Straight Knitting

It’s been a busy few weeks here! We just returned from a weekend trip to my 10 year high school reunion. I’m so annoyed with myself for forgetting my camera at virtually all of the events but I did manage to snap a few pictures. Only about a quarter of the class made it back but it wonderful to see those who came.


We picked up right where we left off ten years ago as if nothing had changed. While our lives have changed radically, the personalities certainly have not! I think my class must have been a particularly good one because there is not one person with whom I would not enjoy spending time. That was certainly an interesting observation to come out of the weekend. I doubt many people could say that about their high school class. I think the reunion also gave Aaron some context for my stories, since it is often difficult for him to understand the boarding school setting. Oh and the other bonus? I ran a personal record in the annual 5K pie race – 26:57!

The reunion provided my hands a much needed, 3-day break from knitting. I usually manage at least a few rows every day but it was too hot and sticky to even think about it. Instead, some of us played with the hose.


So, a break from what knitting? Sweater knitting! Doesn’t everyone pick up a heavy wool sweater when the temperature climbs into the 90s?

Here we have the back, fronts and one sleeve of a Central Park Hoodie, which I hastily cast on and furiously knit last week. The yarn is Tahki Donegal Tweed in “Obsidian” (#850) or, as I’d like to call it, “Only Photographable with a Tripod and ISO 100″. I am making the 36″ size (no ease) and when I knit and washed my first sleeve swatch, the gauge matched precisely. Perhaps a result of using the recommended yarn? Forgive my surprise, following patterns exactly is a new thing here at ExerciseBeforeKnitting. Knitters on Ravelry have commented that the cardigan fits snugly; however, the stretchiness of the yarn makes me wonder if the knitted fabric will sag and droop. Still, nearly 1400 knitters Ravelers can’t be wrong, can they?

Central Park Hoodie

My fiendish sock knitting last month wore out my hands so I sought out some projects that could be knit on straight needles. I know many people curse straight needles but I confess that I love them. Brittany birch straights, in particular. Circular knitting always hurts my hands after a while but I could knit painlessly with straight needles forever. While they are impractical for a lot of my projects, I usually pick them up when I’m tired.

This is the back of a sweater for Beatrix. Little Knits recently had a sale of 10-skein bags of Rowan Cashsoft DK in “Madame” for $25 and I bought one in spite of my current ban on pink and purple. A $25 Rowan sweater? What would you have done? Well, if you were smart, you would not have received ten skeins of bright pink, notoriously pilly yarn in the mail. In fairness, I did not expect it to be quite so bright. I suppose I will use it for baby and toddler knits now. I think an adult sweater with this yarn would be too garish to wear.

Another baby sweater on the needles

I hope you all had a great weekend! Expect some more sewing from me later this week!

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17 comments so far

  1. Bertha on

    My 10 year high school reunion was last year but they had a booze cruise, so I didn’t attend, for fear of being trapped on a boat with people I despised for 3 hours. This looks like it was a much more enjoyable affair!

    I also can’t wait to see your CPH, it’s a sweater I’ve wanted to knit since the first time I saw it but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I never tire of seeing everyone else’s though!

  2. Kristy on

    Wow, that does sound like an impressive high school class. Not at all like mine!

    I love that tweedy yarn. It’s going to look great all seamed up.

  3. chrispy on

    I missed my 10 year reunion last year. We had been at a wedding the year before and so we took that opportunity to swing by my High School (also a boarding school) so that my hubby could get a sense of things. At least he has a good idea of what my school looked like even if he really hasn’t met any of my past classmates. Of course I am no where close to being in the life place most people expected of me.

    I must say I am impressed that straights don’t tire you out but I guess each person has different ticks that bug their muscles.

  4. mai on

    ack, my 10 year reunion will be next year! but i don’t think we’ll even be having a reunion…

  5. Miss 376 on

    I agree with you about the straight needles, would rather knit with them any day! Love the tweed, looks beautiful

  6. stacey on

    sounds like you had a wonderful time and a nice little break from knitting! that is some PINK yarn! I would be one of those who curses straight needles. I haven’t used them in years!

  7. Mintyfresh on

    Yeah, the list of people from my high school that I’d want to spend time with is impossibly short–and probably just the one person that I see on a regular basis anyway! Looks like a beautiful school, if your reunion was on the campus. Beatrix seems to have had a nice time too :)

    I can’t believe you prefer straights! They kill me. I’m super impressed with all your sweater knitting, though! I have all these plans and they never go anywhere.

  8. Lawanna on

    As usual your knitting is gorgeous!!! I think I need to take some photography instructions from you because no matter how hard I try, I can NOT get my photos to turn out as nice as yours. B looks like she is having fun with the water and what a beautiful dress… did you make that one too?

    See you Saturday!

  9. Maritza on

    Dude, you couldn’t pay me enough to make me go to my high school reunion. Not that high school was an especially traumatic experience, just that I was really a huge loner and liked it that way. Looks like you had fun. Glad to see that!

    Congrats on your record, by the way! Very cool.
    And the sweater for Beatrix looks good – love that color.

  10. Ann on

    Love the color of your yarn for CPH. After using circular needles, I can’t go back to straight needles as they are hard to manage. I do all knitting, even straight knitting, on circulars.

  11. Theresa on

    Glad the reunion was fun – mine was this year, too, but unfortunately I was working that weekend. I think the pink looks great, but maybe it’s just my monitor.

  12. weaverknits on

    I like the pink, too, and think you could pull it off! However, things like that just don’t get the wear that something in, say, Obsidian does!

  13. Becky on

    Would it be politically incorrect to notice that the guys in your photo are all overweight but the women look fabulous?

  14. nova on

    I am biased on the pink, as I would not, personally, put it upon my person. But I think this pink is one of the colors that Real simple magazine said looks good on everyone (apparently one does not have to like it in order to look good in it).

    Also, I think there is a lot of bravery involved with going to the 10 year reunion. Whenever I hear “high school reunion” I think of Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion” and it kind of makes me snort.

  15. tiennie on

    Fun reunion! Love the colors of your yarn!

  16. Lara on

    Reunions are fun – nobody had changed at my reunion either and I was quite surprised!

    I really love the pink – I think it is very pretty and will add a nice pop of color to anything you may wear.

    Your daughter in the hose is just too cute – what a great picture.

  17. Beth on

    Great colors on the knitting and SUPER personal best. I used to be a runner and seriously miss it.

    I haven’t gone to any class reunions and have zero interest. They really tried to hunt me down just this month, for my 20th, but I politely declined. =/

    I mainly came by to tell you how much I love your lace ridge pattern. I’m knitting it in stripes now and am going to post it with a link back to your pattern when I’m finished. It’s so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

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