Stash busting hats

My regular knitting has temporarily been placed on hold. After tripping over a bag of worsted weight wool scraps, I decided to engage in some much needed stash busting projects. I am too cheap to toss out my scraps so it appears as though there will be many striped projects in my immediate future!

First up is a pattern of my own design.


I had less than 100 yds of these colors so I put them together for a striped hat with an 8-point, star crown. The size shown Beatrix is modeling the 18″ version.


Pattern: December Stripes Hat (Ravelry link here)

Yarn: scraps of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and Cascade 220

Needles: US 6 (4.0 mm)



I still had a good deal of Cascade 220 left over after this hat so I used up the rest in a Norwegian-style star hat with a hidden liner, also in the 18″ size.

Stash busting hat for Beatrix

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Cream and Blue Heather

Needles: US 6 (4.0 mm)

Stash busting hat for Beatrix

Beatrix is pretty excited about her new hats! And there will be more to come!

Stash busting hat for Beatrix

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22 comments so far

  1. gleek on

    god she’s adorable! eh-hem, the hats are great too ;) i love that edging on the first hat!

  2. Susan on

    I especially like that first hat. Aren’t you glad she still likes to wear stuff you make for her?

  3. Dawn on

    Those are so pretty! I have tons of scraps too, what a great idea! :)

  4. Tora Consolo on

    Good grief she’s adorable…that little grin is contagious and the hats are perfect! How cool that she like to wear them.

  5. mai on

    those hats are so pretty! i love B’s expressions in the photos. thanks for sharing the pattern with us!

  6. Theresa on

    Very cute. This is one of those genius is the mother of invention things.

  7. liz K on

    These type of projects are my absolute favorite. It feels so resourceful, like making a soup out of vegetable scrapings. And Beatrix looks adorable in them!

  8. Pat on

    They are both adorable (esp. on HER!) and I know how good it feels to use up those bits and pieces!

  9. Britt on

    All three (two hats, one girl) are endlessly sweet!

  10. stacey on

    those are so cute!!!! i love stashbuster hats – i’m working on one of my own now!

  11. Jenna S on

    How cute! I am hoping that one day my son will want to keep hats on his head. I will have to queue your pattern. I’ve got a bag full of wooly scraps to use up.

  12. tiennie on

    Those are cute hats for your cute girl!

  13. Danielle on

    Wonderful patterns and Beatrix is such a cutie :)

  14. Andrea on

    Great hats! Maybe after Christmas I’ll whip some up for my kis….

  15. Alicia on

    Adorable! Both the hats and Beatrix! Love the first and last hats… but they are all beautiful

  16. Rachel on

    Those are so stinkin’ CUTE! What a great idea!

  17. Jana on

    Fabulous Hats!!!

  18. Ann on

    I love the hats. The designs are great & your use of the colors is fantastic.

  19. whitney on

    Adorable! The hats, and the fabulous little one modeling them :)

  20. jenna on

    omgcuuuuuute. I just queued up the December Stripes hat! :)

  21. ausxser on

    Beatrice is too cute for words – what an excellent model for your lovely hats!


  22. twinsetellen on

    It’s hard to separate the cuteness of the hats from the cuteness of the model.

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