Addictive knitting: Min Ulla scarf

Because of the new patterns I’ve put up this month, I feel as if I haven’t been blogging enough about my current knitting. The knitting interest I lost this summer is back, and my projects feel even more addicting than ever. I credit both the chill of autumn and not having any wool sweaters that fit over my gigantic belly with its return.

Min Ulla scarf

Like the hat I posted last week, this began as a Scandinavian-style sampler to test out some stitch patterns for a hat and scarf set I was planning. After a few inches, I thought it would make a nice edging for a simple, stockinette scarf. A foot into it, I decided to make the edging longer because it was so much fun to knit. Finally, I capitulated and eliminated all of the stockinette. You cannot imagine how addicting this knitting is! What is fascinating to me is that with the exception of four peeries, all of the patterns are so very simple: 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-stitch repeats. So easy are they, in fact, that I have barely consulted my chart. And yet, the scarf looks impossibly complicated. Isn’t that wonderful? So little effort for so much effect!

Only 18 inches to go!

Although I have not been able to work on it consistently this month, I try to log a few peeries every day. I have about 18 inches to go. And then the hat. And maybe some mittens. Please, someone stop me!

Must. knit.

The scarf is knit in the round as a long tube for extra warmth.*

The only problem?

Don't drop a stitch holder down there

Hypothetically speaking, if one were to lose a stitch marker down that hole, there’s little hope of getting it back. Not that I would be so careless. Nope, not me.

Stay tuned for Min Ulla progress!

* Actually, I knit it in the round because I was far too lazy to purl back.

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23 comments so far

  1. earthchick on

    Whoa! This is FANTASTIC. I can see why it would be addictive.

    So lovely.

  2. Becky on

    And don’t you think doing colorwork in the round is easier? It’s the only way I can even do it. Reading charts back and forth just confuses me. I love tube scarves!

  3. celticcaston on

    I won’t be stopping you. I actually cast on for my first fair isle attempt yesterday and I’m HOOKED!!! Holy smokes I love it! I can’t believe I waited this long to try it.
    Love the scarf its going to be super warm!

  4. Emily on

    Ooh, I love this! Will you be publishing the pattern when it’s finished (fingers-crossed)? I like the tube – purling in colorwork is tricky and although you could steek and then line the back, I think the tube is good because then the scarf can be wrapped any which way and still be right-side out!

  5. Jennylune on

    Wow! Beautiful. I hope you’ll publish the pattern, i’ll want to make it!

  6. Susan on

    You? Lazy? I think not.
    That scarf reminds me a lot of the one on a Meg Swansen video, and of course I can’t remember the name of it, but I think the original pattern she had is Swedish. Or possibly Norwegian. Anyway, she does 2-color work and knits in a tube with ends like kitchner toe, so all the carried yarn is hidden inside. She makes a hat like it, too. I need to watch that again because she has this ingenius way of hiding the jogs. What are you doing about that, by the way?

  7. knittingbytheocean on

    It is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Very time-consuming but well worth it.

  8. Lorette on

    That’s a lot of peeries! I only said that because I like saying “peeries”! I would also hope you write this one up to sell. I’d buy!

  9. Jen on

    Woah. That is fantastic!

  10. Rebekah on

    No way I would never stop you knitting, your too inspiring! What a great idea. I recently got Alice Starmore’s book of fair isle knitting, what a fun way to go through some of the patterns in her book, and then I hae another book of patterns, and oh my goodness! I’ve got to buy more yarn!

  11. jane on

    A scarf like that is definitely not the work of a lazy knitter! It’s so beautiful, and I think the monochrome colourway works perfectly. Gorgeous :)

  12. Janice on

    What a great idea, I love it!

  13. Yarndude on

    That is an AWESOME scarf!

  14. Emilee on

    That’s awesome! What a great idea.

  15. Psycheknits on

    I rarely see a pattern that I instantaneously want. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to make something so instant. I seriously hope you publish this scarf because I want to make it RIGHT NOW!!! It’s so gorgeous I can’t wait to try it (please, please, please!)

  16. Julie on

    Great pattern. Like the others, I hope you’ll publish the pattern. And congrats on the mitten pattern. I thought I recognized the name -

  17. kelli ann on

    love the charcoal-cream combo. actually, i really like the photos on your site in general– maybe the light? The Tapestry mitts look sublime.

  18. whitney on

    Most Awesome Scarf Ever. I love it in the black and white!

  19. Michelle on

    Love this scarf. Please publish this pattern!

  20. iknitipurl on

    Elinor, you are an amazing knitter. The scarf is too beautiful for words!

  21. tiennie on

    That is the greatest idea for a scarf! It does look amazingly complicated!

  22. Jacey on

    That scarf is amazing! Your colorwork is lovely.

  23. Lindsay on


    What kind of cast on did you use? did you use a provisional cast on or something else? Your instructions aren’t clear and everytime I try it your way it turns into a knot in each side and you didn’t specify the kind of cast on you used. I’m close to just doing a provisional cast on because it’s the only way I know how.

    Help me please.


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