Plum Frost Pullover & Cardigan

Plum Frost Cardigan

Back in February, I found myself playing around with some simple XOXO fair isle patterns and color fading. As soon as I swatched this one in Harrisville Designs New England Shetland, I knew I had to make myself a sweater with it. Regular readers will hardly be surprised to see me knitting yet another garment with this yarn. What can I say? It works! I carefully planned out the pattern in six sizes from start to finish. Like every other project I had going, it immediately began collecting dust when I became pregnant in March. I returned to it in August, committed to knitting up the sample in spite of my impossibly large middle. Although it hardly fits now, with the baby due in December, I hope to squeeze at least a few months of wear out of it this winter.*

Plum Frost Cardigan

I am happy to present Plum Frost Pullover & Cardigan! Knit seamlessly in the round from the bottom up, this simple, versatile, women’s pullover/cardigan pattern features a classic XOXO stranded pattern in the 6-color yoke, with stars occupying the lozenge positions. The main color (charcoal) fades out to nearly white within the stranded pattern while, at the same time, a light purple darkens toward the center of the band. Hourglass waist shaping and fitted sleeves outline a flattering style to most sizes and shapes. The bottom band, button bands, neckband, and sleeve cuffs are worked in K1, P1 rib and employ tubular cast-ons and bind-offs. The cardigan version is steeked open; however, it is essentially the same pattern as the pullover, measuring 1″ wider in the body only because of the button band. The pattern is designed to fit bust measurements from 33″ to 51″ . It will be available for purchase from my Ravelry shop for $6.50 beginning Wednesday, October 7.

Back view, Plum Frost Cardigan

I could not be happier with how well this particular garment turned out. Harrisville’s Shetland yarn is such a delight to use. Just as I began to find my stranding rough and lumpy, I soaked the pre-steeked version and it was instantly transformed. The yarn blooms so well, filling in errant gaps between stitches, smoothing out the yoke, and blending the colors together. I really cannot speak highly enough of how magnificently Shetland blooms: I’ve never experienced anything quite like it with any other yarn. While it is unmistakably a very woolly yarn, it is somehow soft enough that I can wear it next to my skin without itching all over. I have used it often in the past (e.g. Vine Lace Pullover, Scoopneck, Vespergyle Mittens, Ivy League Vest), and I will certainly return to it again. Besides, now I have leftover bits in lots of colors!

Yoke detail, Plum Frost Cardigan

One of the things I needed in a yarn for this piece was a color choice that included three close shades of each color (i.e. gray and purple). There are only a few yarn companies that offer such thorough color palettes: Harrisville, Jamieson’s and Knit Picks are ones that come to mind. I do not care for Knit Picks’ Palette yarn, and Jamieson’s is both out of my budget and unavailable locally. Not only that, my local yarn shop carries the full line of Harrisville Shetland – all 56 colors – on cones, which makes it quite an economical option for me. Another thing I love about all of Harrisville’s yarns is that the lines and color offerings are so stable. As long as I have a color card on hand, I know exactly what I will be getting when I pick out colors. How often do other companies discontinue colors or particular yarns altogether? I still miss Magpie Aran and Skye Tweed – surely we all have our own personal, discontinued favorites. Anyway, I appreciate the wide selection and stable offering. Without it, fair isle projects would surely be much more difficult to plan!
Yoke detail, Plum Frost Cardigan

Because I like the yarn so much and want to support their business, I contacted Harrisville Designs about this particular pattern. The company has generously offered to donate the yarn for one lucky commenter to make a Plum Frost pullover or cardigan! Please leave a comment by Wednesday, October 7 at 8 a.m. CST to be entered in the contest. I will use a random number generator to choose a winner to receive the yarn and a free copy of the pattern. I hope you will love both the yarn and the pattern as much as I do!


* Can you believe I actually published that link?? I felt it was only honest. You’re welcome.

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  1. Diane on

    I love your sweater design, but I especially love your baby belly. Congratulations!

  2. celticcaston on

    Nothing wrong with a bit of baby belly :)
    Love your colour choice its very wintery reminds me of Chronicles of Narnia for some reason.
    Another great design!

  3. barefootrooster on

    oh my goodness. i’ve done a little bit of knitting with 2 colors, but nothing as complex as this — but boy would i love to try! this is absolutely stunning!

  4. Katinka on

    I had a December baby last year, so your photo looks eerily familiar. ;)

    Beautiful design!

  5. Jennie on

    As I’ve told you before, I *love* this cardigan. Lovely work, as always :)

  6. whitney on

    This is so, so gorgeous. I adore your design, and your baby belly!

  7. Heather on

    I love this sweater. So beautiful, color choice is perfect!

  8. earthchick on

    SO gorgeous!! I don’t know how you manage to crank out so many fab patterns. Love this one so much.

    Love the baby belleh too!

  9. Amy on

    What a lovely, lovely, perfect sweater. Great job!

  10. Kirsten on

    Beautiful sweater and belly :) Congrats!

