All thrums

After knitting my first pair of thrummed mittens for Aaron last winter, I swore off knitting any more. It took me an entire evening to make enough thrums for the pair of mittens and then, I found knitting them in too tedious for my taste. The resulting mitten is to die for, however, especially amid the bitter cold of winter. I wore Aaron’s mittens over some neoprene gloves on my early morning runs all last winter.

Sometimes, fiddly knitting is worth it.

The other day, I was raving about these mittens when I realized it was time to make another pair. With any luck, they will be ready for the weekend!

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  1. Johanna on

    I was just thinking of thrummed mittens today. I think Kaya and I both need a pair. Even the thick bulky weight yarn knit on an 8 mittens I just finished aren’t always good enough. Thrums though…

  2. mai on

    this is awesome. i want to make myself a pair! but what does it mean to “make thrums?”

  3. Sally on

    They look yummy warm! Of course, an alternate solution is to avoid going outside at all costs.

  4. stacey on

    oooh. I could use a pair of those with the below zero temps we’ve been having!

  5. Chris on

    You’ve reminded me that I have a thrummed mitten kit that I should knit very soon…

  6. knitpurlmom on

    I made a pair for my sister for the holidays, she loves them!. They are so soft and warm inside.

  7. Becky on

    I tried making a pair of those a few months ago and gave up in frustration. Like you I hated making the thrums. It made a huge mess, fiber was everywhere, and then I couldn’t seem to knit them in tightly enough. They kept pulling out. The resulting half a mitten looked like an enormous boxing mitt. What a disaster. I shoved it in the back of my stash box and covered it up with other things so I wouldn’t see it. Blech.

  8. EtSu on

    Ooh cool. I’ve been reading a lot about thrummed mittens recently. Maybe it’s time to make a pair. Can’t wait to see yours!

  9. whitney on

    I have been wishing all week (with these sub-zero temps) that I had actually gotten around to knitting the thrummed mittens I’ve had in the queue for ages. I’m a bit worried that the thrum-making is going to drive me crazy, but they seem so practical.

  10. gleek on

    they look so warm!

  11. brookrademacher on

    that is some serious thrumming…..

  12. Jen on

    Absotively beautimus. I wish I had some!

  13. heidi on

    gawd, they really look like they are to die for cold winter days:)

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