Boston Mitten Party

Another season, another knitterly meetup! This weekend, I met some dear friends in Boston for a knitting reunion, of sorts. We knit cowls like mad for our weekend in Philadelphia last spring but this time around, it was all about mittens. Sarah, Minty, Jennie, Megan, Julia V, Pam, Julia F, Nova, Ashley and I descended upon Boston knitters Maritza, Diana and Caro. Sadly, Staci, Meg and Christy couldn’t make it. However, Christy sent us happy and sad faces of herself so we carried her pictures around with us and photographed her doing peculiar things. Many local Boston area knitters came out to join the fun too! It was great to see Kathy, Maryse, Danielle, Femiknitmafia, Amy, Stitchy, Melissa, Kellee Adrian and Jess. I am sure I missed someone because so many people came! Of course, a knitblogger meetup of this size required a trip to WEBS, the overwhelming warehouse of yarn in Northampton. I exercised great restraint and managed to leave only $25 poorer.

On Thursday, I will post photos of the beautiful mittens Pam made me! As it is, I cannot seem to get the raw images off my camera so it will have to wait until I get home. But trust me on this one, Pam outdid herself on this pattern!

Pam made me some really badass mittens

I designed some very simple argyle mittens for Julia Vesper. Let us call them Vespergyle mittens, shall we?

Vespergyle Mittens

Vespergyle Mittens

Pattern: Vespergyle Mittens (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Harrisville New England Shetland

Needles: US 1.5

Click here for the free pattern!

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29 comments so far

  1. Christy / Not Hip on

    Very simple? Look at you Ms Modest.

  2. Kathy on

    Love the mittens!!

  3. stacey on

    what a fun time!!!

  4. liz K on

    Oh, I cannot wait to make these mittens. Can’t. Wait!!!

  5. Ellie on

    Thank you for the lovely mitten pattern!

  6. Holli on

    Gorgeous mittens! And what a fun time you must have had. I’m a Boston knitter myself, and have never heard of WEBS before — looks like a weekend trip is in my future.

  7. mai on

    it looks like you had an awesome weekend! thanks for sharing your awesome mitten pattern with us :)

  8. peacockchic on

    Those are gorgeous!! I love the color combination and the alternating ribbing. They are just lovely

  9. Christie on

    Beautiful mittens. Love them!

  10. Kat on

    Gorgeous mittens. With all that knitterly goodness close by it’s no wonder I spent time stash-diving and getting new projects ready to go.

  11. Daniele on

    Such beautiful mittens !!! Thanks for sharing the pattern

  12. tiennie on

    What a fun meetup! Those mittens are awesome!

  13. Chris on

    It looks like it was an amazingly fun weekend! Both pairs of mittens are great. :)

  14. preita on

    I am deffinately on the wrong coast. So many fabulous east coast knitters & I’m stuck out here on the west coast :P

    LOVE your mitten pattern! I need to knit these, even though I have no reason to knit mittens I will deffiantely knit them up & make them a present. Great design!

  15. nova on

    My only sorrow about the weekend is that we could not get A & B together. Oh, well, perhaps some other time? It was great to meet, talk and hang out with you, I wish there could have been more of that! Let me know if you find yourself up this way again for vocational purposes.

  16. Mintyfresh on

    It was a delight to see you again, sweetie! Your mittens were SUCH a perfect match to Julia’s style. YAY!

  17. whitney on

    Looks like y’all had a really fun weekend!

    Those argyle mittens are great. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  18. alison on

    Lovely design, Elinor! All the mittens look great, just like their knitters. :)

  19. Maritza on

    It was so awesome to see you again! Such fun times!

  20. pamela wynne on

    mwah! Thanks for the sweet words, E! And for the Vespergyle pattern–immediately queued.

  21. [...] rewarding. I’ve been applying for jobs, and reading and writing like mad. I’ve been to Boston, where I met up with dear friends and made some new ones. I’ve taken the air conditioner out [...]

  22. gleek on

    oh, it looks like so much fun!!! :) you ladies always cheers me up with your smiles and handknits. the vespergyles are awesome! my hubby loves argyle. maybe i can be convinced to knit these up for him.

  23. Stephanie B on

    Such pretty mittens!! I love the colors!! Sounds like a wonderful meet up!

  24. crimsonpurl on

    You have the best meet-ups ever!!!
    Too funny I just ocmmented on your gift in Pam’s WIPs last week on Ravelry! ;op
    They are just luscious!!!

  25. Danielle on

    I am sooo glad I got to meet you in person! All of your mittens are just so pretty, and I am in awe of your Webs restraint :)

  26. leslie on

    i so know what my next mitten project will be! thank you!!

  27. adele on

    wow, wow! your argyle mittens are stunning. great combination of yarn, colour and pattern. i have to make these.

  28. diana on

    You need to come visit again soon! So much fun.

  29. [...] is releasing her kick-ass Chevron Love mitten kits. In the sea of amazing mittens that was the Great Mitten Swap of Aught Eight (the same swap that spawned my Elinor’s Mittens pattern, Elinor’s Vespergyle pattern, [...]

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