  11. Janet K on

    Lovely sweater, and I am sure you will appreciate it after the baby arrives too! I wonder if there is a supplier for this yarn in Canada? The colours are gorgeous, and it would work so well with my work wordrobe.

  12. Vicki on

    Beautiful sweater! And I also appreciate your recommendation of the Harrisville yarn–I’ll have to try it.

  13. Carol on

    A beautiful sweater. I especially love the blending of colors you got with the greys and plums – one of my favorite color combinatitons.

  14. Karma on

    Congratulations on the baby and on the gorgeous new design. I’m such a sucker for both grey and purple. I would love to be entered in your contest!

  15. Debra on

    That is indeed a very lovely sweater! With baby due in December hopefully you’ll be able to wear it and enjoy!

  16. Whitney on

    The sweater is lovely! I really like the color palette you chose. If I were to knit it, I think I would do mine just the same. Great work!

  17. kelly-ann (on Ravelry) on

    Wow…what a gorgeous sweater. It looks like a classic that will take you through many years. Congrats on your future arrival!

  18. Lisa on

    This sweater is beautiful! The color choices are just perfect.

  19. joy on

    love, love, LOVE

  20. sheilak on

    Beauty of a sweater its in my colours too

  21. Melissa on


  22. Beth on

    Beautiful sweater, I will have to try this yarn. And congrats on the baby-in-progress.

  23. Kelley on

    Wow — that’s a beautiful pattern. I’ve used Harrisville before, and agree with you — it blooms wonderfully! Congratulations on your wip due in Dec!

  24. Clumsy Knitter on

    What a fantastic sweater! I already favorited it on Ravelry so I can make one of my own. :)

  25. Jennifer Mason on

    Beautiful sweater, & congrats on the baby!

  26. livnletlrn on

    The belly shot brought a smile to my face.

    One of my LYSes also carries Harrisville on cones. Yum.

  27. Susan on

    The sweater is SO beautiful! I wouldn’t mind winning a free kit :)

    And you look beautiful. Don’t be self-conscious about the baby belly. I gained 42 lbs with my first (he was right on time) and 37 with my second (she was 16 days early), and I’ve more or less bounced back to normal. Congrats!

    (BTW why don’t you like KP palette? The range of color has me tempted to try it, maybe for a smaller fair isle project like mittens…)

  28. Margaret on

    That’s a beautiful sweater. I love the combination of purple and grey.

  29. Danielle on

    Oh, Elinor, it’s even better than I had hoped from seeing the WIP photos! My friends are such a talented crew :) Nice job, as always.

  30. motherbee on

    Lovely! I need to make this.

  31. indigorchid on

    This is stunningly beautiful! Everything from the tweed, to the shape, to the colors (mmm!), to the pattern, and of course… the belly bump! (best wishes!)

  32. jykowa on

    Who would have thought different shades of grey could be so elegant? Love it x

  33. Orli on

    Lovely colors, great pattern, and a sweet deal for the winner.

  34. Kellie on

    I LOVE everything about this design! The yarn, the color, the fact that it’s a cardigan. This is definitely going in my queue. (I hope I win the yarn for it!)

  35. laura on

    What a lovely pattern!

  36. Jennifer on

    I love your design, so pretty!

  37. Anne Tone on

    I love that cardigan – the colors works great together and the pattern is simply gorgeous.

    By the way – if I win it will be THE best birthdaypresent (I’ll be 32 Wednesday 7. oct).

  38. Sarah on

    Omigosh! How exciting.

  39. jess on

    I love it! what a wonderful design. The colors are just perfect. :)

  40. Jana Trent on

    I’m feeling lucky…

    And win or not, it’s a gorgeous design.

  41. adrienne on

    Wow, it’s gorgeous! What a lovely cardigan!

  42. Theresa P. on

    What a beautiful sweater. I must try this yarn! I’ve been hearing lots about it, and your glowing recommendation may have just tipped the scale for me.

  43. Bertha on

    This is gorgeous Elinor!!

  44. kelly on

    This is so amazingly gorgeous! It’s very rare that I want to knit a pattern in the given colors but I want this exact sweater rightnow!

  45. CE on

    Oh, that’s so lovely! That charcoal! I agree, Harrisville Shetland is a very special yarn – I love everything I’ve knit with it. The sweater is beautiful, and I can’t wait to make it.

  46. Ro on

    What a beautiful sweater. Perfect colors! There’s something about shetland yarn that just makes you want to knit – scratchy or not!

  47. Mochaknits on

    Beautiful design and sweater. I love pullovers especially in the smaller weights.

  48. Carolyn on

    I love the colours in this design – they’re some of my favourites! And I think the cardigan looks great over the baby belly – although if it’s particularly cold the belly does start to get a bit chilly without extra layers on!

  49. Rachel on

    Congrats on your new pattern – it’s stunning! I’d love to try a new fair isle project this winter. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  50. tracy3xl on

    It is beautiful! I have a pile of this yarn waiting to be knit. I’m feeling inspired! And the linked photo is beautiful!

