Shhh! Secret knitting underway!

Babies! Swaps! No way are you going to even manage a peek at all the knitting going on here! I offer you a drive by post on the socks I just finished for my mother-in-law.

Stockinette Socks with Picot Edge

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Violet”, a gift from Christine
Needles: US 1 1/2

This is a basic 68-stitch cuff deceased down to a 60-stitch foot. I’ve been studying like mad so I needed a project that was even more mindless than usual (why bother knit, really?). I like how these look but I admit that stockinette socks always end up being more work than I anticipate because I count rows to match the second sock to the first one. A few people from my knitting group laughed and suggested a tape measure would yield more or less the same results but I prefer to match my socks to the row!

Stockinette Socks with Picot Edge

Next up is a great stashbuster! This is the beginning of the Aspen Neck Cowl (Rav link here) with Posh Yarn Emily.
Aspen Neck Cowl

This is actually inside out. I prefer knitting this pattern inside out because I knit faster than I purl. Here is the other side (the right side) of the fabric.

Apen Neck Cowl
Lastly, somebody has learned to knit! Or, sort of. We caught Beatrix “knitting” shoe laces last week. How old does she have to be before she gets her first pair of needles?

Knit, baby, knit!

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16 comments so far

  1. Jess on

    I like to match my rows too. But I find taking notes helps me keep some sanity. ;)

    They say that they can start around 5 years old…

  2. Macoco on

    The socks are beautiful, they look very squishy and soft. I am impressed that you count the rows to match the socks!

  3. gleek on

    lots going on! beatrix is so sweet :) look at that face!

  4. Beth on

    Beatrix knitting – that is so precious! Her little hands look so sweet.

  5. lolly on

    Oh, the socks and the cowl are so pretty. I love simple knits with beautiful yarns :)

  6. stacey on

    I do the same thing with my socks – sometimes I get smart and put a safety pin or removable marker in every 10 or 20 rows so I have less to count when I’m done.

    Cute cowl – great stashbusters!

  7. leslie on

    beautiful work on the socks and cowl. but look at that sweet baby!
    and i am sure she will have her needles clicking in no time!

  8. Emily on

    Ooh, lovely socks! I feel you on the desire to have them match perfectly, although usually I just go the tape measure route. If I try to keep track I know I’ll forget to write down a row, or turn the row counter, and then I won’t be able to remember if I forgot, and it’s all too stressful, so I just measure…

  9. Alicia on

    Love the cowl, the socks are lovely!
    She’ll be knitting in no time. So cute!

  10. tiennie on

    Those projects are so pretty! And B? Just as brilliant as her mama!

  11. Chris on

    Oh, lovely color on those socks! And how cute is B’s “knitting”?!

  12. Danielle on

    I count rows too. I mark every 10th row with a teeny coil-less safety pin so that I don’t have to keep counting. Helps me save my sanity.

  13. Kate on

    I know people who do the same thing as stacey. But instead of putting a safety pin in, they run a piece of scrap yarn up the side, tucking it in and out every ten rows, or five, ro two.

    Does that even make sense? It’s like a long basting stitch, only you do it as you knit. It looks handy, too.

  14. Jen on

    Aw, look at little Knitting Bea! She’s lovely.

  15. Janelle on

    I’ll join the others in admitting that I also count rows! I don’t trust the measuring tape, what if I’m stretching one more than the other? LOL. I love the semi-solidness of that sock yarn, it makes the stockinette so beautiful. And the baby, well, her cuteness goes without sayin’!

  16. Ann on

    The socks may be plain but they are gorgeous – love the color. I am one of those who use a tape measure as I am too lazy to count rows.

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