Would you believe I slipped away from everything last weekend to commune with sheep? Actually, with knitters – and some of my favorite ones at that! I made my first trip to Rhinebeck, NY for the New York Sheep & Wool festival. It was a fabulous weekend for a fiber festival, and the perfect chance to meet up with dear friends scattered about the country. To my surprise, I saw several Hallett’s Ledges walking around! I may have accosted perfect strangers for pictures of their sweaters. (Sorry about that, knitters. I hope you understand.) And, to my amazement (or horror), I returned home only two skeins heavier. How could I go in search of yarn with so many friends to see?

Although I’m still struggling to find time to weave in ends, sew on buttons, and block my growing stack of knits, things have improved a little bit. I quietly published a cowl pattern – Snows Creek – last week, using the yarn Stacey spun for me earlier this year.

I wanted to find a way to use up every last bit of handspun, and this seemed a nice way to do it. Plus, the cowl is long enough to double and wear more snugly around the neck.

In addition to the cowl, there are some accessory patterns waiting in the wings.

Not to mention the already blocked sweater expecting its seven buttons sometime this week.

Of course, there are always the ongoing knits…

Stay tuned!

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45 comments so far

  1. Mandy on

    That purple hat is so purty!

  2. Melynda on

    After meeting you Saturday night, I too saw more Halett’s Ledges walking around the next day :) Can’t wait to see what patterns you have in the works!

  3. diana on

    It was wonderful seeing you this weekend!

  4. whitney on

    It was so nice to see you again! I saw *so* many Hallet’s Ledges around Rhinebeck…what a great design.

    I love the look of that purple hat, too!

  5. Glenna C on

    OMG I was looking through stitch dictionaries yesterday and paused to ponder that exact same knit and purl alternating rib combo. Great minds ;)

    I want to knit alll the things.

  6. Carrie on

    so many beautiful Hallett’s Ledges out there! and that purple hat is making me droool. tease.

    it was so so nice to meet you this weekend! and I hear ya about the yarn buying – I only bought one. too many other fun things to do :)

  7. Diane on

    I Love your beautiful curly hair! And your knitting as well…

  8. Ann on

    The cowl looks great.

  9. mai on

    you are a rockstar! how do you find time for everything outside of being a mother and med school student? i am in awe :) and still bummed i missed you last weekend!

  10. alison on

    The production line has certainly been busy from sheep to FO.

  11. Joni on

    Gosh, every year I plan to make it to Rhinebeck and get waylayed, it’s so darn close too. Thanks for the pics :}

  12. Naomi on

    I love the mustard color of the cowl! I’ve had my eye out for something that color, it’s just gorgeous.

  13. Misty on

    I love your blog!!! I’m a blogger on blogspot. WordPress confuses me. How do I become a follower. Email me please and let me know.

  14. Karen Trosino on

    love everything on your site. you have given me inspiration, now I just need to find more time. So much to knit, so little time.

  15. Tracey on

    Is the pattern for the purple hat available anywhere? Love it!

  16. Linda on

    I’m not quite understanding the Gallitin Rock. I think that’s the blue knitted pattern. Your directions are k1 purl 3 and change every three rows. Change to what? Thanks.

  17. Arlene Stanford on

    Would like to get the pattern for k1p3 blanket , of you have it, I’m a new knitter and it looks like something I could do !! Thank you Arlene

  18. Maureen Robrts on

    Like the Gallitian Rock pattern. Could you please post the directions for it

    • Sue Demanche on

      I would love to get that pattern as well

  19. Beginning Knitter on

    Loving the k1p3 blanket. The directions on Pinterest say only, “knit. k1p3. shift every 3 rows great stitch.” I showed my mom the blanket and directions, but can’t figure out what “shift” means. Is there a more formal pattern for this lovely blanket?

  20. Charlene Talkington on

    I also love the k1p3 stitch. Can I get the pattern?

    • Renee Giroux on

      I too don’t not understand the instructions would also love a pattern or clearer instructions

  21. Sheila Archer on

    I am also interested in the “Gallitian Rock pattern” Please and Thank you

  22. Carole Ziebell on

    I really like that Gallitian Rock pattern. Would love to just try it as a dishcloth to say I can make it.