  51. Lucy on

    It’s a lovely cardigan! Congratulations!

  52. Lisa R on

    Purple is my favorite color! When I make this pattern, I won’t have to change any of the colors. :)

  53. Lucette on

    It is a beautiful design, both timeless and elegant. Please add my name to your growing list.

  54. Cindy on

    Beautiful sweater. Thanks for the contest.

  55. jenna t. on

    Are you kidding? I think the cardi complements the baby belly beautifully! Eh, button schmutton. :)

    One way or another I think I’ll have to knit this in the Harrisville yarn, after you spoke so highly of it. I’m also excited to try steeking. Your images make it look not-quite-so-scary!

  56. Julia on

    I just recently found your blog and this sweater was a wonderful revelation–it reminds me of a foggy morning in Maine, with the sea lavender flowers coming up through the water at high tide. The muted, harmonious colors are just lovely. Congratulations on your creativity inside and out!

  57. Virginia on

    I love your pattern! It would be perfect for my teenage daughter.I’ve never really been tempted to try colorwork, but this is so subtle yet lovely that I’m entranced. I hope I win!

  58. Sharon G. on

    This sweater is amazing!!!!! The colors, the design, the model…everything is beautiful! I can’t wait to see your FO come December!!!!

  59. wotocho on

    Oh oh oh pick me please! As soon as I saw the first picture I was ready to put this in my queue. To win the yarn to make it would make it all perfect!

  60. franee on

    This is a beautiful cardigan, I can’t wait to get the pattern.

  61. grumperina on

    So classic and gorgeous! I must admit that I’ve never seen or felt Harrisville Designs New England Shetland, so I would definitely love to win your contest!

  62. Cringer on

    I love stranded knitting, so I am always interested to learn about yarns that blooms well. And your pattern is really very lovely.

  63. Rachel on

    Oh my, that’s absolutely “plummy”, pardon the bad pun! Delicious!

  64. Chris on

    I am so excited about this pattern! It’s so gorgeous. I’ve never used this yarn, but will definitely try it now.

  65. Eleanor (undeadgoat) on

    Your glowing review of the yarn makes me anxious to try it out–please count me in!

  66. Marsha on

    Your sweater is beautiful. Knitting for the first time with Harrisville Highland and enjoying the experience. Glad to hear so many good things about the Shetland yarn.

  67. Veronica on

    GORGEOUS. And congratulations! I just took a class with Jared Flood on shetland knitting and am ready to steek away. This is the perfect sweater for it

  68. Veronica on

    oops–hit return too soon. Just wanted to add that I’m a big fan of all your patterns :)

  69. .: tani :. on

    lovely pattern and color selection! i look forward to trying this pattern someday!

  70. Michele on

    Wow, found the pattern posted on Ravelry and had to come over and check it out. The sweater is beautiful. The yarn review is great also. I’m going to check out the yarn and see the colors. Thanks.

  71. knittinbrit on

    Oooohhh, those colors are divine! I want one! Now off to check out the pattern.

  72. Lori on

    Oh this is so pretty! I love the colors you chose. I saw it on Ravelry and wanted to check out the post here too. I love the picture with your baby belly! It looks very cute with the sweater. :)

  73. Charlotte on

    I love the colors you used, and the pattern is beautiful! I haven’t knit with Harrisville’s yarns but your awesome review makes me want to.

  74. Ellen on

    This cardigan is beautiful! I love the color palette you chose!

  75. Jennifer on

    I was just trolling along on Ravelry and… then stopped and drooled over your sweater pictures before I even realized there might be a chance I could knit one for myself! Thanks so much for all your hard work. :)

  76. Laura on

    I’m trying NOT to enter contests but this one is too beautiful to resist! It’s the prefect combination of pattern and yarn. Brilliant job!

  77. Ammie on

    This is a beautiful sweater! Oh, and I love the “exploding belly” picture. You look fabulous! Yay & congrats!

  78. Diana Mican on

    That sweater is lovely. And thank you for giving me another yarn to check out.

  79. Cheryl on

    BEAUTIFUL sweater..lovely colors!! Thanks for sharing it

  80. Debra on

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. It’s a beautiful sweater.

  81. Denise on

    What a beautiful sweater. I would love to try making it, especially since you said the wool does not “itch” next to your skin. Lovely.

  82. Lily on

    What a lovely color combination! I find myself wishing I could reach through my screen and snuggle up in the cardigan ;)

  83. meghann on

    This is a beautiful sweater! Your other designs are very nice, too. — Meg

  84. fingersandtoes on

    It’s absolutely beautiful and I would love to win!

  85. fingersandtoes on

    I just went to their website though and I’m confused – how come they call it Shetland when it’s spun in the US from wool from Australia and NZ?

  86. Natalia on

    I absolutely adore the colours and would like to take part in the contest, although I thought Shetland can only come form the Isle of Shetland in the British Isles?

  87. GinkgoKnits on

    That is a truly lust worthy sweater. And I’ve been wanting to do more colorwork . . . hmm . . .

