In need of finishing time

To think, just two months ago, I worried aloud medical school would rob me of every last bit of knitting time! On the contrary, I have far more time to knit now, but no time to think about my knitting: a fatal combination for a perfectionist knitter.

There’s even an almost finished sweater for me in that pile, probably buried near the bottom as it stews in Time Out – I am too annoyed to even discuss that one yet. Although I have plenty of time to knit while studying and sitting in lectures, I have little time to use my brain for things that do not relate to human anatomy (and I’m pretty sure fitting a sweater to a human form does not count in this respect). As you might expect, there have not been many successful projects around here: the three sweaters I swatched last week need different yarns, I have a stack of projects in need of button bands, buttons, or zippers, there’s a hat needing a lining, a baby sweater needing a fix involving a sewing machine and scissors, and several projects waiting on more yarn from the US Postal Service. Things will improve, but until they do, I will show you other people’s knitting, not mine.

Grumperina kindly sent one of her original Budgies to Odysseus, who, shall we say, fills things out quite nicely these days. I pulled it out of the drawer yesterday morning for him to wear on a walk, now that it’s cool in the mornings. Bonus? There are no buttons for him to attempt to eat. Odysseus is a big fan of grumperina knits! Thanks so much, Kathy!

Two of the striped sweaters in my unfinished knits pile are Budgies – it is such a perfect pattern for little ones who tug and pull buttons. I’m making two to use up some cotton stash and to knit for some new babies in my family. Only the zipper installations remain to be done. (Of course.)

O’s new Budgie conveniently matches his new Thorpe! Danielle spun and knitted both of my kids Thorpes for the winter. I think the hats are the same size, which is good, because O’s head is as big as his sister’s. Plus, he has long since outgrown the hat she made him last winter!

What I love about these hats is that they seem to come from so many knitterly people at once: the wool for the hat on the left is from Adrian (HelloYarn), the wool for the hat on the right is from Amy (SpunkyEclectic), the pattern is by Kirsten (Through The Loops), and the spinning and knitting by Danielle (aswiminknits).

Lastly, much to my surprise, a beautiful baby quilt arrived on my doorstep last week, sewed and quilted by my KBC friends.

The little boat on the back is embroidered with “S.S. OEB”, such a sweet personal touch for a little man named for a big sailor, don’t you think?

His chubbiness is lucky to know so many generous and talented crafters! As am I! Thanks so much, everyone!

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14 comments so far

  1. grumperina on

    Wow, your kids are so nicely outfitted for winter! I love the quilt!

  2. Andrea on

    That quilt is so darling!

  3. Rue on

    I’m finally de-lurking and just wanted to say hello.

    You’re right about grad school being a great time for relatively mindless knitting. I knit more during law school than I have at any other point (except, perhaps, bar study). Study breaks are great times for finishing work – sometimes you just need a break from school.

  4. Ann on

    I really admire you – studying, kids & knitting. I have 2 girls & sometimes can’t find the time to knit.

  5. Danielle on

    Your friends’ generosity towards your kids speaks volumes about your kindness towards us as a friend.

    (OK, and maybe we also like making things for kids who look so cute in them, and who have moms who are good about taking cute photos of them in/with said items. Maybe.)

  6. Danielle on

    And I apologize for the atrocious sentence structures in that last comment. Sheesh.

  7. lykkefanten on

    I remember that from my days of study… my solution was to knit plain vanilla socks!

    Lovely pics of O with cardi and hat and quilt. Beautiful stuff he’s got there ;)

  8. abipolz on

    Just thought I’d say good luck in med school – I just finished and have just started residency in Emergency Medicine. I have been finding time to knit during residency too – it keeps me sane! Love the sweaters and I’m going to show my mom the quilt (hoping to have a little one to wrap up in it soon!)

  9. Anne on

    You have inspired me to be more rigorous in my practice of learning to read while knitting!

  10. Mintyfresh on

    I loved participating in the quilt! I hope it gets lots of use in years to come :)

  11. alison on

    Great knits. Hope you get some time to tackle that pile of finishing soon

  12. Kathy on

    Oh, isn’t he adorable! I love the Thorpe pictures!

  13. Theresa on

    That’s exactly the experience I had in med school, with no time to think about things. Lots of stockinette socks. Actually, now that I have a baby, it’s similar. Anything in progress is fine, but it takes me a long time to start/finish something.

    Thinking of you – hope it’s going well!

  14. Joni on

    Gosh you do have your hands full, such wonderful photos I am inspired to start the fingerless mitts from your last post. Love the quilt.

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