Socks Revived Design Contest Entries

Before I announce the five winners of the Socks Revived Design Contest (the voting will end Friday evening), I thought I would take a moment to share the 53 beautiful contenders. I am thrilled to have so many wonderful and creative designers enter sock patterns. There is no doubt that socks are on my agenda for the summer! See for yourself, I dare you not to be inspired by these works!

Stay tuned for the winners!

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19 comments so far

  1. Kathryn on

    Yikes! My queue just grew by quite a bit!

  2. Elizabeth GM on

    Holy maloola! Those are some amazing socks. I can’t imagine how you even began to choose the five best.

  3. April on

    So many inspiring and knit worthy socks. I think my queue just exploded.

  4. Ann on

    Wow, that’s a great collection of designs. Thank you so much for organising this & I am so glad to be part of it.

  5. Laura Brodbeck on

    Beautiful! There are MANY that I’d like to make … good thing I found my sock mojo this summer. Kudos to you, Elinor, for inspiring and motivating all this awesome creativity.

  6. Kat on

    Impressive collection! A couple of these just might get me knitting socks again.

  7. Em on

    Holy cow! There are so many amazing patterns up there. I certainly don’t envy the job of the judges. :)

  8. Jacey on

    Wow, this is quite a collection. This was a great idea for inspiration!

  9. Lauren on

    What a great bunch! It’s so nice to see them all in one place. And there are quite a few that I hadn’t seen at all yet. There’s definitely a few I’ll be adding to my queue.

  10. Susan on

    These are all amazing! Congrats to all of the designers, wow!

  11. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Glenna C, Stick Chick Knits. Stick Chick Knits said: Check out all the great socks from the Socks Revived design contest! [...]

  12. whitney on

    Oh, wow, so many beautiful socks! Thanks for putting this whole thing together, Elinor!

  13. Adele on

    I wish I could knit faster……wonderful socks; another sock book in the works?

  14. Luni on

    Thanks to you Elinor, there are a lot more lovely socks to knit. I commend you for putting together this excellent round-up–I’ll certainly be giving it a link!
    I’m sorry I have to correct my Ravelry username. It’s my fault, because I registered again after messing up my first entry and added the word, again, to my username for the second entry. My username is Lunitink, not Lunitink again. :D

  15. Barclay on

    Thank you Elinor for this wonderful slide show! Seeing the collection all together, I’m honored to be a part of it. There are some spectacular socks in here!

    My sock is actually called “En Pointe,” in case you want to edit its name. Thanks!

    Can’t wait to see the winners!

  16. StephCat on

    WOW! so…when are you guys going to self-publish a book?

  17. jess on

    wow, you weren’t kidding – so many great designs! hootenanny may be darling enough to suck me back into sock knitting.

  18. Maryse on

    I’m so glad I’m not a judge! I would have a hard time choosing a winner! Really! Good luck to all the participants, but many of them are already winners because we already fell in love with their patterns ;-) I look forward to finding out who you will elect!!!

  19. Kathy on

    Now to come up with a contest that will keep me comfortably supported for the next many years so I can knit all these and not worry about work….

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