    Also, it looks beautiful modeled on your current body — your baby curves are nothing to hide.

  88. Eva on


    I followed the link from the ‘recently added’ page on Rav :) It is a very nice sweater!!! I’ve never tried Fair Isle (even though I had some Fair Isle knitting classes on Fair Isle 2 years ago, using Jamieson’s yarn that I picked up on Shetland hehehe :)).

    Cheers Eva

  89. Ali on

    What an absolutely stunning cardigan!!! And such lovely photos – all of them :-))

  90. Pinneguri on

    I am very happy to see an ordinary, old fashioned yarn used it this beautiful garment. It makes me want to run to my own LYS and buy some local yarn.

  91. tulokyn on

    What a gorgeous cardigan, and a generous contest. I wonder if any of my LYS carry this stuff…

  92. Karen Ramskov on

    Wow this is beautiful! I have never tried to knit fair isle, but this cardigan makes me want to jump right in to it!!

  93. Jackie on

    Absolutely lovely! I have bookmarked the pattern :)

  94. Bean on

    This is a stunning knit! I’ve been on the lookout for a fair isle yoke cardigan pattern like this for a long time – what a wonderful pattern!

  95. yvette on

    Your new design is fabulous and it looks great with your pregnant tummy, congratulations :)

  96. AnotherElinor on

    I’m not usually much of a purple person, but I’m quite taken with how it blends in with the greys. Lovely!

  97. Ashley F on

    What a beautiful cardigan! I really love the subtle color changes and I look forward to knitting this pattern.

  98. libby on

    i am drawn to the way you blended the purples and greys together, very subtle and pleasing!


  99. Melissah on

    Oh, this pattern is *SO* me!! You have done such a wonderful job :)

  100. Jamie on

    Nicely done!

  101. siina*k on

    This is a real beauty! I LOVE greys and plums <3

  102. Connie on

    Beautiful work! Love the “baby” picture.

  103. Donna on

    What a lovely sweater, Elinor – I could make a habit of knitting your patterns (I already have the Winter Sunrise hat in my queue)!

  104. Julie on

    It’s stunning. Loved it the moment it popped up on Ravelry. Congrats on another beautiful design and the baby as well.

  105. Isobel on

    Finally the pattern I have been looking for! Genius!

  106. Grace on

    Beautiful sweater…I am looking for a replacement for a cotton fair isle sweater that died. I’m looking forward to knitting this one!

  107. Estella on

    Love the colors in the sweater – perfect!

  108. Holli on

    Oh my goodness — beautiful! What lovely yarn in combination with such a gorgeous pattern. I’d LOVE to knit this one.

  109. Beth on

    I love Harrisville shetland. Your cardigan is looks great in it.

  110. Ronni on

    What a beautiful cardigan! Can’t wait to try this.

  111. StephCat on

    oh, it’s lovely.

  112. Sara on

    What a gorgeous sweater and color choices! Can’t wait for the pattern release!

  113. Andrea on

    The sweater is beautiful! Great job on the design & colors as they are perfect together.

  114. Linda Garr on

    This is a lovely sweater! I enjoy working with Harrisville shetland yarns also, and am now thinking about how my stash yarns might work with this design. The shaping aspects of your design are appealing, too.

  115. Ingrid on

    LOVE the cardigan. It’s right up my alley!

  116. Jodi on

    How gorgeous! I love the subdued color palette, and I’d love to knit one up for myself.

  117. Kyla on

    Great pattern! I am especially impressed that you included the picture with your belly! Great!

  118. Christine on

    What a beautiful sweater and pattern!

  119. Jacky on

    What a lovely cardigan. Was looking for something like this to make for my daughter! Didn’t see length till I looked at you special photo! Congratulations with being pregnant. Hope you will have a lovely baby.

  120. Linda on

    Love your new sweater design, colors and all. What a perfectly lovely sweater! And perfectly lovely belly – Congrats!

  121. Dee Anna on

    OK, I lurk here mostly but the combination of a great sweater and a chance to win yarn have lured me out of hiding.

    I love this pattern Elinor, it only drives me more to make something fair isle soon.

  122. Genevieve on

    The colors you chose for the sweater really are perfect! I know other people who rave about that yarn and it is high time I gave it a shot, as well as fair isle and steeking. (What a coincidence).

    Thanks for a great pattern and good luck with your final months as mom-to-be!

  123. emily l on

    This is such an awesome pattern! I love the fading in the colorwork. Would love to knit this in the harrisville shetland.

  124. Jenny on

    Wow, that is amazing! I wouldn’t change a thing! I’ve done a fair isle yoke with worsted weight and now am itching to do more traditional fair isle and this is exactly what I want. Great job!

  125. amy lounsberry on

    love that sweater – congrats on the new baby to come!

  126. Elizabeth on

    My, this is gorgeous! The colors are really lovely together, very wintery and Sugar Plum Fairy-esque.

  127. Elizabeth on

    What a lovely sweater, and great colors. Thanks for sharing it and congrats on finishing with a new baby around.

