Garter striped baby jacket

Finally finished!

I’m still here, just not knitting much. Summer successfully zapped my desire to knit! I will return when I have knitting to share. Until then, just a quick post about a long term purse project that finally came off the needles last week.

DROPS b14-27 baby jacket

Pattern: DROPS b14-27 baby jacket (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal Uni Solid 4 ply in 1418 (the teal color) and 1261 (Deep Chocolate)

Needles: US 2 (2.75 mm)

A dull knit but isn't this texture worth it?

This pattern has interested me ever since I saw the version Kelp! made a few years ago. However, I am not usually game for baby knitting with sock yarn. Then, last January, I decided to find other purposes for my sock yarn stash, as it was clear that I no longer knit socks. I cast on, hoping to use up 800 g of Opal stewing in my stash. Sadly, I have about 400 g left (nearly equally distributed between brown and green) so it looks like there will be some striped socks in my future.

The knitting was unexceptional, which was precisely what I wanted for a project I toted about to meetings. The results, I would have to say, are fabulous. I love this little one. I might need to make a larger version with worsted weight yarn for Beatrix!

Fleur de lis buttons

Maritza once told me knitting with Opal was like knitting with twine, but after a few washes, it softens up enough to make the knitting experience almost worth it. Besides, everyone knows Opal and Regia will outlive all of us – that is hard-wearing yarn! Hard-wearing enough for some baby, I hope.

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25 comments so far

  1. mai on

    elinor, it’s lovely! i love blue and brown together, and what a great way to use up your stash.

  2. Steph on

    beautiful colors. I love how the buttons match up as well!

  3. grumperina on

    Wonderful little sweater! The buttons are perfect!

  4. sue on

    Simply gorgeous, and the aqua and chocolate are a match made in heaven. I am sure that Beatrix would look beautiful in one too!

  5. tiennie on

    This is really wonderful! I’ve never seen this pattern before.

  6. Mira on

    Wow! nice colour combination! does the yarn get all messy at the back of the jacket?

  7. Clare on

    This is lovely in this colourway. Its such a great pattern – my little boy is still wearing his (although the sleeves are now on the 3/4 side!). It looks great in so many colours too – I love yours!

  8. Sally on

    Totally cool! And I completely understand about the troubles on the knit front. It happens to me when meeting project deadline after project deadline overtakes knit for pleasure.
    BTW, Knit Meat in a Cheesecloth Sandwich is finally done. I’ll try to remember to take one down and bring it this weekend.

  9. Lisa on

    That is very cute! I really love how the buttons pick up both yarn colors!

  10. Elizabeth on

    That is a fun pattern to knit. I made one last year and the baby got compliments wherever she went (according to her mother). What a lovely color combo! The mother and baby will love it.

  11. Kim on

    Oh, the buttons are just perfect!

  12. nova on

    I love this pattern; but, I just can’t imagine myself knitting a sweater in sock yarn…purely psychological. This looks lovely.

  13. jessica on

    I’m making a very similar sweater for myself…I love how yours turned out!

  14. Jennifer on

    Beautiful work! I love the colors. It makes me want to take up knitting again!

  15. Sarah on

    That sweater is absolutely adorable! I think it might have to go into my queue right now.

  16. leslie on

    and i am loving the color combo.

  17. whitney on

    That’s a great color combo! I’ll have to keep that pattern in mind when it comes time to knit for babies.

  18. domesticshorthair on

    Wow! That is beautiful and I really love the choice of colors.

  19. Claire on

    Beautiful! Just curious—why don’t you knit socks anymore?

  20. Amanda on

    Lovely lovely colors! Too cute.

  21. Ann on

    It’s gorgeous & the colors combination is great. I used a lot of sock yarn for my garments and I do enjoy knitting with 4ply.

  22. Willemtje on

    I have just come back from a visit to Britain and discovered Yarn Forward magazine, loved your design of the scoopnecked sweater and have already earmarked the wool for it. As I brought back 8 (yes eight!) kgs of yarn, this was not a problem. thank you for all your hard work and happy knitting.

  23. Karen on

    Just happened to find your blog. I LOVE the little sweater. The colors are perfect! Great job!

  24. carol on

    I’m about to start this very same sweater. Soooo, you did use sock yarn, two colors….did it take forever? Was the pattern easy to read? Any tips?

  25. Kris on

    Lovely colors, so beautiful!

    You have a fanstastisk inspirational page. Beautiful images and beautiful text.
    Thanks for letting us participate.

    Thoughts from Kris

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