I voted against Republicans today.

And in support of public transit and the pro-science candidate for the Kansas State Board of Education.

Election Day anticipation

It felt great. I hope your voting experience was as satisfying!

Knitting content to return tomorrow!

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23 comments so far

  1. Kat on

    My voting experience was quite satisfying. Looking forward to the results this evening.

  2. mai on

    i felt great doing it as well :)

  3. Bertha on

    Yay! I love how serious Beatrix looks here. She totally understands the gravity of the situation.

  4. Emily on

    Yay! Go science! And transit! And democrats! Fingers crossed it all works out okay this year…

  5. Eliza on

    yes! It felt great being part of something so big. There was definite excitement in the air, and someone yelled “O-fuckin-bama!” as we left, expressing exactly what I felt.

  6. jas. on

    i voted for the first time today and it felt great. i was a little disappointed there weren’t any lines.

  7. tiennie on

    We sent in our absentee ballots last week and I’m so excited for today! Yippee!!!!

  8. LizKnits on

    Yeah for you!!

  9. Stacey_CrimsonPurl on

    Luv it! :o)

  10. Laura on

    Today was my first experience voting for the American presidential election, as I became a US citizen last year. My daughters are quite older than yours — the oldest voted for her second Presidential election today, the youngest will turn 18 in a few weeks, but I voted with them in mind, and the future of this country which I have loved through pretty bad times. Here’s to hope.

  11. Zarah on

    You might be the only Kansan who did so, but I’m glad to hear it!

  12. gleek on

    obama FTW!

  13. Maritza on

    It boggles my mind to think that there was actually a candidate somewhere against public transit. For real? Huh. Congrats on voting. I voted, too, and it felt goooooooooooooooood. Here’s to much needed change! :)

  14. Christy / Not Hip on


  15. Emily on

    He did it! Whoo hoo!

  16. Daniele on

    CONGRATULATIONS from Paris , France .What a great country , what a great people !
    Danièle whose great grand parents lived in Kansas …

  17. Chris on

    It was even more satisfying after hearing the results.

  18. Soccer info on

    Thx for voting for democrats ;)
    Hope change is really around the corner now

  19. whitney on

    Yay for Science! And boo to Republicans! My voting experience was quite satisfying, even though the result for my state was totally known in advance (we’re very blue here in NY).

  20. twinsetellen on

    yay for Science! I won’t boo Republicans in general, but there are some individuals that I am not so crazy about. The election result touched me deeply.

  21. Siena on

    Congratulations! We are happy and hopeful in Europe too.

  22. amisha on

    we did it!! hurrah!!

  23. Tanya on

    I am so glad the Dem’s one. I hope he lives up to our expectations.

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