  128. Marianne C on

    I have put the sweater into my ravelry queue. I LOVE it and will knit it even if (probably won’t)I don’t win. Thanks for the pattern and the possiblity of free yarn to make it!!!

  129. Grace on

    What a pretty sweater! Even if I don’t win, I think I will be purchasing the pattern. I love fair isle (and I am so excited to have the Alice Starmore fair isle book!).

  130. Katie on

    Wow, amazing sweater! I would love to try and make this!

  131. Amelia on

    Another gorgeous pattern from you :) And if I am not lucky enough to win the yarn, I’ll have to go and investigate the cost of getting Jamieson’s shipped to London :) x

  132. Shana on

    Hi, Lovely pattern! I am longing to start a fair isle project with lots of subtle shade changes. Thanks for the new pattern!
    (smgoldin on Ravelry)

  133. Executive Knitter on

    Pick me! choose ME!

    Love the design and love Harrisville yarns!

  134. Erika on

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! A must knit for me!

  135. Cath in Ottawa on

    Love this – really beautiful. The pattern is probably way above my competency, but I’d love to give it a try!

  136. Celestial on

    Beautiful sweater! I’d love to make this and will have to search for the yarn. Sounds like a wonderful yarn to knit with and then enjoy a wonderful finished project.

    Thanks for wanting to share!

  137. Siena on

    What a lovely cardigan! I would love to try both the pattern and the yarn.

  138. Lorette on

    That is just one gorgeous sweater. And I love your baby belly, it’s gorgeous, too!

  139. Christie on

    What a beautiful sweater! Great job!

  140. DMartin on

    Gorgeous! I love the color combination. I’ve got sweaters on my mind as I’ve been a pullover girl until now. Something about nursing a 7 mo old makes cardigans considerably more attractive!

  141. carolyn on

    oh i lovelovelove this sweater!!!

  142. Astoria on

    Beautiful! Purples and grays are my colors. I am adding this to my queue immediately and I’d love to be entered for a chance to win the yarn.

    And wow, your baby will be here before you know it. Phoebe just had her one year birthday, so quick, so happy, so beautiful. What a marvelous year its been (and the pregnancy such a distant memory now!)

  143. Eva on

    awesome sweater! it looks like the perfect wear-with-everything cardigan…perhaps a nice contrast with your previous post?

  144. Nicole on

    That’s a beautiful sweater! I can’t wait to make one!

  145. Diane on

    Wow, I love it – and I can get Harrisville locally :-) it’s all good!

  146. Amanda on

    Gorgeous sweater. Grey is a staple of my wardrobe and I’ve recently rediscovered my love for purple, so this is definitely going on my “to knit” list.

  147. Anna on

    What a gorgeous cardigan. It’s been a long time since I’ve been as excited about a pattern as I am about this one. I can’t wait to make this. Thank you!

  148. Rachel on

    Gorgeous design E! I think what I like best is that you did choose colors that were so complimentary…they really are a stunning combination!

  149. Ühltje on

    I absolutely love this cardigan. And your choice of colours is spot on.

  150. Susan on

    Love the colors and the design!

  151. Ali on

    Beautiful sweater, I’ve been looking around for a pattern to make a first stranded sweater for myself, this is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for. Congrats on the pattern and the soon-to-be new baby.

  152. Gretchen on

    Wow, what a great sweater. I love the gentle colors. I live in KC and love to make a special trip out to the Yarn Barn, it’s always worth the drive.

  153. Risa on

    Congrats on such a beautiful design!!

  154. Nicole on

    Oh my, such a beautiful design! I will definitely purchase this pattern once it’s available.

    And I share your love of Shetland. It’s top on my list too. I’ve not yet had the chance to try Harrisville (it’s not available where I live), so I would really love a chance to win this generous giveaway.


  155. Hanneke on

    i adore this cardigan.Beautifull design!
    I recently discovered harissville. The others whiskey renolds and knit picks are impossible to come by out here in the netherlands. And pretty soon you get directed to rowan tweed etc.
    Luckely a friend of mine discovered that one yarn store ( just one alas ) has started to sell this yarn. I ordered it and fell in love.
    When i finnish my current one i will start this beauty regardless of me winning a contest ;-)

  156. Karen on

    Your sweater is beautiful. It’s a perfect combination of yarn and pattern.

  157. Mary on

    I would love to try knitting your sweater!

  158. larissa on

    what a gorgeous cardi! I love the fair isle in purple on the gray.

  159. Michelle on

    Oh, if I won this would be my first Fair Isle project — and it would be PERFECT! I had a December baby almost eight years ago; now he’s asking constantly “how many days until my birthday?” :-)

  160. bunchkinknits on

    What a beautiful design! The grey and purple are wonderful together.

  161. jules on

    I love this! Well done on creating a classic but contemporary pattern… hope you get a few wears out of it before the baby belly is too huge! Thanks

  162. Anni Rodriguez on

    I absolutely LOVE this pattern! I really like the lace effect that takes place at the top and bottom of the fair isle work! I will definitely be putting this on my list! I was questioning the softness of this wool so it was really reassuring to see that you don’t find it too itchy. I have their color card but have been hesitant since the samples have not been washed and fill a bit scratchy. Now I can order with confidence!..Thanks again!

