Min Ulla Set

Min Ulla Set

What was that bit about not having winter accessories to wear together? I am happy to report that problem has officially been resolved. Thank you for all of your lovely comments and encouragement along the way.

Min Ulla Set

Let me introduce the Min Ulla Set! The scarfhat, and mitten patterns are available as Ravelry downloads for $6.00 each. The set of three patterns can be purchased for $15.00.

Min Ulla Set

Pattern: Min Ulla Scarf, Hat, and Mittens (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in #6289 Charcoal mix and #6201 Winter white, 4 skeins each color for the entire set

Needles: US 6 (4 mm)

In early October, I approached Berroco, Inc. with a swatch and sketch for this design and the company generously donated the yarn for the project. As I mentioned before, I tried this pattern out on a hat with Harrisville Designs New England Shetland leftovers, but it was clearly the wrong choice. Can you imagine how long it would have taken me to knit this at a fine gauge? I still have not yet finished that sample hat! I really wanted a worsted weight yarn, and one with a bit of a halo to it as well. Berroco Ultra Alpaca was a great choice because the yarn is smooth enough to show off the stitch definition but soft and fuzzy enough to make a really warm set.

Min Ulla Scarf

This Scandinavian-styled scarf is made in the round as a tube, its ends grafted together in the finishing process. Symmetrical about the center point, it is comprised of many very simple peeries of small repeats, along with a few more complicated snowflake and XOXO peeries. The scarf pattern is given as a series of10 charts. I broke the pattern up this way to make it a more portable project since smaller charts are easier to read. Although the charts may seem complex at first glance, upon closer examination, one will find that at the level of the individual round, the patterning is quite simple. After a while, the charts should only be truly necessary for the XOXO and snowflake patterns, or when starting a new peerie. Trust me, it’s true.

Min Ulla Set

The hat is knit in the round with a contrasting liner tacked to the inside of the brim for extra warmth. I could not decide on a brim pattern for the hat, so I included four different versions in the pattern. Two versions include small peeries like the sample hat shown, while the other two versions feature traditional snowflake patterns. Between this scarf and the other projects I’ve made with snowflake patterns, I was feeling a bit burned out on snowflakes by the time I started the hat; therefore, I settled on a version with peeries only instead. In the end, I think I prefer the look of the small peeries to large snowflakes at the brim. Each version of the hat is topped with a lice stitch, spiral crown.

Min Ulla Hat, Version A

This is the first pair of worsted weight, non-thrummed mittens I have made in a long time. I seem to have forgotten how quickly mittens knit up when not done at 10 stitches per inch! Amazing! Each mitten took me a day – a day with plenty of distractions too. I think I still prefer tightly knit mittens over worsted weight ones; however, these will certainly prove at least as warm as finer gauge mittens I’ve made because of the lining!

Min Ulla Mittens

Although I love lined mittens, my one complaint is that a lined thumb renders it practically useless. The last two pairs of lined mittens I’ve made have featured keyhole thumbs in the lining. Bonus? Not having to knit a second thumb.

Mitten with keyhole mitten liner

More photos can be found here.

Finally, I have one last pattern coming out in the next week – Hedge Fence Pullover – and then I swear, I’ll be done for a while. I have a baby to deliver, you know.

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22 comments so far

  1. Mr Puffy on

    I’m delighted to be the first to congratulate you on such a beautiful set! Stylish and warm – nicely done.

  2. Emily on

    Yeah!!! I was just going to buy the scarf pattern, but now that I see the ingenious lined mitten I might need the whole set…

  3. Signe on

    I’m smitten. These are the perfect winter accesories

  4. Melanie on

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. hands follow heart on

    So very beautiful. I need a little more practice before I venture in such a big project but it will certainly go on my favorites on Ravelry!

  6. Jen Begley on

    Oh My Goodness. Those are absolutely stunning!

  7. celticcaston on

    Congrats on your first “set” :)
    Love the keyhole thumb idea and liner!

  8. Holli on

    Oh Elinor – you’ve really outdone yourself with these. GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! I aspire, my dear. I aspire…

  9. christie on

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful set!

  10. grumperina on

    I’m loving the look of this set! A question about the scarf: does it roll up a bit, or stay flat as a result of blocking? Any thoughts to making a sort of turning column? Though, honestly, a round scarf is probably much more practical than a flat one…

  11. Yarndude on

    I love this set, congratulations! I agree that knitting the lining of a thumb does cause some difficulties, but I can’t imagine leaving my thumb out there to freeze while the rest of my hand has a nice cozy double-layer.

  12. Susan on

    Doggone it, I keep swearing I’m going to STOP buying patterns because I already have so many I know it’s impossible to knit them all but then you talented designers keep coming up with such beautiful and irresistible things to knit, I just can’t resist!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous.

    good luck with the baby!

  13. tiennie on

    Those are absolutely beautiful together! Fantastic patterns!

  14. GinkgoKnits on

    Great set, looks like it’d be a nice relaxing way to do more colorwork.

  15. becca on

    I love this set! I favorited it the instant I saw it in the new patterns section on Ravelry! Gorgeous! I think I need to practice 2-color knitting on something else first though…

  16. Renee on

    G o r g e o u s !!!

  17. Rene' Sharp on

    All I can say is WOW!!

  18. Susan on

    Quick question: Is the combined pattern (all 3 for $15) available in your ravelry store? I looked and saw all 3 separately available, but not the combination. I like buying things in the rav store so I can keep pdfs stored in my library (in case I need another print out).

  19. Karma on

    Oh my goodness, you have been so busy with interesting and complicated designs lately. This set is so beautiful!

  20. Sally on

    What took you so long?? ;-)
    Love, love, love the look! Fantastic job, as usual!
    Heard an episode recently of This American Life, and I thought of you. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/Radio_Episode.aspx?sched=1320

  21. Ann on

    The set is gorgeous & I love the scarf. A great idea to knit in the round!

  22. Laura on

    The scarf was already stunning. The coordinate set is fantastic.

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