Gentleman’s Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern

I know what you’re thinking, right? Didn’t you just see a pair just like this a few weeks back? Knee socks? Really? In August? Who knits knee socks in July and August? Well, I do. And I am not alone: Christy and Joyousknits both finished this same pattern in July and Sarah started on a pair too.
Knee socks in 5.5 days

These were the fastest socks I have ever knit: the pair took only five and a half days! Sadly, their rapid production says little about my speed a lot about the hours I spent glued to my books! As a bonus, I can cross off another Knitting Vintage Socks pattern: seven down, only 17 to go!

Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern

Pattern: Gentleman’s Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks

Yarn: Opal Uni in #1415

Needles: US 1.5

I did not alter the pattern at all and I found it to fit perfectly. I most certainly will use this stitch pattern again; it was fast and easy to memorize, involved little purling and produced a firm and not too stretchy fabric. I doubt I will even need to run elastic through the cuffs to keep these socks up but only wear will tell. And isn’t the texture of this stitch pattern wonderful?

Cool ribbing

The calf shaping briefly appeared to be too high but the socks fit remarkably well. I imagine the aggressive calf shaping placed higher up the leg contributes to keeping these socks up.

Calf shaping

I cannot speak highly enough of this sock pattern. Leave it to Nancy Bush to use a terribly simple stitch pattern to create a snug, well shaped and attractive sock. While not too exciting to knit, this is ideal if you need a good, mindless, on the go sock pattern.

While I have more finished products waiting to be blogged, I thought I would leave you with a preview of some current work. I’m a bit disappointed that I have blogged only finished objects this summer. When I read knit blogs, I almost prefer reading works in progress posts over finished object posts, if only because I learn more from them. In the spirit of blogging WIPs as well as FOs, here are a few of the ongoing projects I have right now:

Almost to the armholes

Aaron’s Aran is almost to the armhole divide but progress slowed to a halt when I had to rip a few inches. My love for this project has waned a bit purely because I loathe the Addi Lace needles I bought for it. I suppose some people must like brass needles but all I smell is metal: my hands, my yarn and my needles all reek of that awful, metallic smell. Ugh! I still love the sweater so I will finish it this fall but I will never buy another brass needle as long as I live.

Beginnings of a tweedy yoked baby sweater

I cast on for a tweedy yoked baby sweater to use up some New England Harrisville yarn I bought to swatch Aaron’s Aran. I will likely need to buy more yarn – so much for a stash buster project, right?

The unending Katharine Hepburn cardi

The dullest knitting project Katharine Hepburn Cardigan progresses slowly, in large part because of the painfully boring stitch pattern. The back is done and blocked but I only have half of one front done.

One Fascine Braid sock down, one to go

ONE! Fascine Braid sock by Tiennie! Go get this pattern! It’s free, easy and pretty! I only wish I had chosen a color other than brown – the pattern is barely visible with this yarn.

Irregular squares

A collection of irregular squares (pieced with scrap fabrics) for a quilt. This is a gift so I likely will not blog much about it until I finish.

Next time, there will be some more sewing FOs and a visit by Jennie!

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16 comments so far

  1. Sarah on

    Ok, I have to admit, I wasn’t PLANNING to make them kneesocks. But yours came out so cute, I might just!!

    I love the colors in your quilt.

  2. stacey on

    Lots going on!!! Love the knee socks – I need to get some of your sock mojo going at my place!!

  3. Danielle on

    Wow, lots of fun stuff in this post!

  4. Jennie on

    Man. Every time I see a sock you’ve knit, I want to knit it. You keep making me casting on new socks. STOP IT! Dammit, I want to knit sweaters!

  5. Theresa on

    I knew it was going to be a long post when I saw all those categories . . . Great socks! How was the MCAT?

  6. gleek on

    whoa! those were some fast socks! and they are brilliant. right combo of yarn and pattern :)

  7. Cassy on

    I applaud your knee socks in August. They are fabulous and you are extremely fast!

  8. Nicole on

    Holy, that’s a lot of pretty stuff. Your kneehighs are fabulous. Love the colour and the texture of them!

    Thanks for the warning about brass needles. The smell would drive me crazy too!

  9. xtina on

    I’ve been looking for a good, mindless sock-on-the go pattern to put on my list. *And* I loved this sock when I first got that book, so I think I may follow your lead. The fact that they look so good helps, too. So cute!

  10. xtina on

    And ditto on the smell from those needles. I feel like a little kid who’s been running around getting sweaty for hours holding a handful of pennies. Drives me bonkers (I’m using them for the project I’m working on right now. I will say the smell is helping me knit faster so I can be done sooner!) but I love the tips. I talked to the folks at Skacel about it and – guess what – it has to do with our chemistry: some folks get that smell, some don’t. Some, even, get a weird black film – ew. So I’m just gonna take a sec to be grateful for only the smell, not the smell plus black schmutz.

  11. Chris on

    Your Ringwood socks are lovely! (Altho… I think “ringworm” everytime I see that name.) And I am looking forward to knitting some Fascine Braid socks – very cool pattern.

  12. tiennie on

    I can’t believe you can have all those projects on the needles and study at the same time! You amaze me. Lovely lovely projects! I was pretty excited to see that you casted on the Fascine Braid Socks – thanks!!

  13. Rachel on

    That’s some nice stuff you’ve got going. Hmmm, you’re right, I too should post more WIP stuff, as it does help other knitters. I know I’ve learned a lot from other bloggers that way! Thanks for sharing.

  14. weaverknits on

    Nuts, I just swatched for the Katharine Hepburn Cardigan and see what you mean by boring, but I hope it will be worth it in the end (yours will be finished before mine, so I’ll get to see if it’s worth it!). Love the kneesocks, too.

  15. schrodinger on

    Great knee socks!

  16. Ann on

    The socks are lovely but I have never knitted knee socks before – have to give it a try. I feel the same about the Addi lace needles as I hate the smell of metal – use it once & never again. Love the dresses that you made – you look so good in them.

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