  163. Kat on

    It’s gorgeous. I’m such a sucker for purple and gray, I can’t wait to knit this.

  164. Becky on

    What a beautiful sweater. Yes please! I can’t wait to knit it up.

  165. CeCe H. on

    Wow–what a great sweater design!

  166. Simone on

    The colour combination is beautiful!

  167. Hilary on

    Beautiful! Great job.

  168. Mandy on

    Wow! Very pretty sweater. I have a bit of this yarn in my stash that I got by chance for a great price. I think I need to knit up a swatch and block it to see the magic!

  169. Abby on

    Lovely sweater! I will certainly be purchasing it, but I would gladly take it with yarn if I win!!

  170. Mary on

    How lovely!

  171. Oiyi on

    It’s beautifully designed. I recently finished a fair isle yoke baby sweater for my daughter and I am hooked on color work. Thank you for offering this give-away.

  172. julie barrett on

    i love working with many colors at once, love knitting and the colors in this sweater!

  173. mamakass on

    That’s a great sweater! I love the color changes!

  174. Kate on

    My god- that is amazing! I really hope I win, I love colorwork!

  175. Jennifer on

    Beautiful and very wearable sweater!

  176. kgmama on

    What a beautiful sweater and I think it looks great on your bump too!!

  177. Roopali on

    Love the sweater! – I want to make both – pullover and cardigan!

  178. Carla on

    Beautiful sweater…. the yarn, the colors and design. I love all the baby knits here! What an adorable little girl you have. She’s a great model.

  179. tiennie on

    It’s just beautiful Elinor! Love it!

  180. Sarah on

    This pattern is absolutely divine and the colours are just beautiful, I’ve not seen this colour combination in fair isle before.

  181. Judy on

    Great sweater, it will be going on my list of to do knits! Awsome!

  182. Alia on

    Absolutely lovely.

  183. Colleen on

    Beautiful cardigan. Your pattern and color choice is perfect!
    Best to you through your 3rd trimester.

  184. Mary Beth on

    Very pretty use of colors!

  185. missfee on

    I love this cardigan – and it is now in my list of must does for the year – if I only had some yarn…….

    pick me pick me pick me please

  186. Lori on

    Love the sweater. The colors are perfect. Purple and gray combinations are wintery and lovely. I also love the Yarn Barn, even though it is a bit of a drive!

  187. Cynthia on

    Just linked to your site for the first time, from Grumperina, I think. Lovely, lovely sweater. I was around in the 60s when fair isle cardigans were all the rage and you could buy kits from England with the yoke already knit. You knit the body and then grafted the yoke in place. Looking back, that took all of the fun out of it, but we didn’t know that at the time.

    I just added your blog to my favorites list. Now to read the archives!

  188. Andrea on

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Love the cardigan.

  189. Liz on

    I really don’t think I could love this pattern more, it’s so beautiful. Now I’ve got to figure out how I can add this to my long queue this winter!

  190. Zaneta on

    Wow! I LOVE that design! It’s beautiful!! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!! **crosses fingers** teehee… good luck everyone! ;)

  191. Amy M on

    Lovely! I’ve been debating my next fair isle project and this might be it. And even if it isn’t next it is now in my ravelry queue. Beautiful work!

  192. Ina on

    Thank you for a beautiful design and a fabulous giveaway! I’m jealous of your LYS.

  193. Marcy on

    I love the idea of this kind of patterned yoke sweater, but this is the first one I’ve wanted to knit on the spot. Beautiful.

  194. Tasha on

    Although I have never attempted fair isle, I have wanted to for a while and this seems like the perfect sweater to get started with! And since I am already three months pregnant, that gives me six months to accomplish that in! :) Really looking forward to this pattern’s release!

  195. Phoe on

    Oh what a gorgeous cardigan!

  196. Wendy on

    Great sweater! I love Harrisville, but usually only pick it up at wool festivals – and I have a stash that may be perfect for this sweater!

  197. Dana on

    The only acceptable excuse for not wearing this gorgeous sweater is your precious little :) Congrats on both!!

  198. cinnamonamon on

    What a stunning design job! And your colors are beautiful — so much of a successful fair isle sweater depends on the color choices & you’re obviously an expert!

    Enjoy that December baby, I have one of my own & he’s a great handful!

  199. Abigail on

    what a gorgeous pattern! I especially love your choice of shades of gray and purple. Great choices!

  200. Heather on

    My word! Your cardigan is so lovely! Purple and grey is one of my all time favorite color combos! Lovely!

  201. mai on

    wow, harrisville is a pretty awesome company! i have to admit i’ve never worked with their yarn, though. i love the baby belly photo :) the cardigan is beautiful and the buttons are my favorite part!

