthermore, the zigzag stitch I used to close the binding on my current quilt failed miserably.

After a zigzag binding failed miserably, I'm hand sewing.

Does it matter? I think not!

Please, just don’t call it a shawl

It's not a shawl, OK? It's a SCARF.

In Boston, I bought some Berroco Ultra Alpaca with the intention of copying Maritza’s beautiful mittens for Minty. Unfortunately, I did not pay close enough attention to what Maritza said about the pattern before buying fingering instead of worsted weight yarn.

What is one to do with 800 yds of fingering weight yarn that is, by my estimation, unsuitable for socks? Knit a shawl. Right. Have I shared my views on shawls? I am going to get so much hate mail for this. Here we go, this is what I think about shawls:

I do not knit shawls and neither should you.

Please don’t mistake me, I find them stunningly beautiful, technically challenging, and supremely intricate. It is not that I do not value the knitting prowess of the shawl – I do! However, I have yet to see anyone under the age of 80 successfully wear a triangular or circular shawl. As an avid product knitter, I never knit for the process, I knit for the wearable garment. Hence, the shawl appeals little to me. Is that fair enough?

Nevertheless, I returned home with 800 yards of fingering weight yarn with no intended use for it. What to do? Anything but lace would drag on and on forever at a fine gauge. After a quick Ravelry search, I settled on Eunny Jang’s rectangular Print O’ the Wave Stole (Ravelry link) but decided to make it narrower, more stole-like and less shawl-like. After all, I would not want to have to explain to you why I have just knitted a shawl, right? Right.

The not-shawl

Just before starting the edging, I did some quick math to determine how much of the yarn I would likely use. To my surprise, math says I will run out of yarn. But I have so much right now! Will I really run out? Furthermore, math says I will need 0.71 oz of a third skein. What should I do?

1) Call Windsor Button to see if I can track down a third skein before knitting the edging.

2) Knit the edging and buy more yarn only if/when I run out.

3) Go to a wedding in Phoenix this weekend with another project, leaving the yarn eating not-shawl to stew at home.

You can imagine what I chose. See you Monday!