  23. jaci on

    For those looking for the stitch pattern. I think that pic is turned sideways, so if you turn your head to the right, you can see that after 3 rows, the next row (row 4) is p1k1p2, then starting row 7, you p2k1p1, then row 10 is p3k1..
    I hope that’s right, I haven’t tried it…

    • Lesley on

      Thanks, Jaci… So if we do that, how do we go back across the row? So you do that pattern across and then when you turn it to go back, do you just knit across? So more like you alternate row 1: k1p3 across, row 2: knit across, repeat for 3 sets, then shift to p1k1p2 / k across for 3 sets, then shift to p2k1p1 / k across for 3 sets and start over? Or when we go back across we knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches? Now sure I get how the backside will look.

      • Carolien on

        I tried the k1p3 and shift after 3 rows.
        But found out that it wasn’t right.
        You have to shift after 3 rows, but not 1 but 2 knits. So this is for the first six rows:
        K1 P3
        K3 P1
        K1 P3
        K1 P1 K2
        P2 K1 P1
        K1 P1 K2
        Repeat after six rows.
        Good luck everyone!!

  24. reliefshare on

    Hat pattern please?

  25. Annie on

    OK – so I think I finally figured out the k1p3 and shift pattern.
    Seemed to me that every other row purls back. It is a one sided pattern.
    Here goes:

    Cast on 30 stitches
    Row 1: K1 P3
    Row 2: P
    Row 3: K1 P3
    Row 4: P
    Row 5: P2 K1, then P3 K1 till end
    Row 6: P
    Row 7: P2 K1, then P3 K1 till end
    Row 8: P

    Try it out!

    • David on

      I can’t get the math to work out. If I am reading the pattern correctly, row 1 is a repeated pattern of 4 stitches (k1 P3). After 7 repeats, you have 28 stitches. What happens with the 2 extras? Then in row 5 you start with 3 stitches(P2 K1), then go to a 4 stitch repeat (P3, K1). With 7 repeats of P3 K1 you have 28 stitches plus the 3 at the beginning for a total of 31 stitches. Am I just missing something? Am I misreading or misinterpreting the pattern?

      • Stacey on

        I don’t get it either? I’ve tried a couple different things, but can’t get it to come out right? Anyone get it right?

      • Annie on

        Hey David, Yes you are reading correctly. It seemed to work out better for me to end mid-pattern. So you just do 7 and a half repeats for row 1. In row 5 you start with 3 to offset the pattern. Don’t worry about how it ends, it is not even. Just try it and good luck!

  26. Phil on

    Anne, that’s it…thank you!

  27. Denise on

    Afghan pattern please

  28. Linda Spinney on

    I like the purple hat on this site. I only knit hats as a gift or donate to the Salvation Army, is there any way I could get this pattern – love picot. Thanks

  29. Eva on

    Did you design the pattern in green? It’s beautiful. Would you be willing to share the pattern? I had to supply my email to post, please email me. Thank you.

  30. Char Trost on

    Would love the pattern for K1p3 stitch for the blanket. Would you please EMail it to me. Thank You for taking the time.

  31. Katrina on

    Is there any possible way to get the Gallitian rock pattern? I’ve tried several different things and it just isn’t coming out right. I’m fairly new to knitting so maybe I am just making it harder than it seems. Thank you.

  32. Elaine on

    What size needles for the blue blanket? Also how many stiches for a baby blanket please.

  33. Kelly Vanden Berg on

    My interpretation of the k1p3…..I showed a pic of the piece I’m working on on my pintrest board Bending Needles..cast on 34 (mult.of 4) row 1. k1p3 across. Row 2. wrong side..p1k3 across repeat rows 1 and 2 for rows 3 and 4.. Row 5. P2 once, this makes the shift (k1p3 across) row 6. k2 once (p1k3 across) now repeat rows 1-7 ’til desired length..helps to look at the pic with your head tilted to the right..

  34. Annie on

    ps. of course you can cast on how ever many you want and go from there – the pattern is a multiple of 4. However, in order to get the shift in the pattern, you will always have some rows that begin and end mid pattern – I think.

  35. chana on

    this is my first attempt on pinterest and i would like to find a pattern for a woman’s simple hat, how would i do that please.

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  37. susan Mcewen on

    hi there, I am ineterested in the gatalin stitch, pattern, thanks

  38. […] Gallatin¬†Rock¬†Stitch […]

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