  202. Erin on

    This is such a gorgeous sweater, I can’t wait for the pattern to come out! :)

  203. Katrina on

    I love this cardigan! The colors remind me of a grown up version of the fair isle sweaters that my grandmother knit for me as a child. I’ve never tried color knitting or tried steeking before, but your pattern definitely looks worth the effort of learning!

  204. Lauren in CA on

    Oh, pretty!! I’m looking for a new stranded project and this is beautiful. I love the heathered gray and purple together.

  205. Chris on

    I also am a big Harrisville Shetland fan, and will certainly want to purchase the pattern!

  206. Debbi on

    LOVE the colors and the belly is cute too.

  207. ikkinlala on

    What a gorgeous sweater!

  208. Emmy Lou on

    I’d love to try out the pattern and yarn – it looks just lovely!

  209. JJ on

    The sweater is beautiful. I just love it.

  210. Arlette on

    Wow, it’s gorgeous! And I’m a sucker for wooly yarns, too — I’ll have to track this one down.

  211. turtle on

    it is absolutely beautiful! i love the colors you chose and how exciting to have designed such an intricate design and pattern! My very first knit project ever was a fait isle sweater, i have not had the chance to do another since but would so love to! great success on sales of the pattern!

  212. suzygirl on

    Hi Elinor! What a lovely sweater!! If that’s doesn’t inspire me to try my hand at my first stranded yoke cardigan, nothing will. And thanks for the link to Harrisville yarns.

  213. Sydney on

    Wow, that is beautiful!!! I haven’t done any colorwork yet, but have yarn picked out for a couple projects…This one is definitely getting added to my list!

  214. nancy on

    I love love love it!!! The colors are perfect, and I especially love how thoughtfully you sized it Elinor, srsly, if only every designer were so awesome!

  215. mel on

    Such a pretty sweater and lovely color combination!

  216. maryse on

    this is stunning. yay baby!

  217. Jeanie on

    Your sweater is gorgeous! Please enter me for the contest. Thanks!

  218. egater on

    This is absolutely gorgeous sweater and I belive, that it is joy and fun to knit it.

  219. Kim on

    Wow! What a beautiful sweater. Good job!

  220. jane on

    What gorgeous colours – and you are so talented, it’s just absolutely perfect! I’d love to have a go at a stranded yoke cardigan – I have a feeling I’ll be making this one sooner rather than later :)

  221. knittingdancer on

    I love the grays and purples together. I have knitted 1 simple fair isle hat. I enjoyed making it and would like to try to make the pullover.

  222. Liz on

    Lovely design, colors and photos. Nice work!

  223. Katie on

    Beautiful sweater! It’s in my queue — can’t wait to make one myself!

  224. Chia on

    What an awesome pattern. It’s sweet but not too girly.

    munkiknits at yahoo .com

  225. Shawn on

    My girlfriend’s hands got twitchy when she saw this. I hope I win so I can give this kit to her.

  226. Sharon T on

    I love your colorwork patterns. I will have to add this to my ever growing list of want to knit.

  227. Ginny on

    Oh my goodness! That is absolutely lovely! When the pattern comes out, I’m definitely buying it!

  228. puggerhugger on

    Im in awe of your skills at designing this! When I was pregnant I forgot how to tie my own shoes. Of course I couldnt reach them anyway.

  229. Carrie on

    WOW! What an amazing giveaway. I hope I get lucky…oh, wait, don’t tell my husband that. He might get the wrong impression. =)

  230. Mags on

    That is absolutely beautiful! Excellent job!

  231. Kristen on

    What a great give-away! And congratulations on the soon-to-be-born baby! Pregnant bellies are so cute.

  232. Sharon Rose on

    WOW! Great sweater, great contest… great belly! :) Thanks for a chance to win. I would cast this on immediately!

  233. Tora in Chagrin Falls, OH on

    As usual a beautiful result! Gorgeous sweater, lovely mom and soon to be beautiful baby! Thanks for the chance to win.

  234. InJuneau on

    Ooo, lovely. And congrats on the baby too! Of course if I win I’ll have to stretch my knitting skills (quite) a bit!

  235. katharine on

    It’s georgeous! The belly, I mean. The sweater is lovely too of course.

  236. PBnJ on

    Your sweater is absolutely beautiful. Great job!

  237. Kate!Maresh on

    I love this sweater! I think it maybe the thing that makes me brave enough to finally try steeking.

  238. Candas Jarmy on

    Your sweater is one of the most beautiful knitted garments I have ever seen. I had to call my husband in here to look at it and now he’s gushing over it.

  239. Adina on

    That is just lovely! What a gorgeous pattern!

  240. ann on

    Love it! I will totally knit it. (More quickly if I win, heh.)

  241. Kathryn on

    Such a pretty sweater! It’s very subtle, and definitely something I could see myself wearing!

  242. Jacey on

    It’s lovely! The subtle color changes are so attractive.

  243. StaceyKnitsIt on

    Gorgeous Sweater! Looks so beautiful; I’d love to make one also.

