Dunbar’s Point Mittens

Do any of you have a signature color? One to which you faithfully return even despite your best efforts? My friend Danielle does, I’ll let you guess what color it could be. A few weeks ago, Danielle accepted a great job offer after a long and frustrating hunt for the perfect position. I am really proud of her for landing the job for which she worked so doggedly. This clearly called for some celebratory knitting, and I had the perfect yarn on top of my stash: some leftover scraps from a project with Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes in Petunia. I didn’t quite have enough yarn for full-sized mittens, but I knew I could eke out a nice pair of fingerless mittens with what I had (about 120 yards).

Dunbar’s Point Mittens are basic stockinette, fingerless mittens with simple lace edgings knitted on afterwards. The pattern offers photo tutorials of a provisional lace cast-on and the knitted attachment of the edging. Dunbar’s Point provides the opportunity to learn and practice new techniques in a small, unintimidating setting.

Both seamless and fairly easy, this is a perfect project for using up scraps too big to throw out and too little for much else. Plus, the knitting flies by rapidly – I knitted the pair in one evening, then attached the edgings the next evening.

Although I considered using lace edgings on the thumb, I decided against it to give the thumbs need more freedom. After all, these should be useful, not just pretty.

I hope these will serve Danielle well in her brand new office. At the very least, I feel fairly confident they will match whatever she’s wearing on any given day. Good luck on your first day, Danielle!

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17 comments so far

  1. Andrea on

    Those mittens are really sweet! I always love a project where I can practice new skills without having to take on, say, an entire sweater. Good luck to Danielle!

  2. lauren on

    Wow, if you hadn’t put the picture of the lace edging in progress, and if I wasn’t sure you don’t crochet, I would’ve SWORN those edgings were crocheted! Neat.

  3. Danielle on

    I love them :) And, since my new office looks like it might be a bit drafty, they may get more wear than you anticipated!!

  4. Mandy on

    What a great present for Danielle, and for us! These are super cute and look like a fun knit!

  5. Susan on

    Very pretty!

  6. April on

    Such a cute pattern and the color is lovely.

  7. grumperina on

    Pattern aside (which is beautiful!), this is such a warm and wonderful gesture :).

  8. judy schmitz on

    Hi and WOW – these are so cool! I have a question – if you didn’t have the blue sky worsted – what would be a good alternative – would the blue sky cotton do you think work in these – or the baby alpaca sport? I know peopl are going to come to our site looking to make these and I’d love to give them some choices besides the worsted – of course, we may just have to add the worsted to our lines!


  9. Maryse on

    Nice gift and it’s nice to hear your good friend found a great job!

  10. Ann on

    Lovely mittens & so thoughtful of you.

  11. Caro on

    You definitely nailed her signature colour, that’s for sure. Hurray for Danielle! And you!

  12. Ivete on

    I love the color of these mitts and the pattern, too! I hadn’t come across that pattern before but it seems like a great last minute gift, I’m saving it for the future. As for my own go-to color it would have to be pink . . . practically every shade of it!

  13. Sue on

    These mitts are so pretty. Fantastic job. :-)

  14. Lizzy on

    These are beautiful! I love the idea of giving something at the start of a new job – it’s not something many people would think about. :)

  15. alison on

    The edging is so pretty and delicate, I would love them too. I have several signiture colours, one I didn’t even know about until recently.

  16. Karen on

    What gorgeous mittens. I didn’t even realize this was your pattern until I went to fave your project on Ravelry. I’m going to have to go look through my stash now…

  17. Maryse on

    The are adorable! Love the edging a lot and the color too!

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