  244. Sara on

    Truly beautiful – I hope to knit it one day. :)

  245. Steph on

    I’ve been waiting and longing for my first fair isle project to try now that I’ve gotten the guts for it. I think you’re the one!

  246. amandacathleen on

    seriously have to wait to more days?? It will be hard. One of my fav yarn shops that’s a hour away carries Harrisville yarns. Can’t wait for my next trip now!

  247. Becky on

    At first I just looked at the photos, without reading your text, and I thought “Why is she not showing a full body view of this sweater, why is she just showing bits of it? It’s hard to see how it looks!” Then I read your whole post and found your belly photo. Too funny! Good luck! and it’s a lovely sweater.

  248. Lori on

    A beautiful sweater and the colors are perfect! Can’t wait to get started on it. Thanks for another great pattern.

  249. Logan on

    Ooooo! I would love to make this. Do you think it would be very difficult to adjust for a guy?

    Let me win!

  250. Pam on

    What a beautiful sweater — I love the colors. Enjoy this special time in your life!

  251. Hege on


  252. Vanessa L. Jones on

    Oh my! I saw this sweater and knew I had to make it! Oh – then I saw it is not available till tomorrow – and the contest – woohoo! What a great deal! I have never done fair isle and want to try so bad – this is the project for me! Cannot wait to start – oh yeah or maybe win! Yeah!
    Best wishes to all of you above! and below!
    Vanessa in Upstate NY

  253. Anne on

    I’ve yet to do a fair isle item that wasn’t a hat or a scarf. What a great project.

  254. Stacy on

    What a beautiful sweater!

  255. Pat on

    Such a beautiful cardigan and the subtle coloring on the yoke is perfect! Going into queue :-)

  256. duni on

    what a lovely pattern and color choice! great job yet again!

  257. Julie on

    What a gorgeous sweater! I have a vest that my mum knit when she was 21 (60 years ago) in similar colours. It is too small for me now but every once in a while I pull it out of the cedar chest and think about making something like it.
    Thanks for posting the baby bump photo – love it.

  258. andrea on

    totally gorgeous sweater!

  259. Kathy on


  260. TripletMom on

    What a gorgeous sweater! I am crossing all my fingers & toes on this one!

  261. SeeSuzSew on

    Fantastic color choice for this sweater… i’ll be adding it to my queue!

  262. arcadienne on

    Beautiful sweater! Grey & purple are some of my favorite color combinations, and the subtlety here definitely caught my eye.

  263. Michelle on

    So beautiful it got me out of my usual lurking habit. That and the promise of my first fair isle being done with a pattern and yarn from you! Thanks for all your posts.

  264. weesheep on

    This is such a beautiful sweater! So glad I found your contest. Looking forward to seeing more of your designs. Best of luck with your new little one.


  265. Colleen on

    I’m going to assume that you will NOT be playing futsal this winter. Such a shame – but such a gorgeous sweater, Elinor. My word – if I don’t win, you can rest assured I’m going to 1) buy the pattern, and 2) insist on a gift certificate to the Yarn Barn for Christmas. I love purple and gray together.

  266. Stephanie on

    The yarn, the fabric, the colours.. all just fantastic!

  267. Jessica on

    Oh I love this sweater! The colors are perfect for me, exactly what I would pick in the store but so much better because I can knit it myself!

    You look gorgeous in your flickr pic (btw) with your new cardi!

  268. Caroline on

    What a gorgeous sweater! The color combination is so peaceful to look at. I love it!

  269. Colleen on

    This is beautiful. I’m totally asking for the yarn for Christmas, because I simply must have this sweater!

  270. Becky Stevens on

    Love the sweater – classic yet current. For a chance to win a kit, you bet I’ll leave a comment!

  271. Ruth on

    This might have to be my first steeked sweater…


  272. robin on

    Wow, that is a beautiful sweater! I love your color choices. I just bought several skeins of Harrisville while on vacation…it’s a great yarn. Great job!

  273. Katerina on

    I can’t believe how pretty that sweater is!! I’m due in a month (eek a month!) and understand the ‘not-fitting’ thing :) You look great though! Wonderful wonderful job!

  274. Danielle on


  275. Rebecca on

    This is a lovely pattern. I am looking forward to buying it in your shop!

  276. Mira on

    Just gorgeous! love the colours =)

  277. Julie Weston on

    So pretty! The colors are gorgeous and the sweater itself looks so soft and pettable!

  278. Vickie on

    I love this sweater–I found you yesterday while googling around. I have been wanting to do a fair isle pattern for awhile, but didn’t want something for me to wear that was ‘loud’…I absolutely love the subtleness in the design and color pallete and would love to knit this! I have not tried this particular kind of yarn…but it is beautiful. What a wonderful project…thank you for sharing.

  279. Jenny Raye on

    Wow! This is beautiful! I picked out some yarn from another company for it, but after your raves about Harrisville, I may just change my mind. Can’t wait to get started! Thanks for the pattern.

  280. Alli on

    I hope I’m not too late to enter! Your sweater is beautiful and I really want to make one for myself!

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