Springtime distractions

The more I think about the San Francisco Marathon, the more I think it’s a bad idea. Perhaps I’ll run the half marathon. I could aim for a better, faster race instead of slog my way through 26 miles. A few of you mentioned that you’re running too, which I think is fabulous! I fully support the runner’s high addiction. And let’s not forget the yarn addiction! I think we should all get together and run a nice half marathon in a city with great yarn shops. It would be the perfect marriage of two dangerous hobbies!

Progress on the knitting front has been less than perfect, however. I’m almost to the armholes on one of the fronts of the Katharine Hepburn Cardigan. I look forward to the other half of the front because all of the cables will go the other direction, which I find easier to do without a cable needle.

Katharine Hepburn cardigan front

While knitting the other day, I found myself wondering about why the yarn cake deforms the way it does. I’m pulling yarn from the left in this picture but as I pull out the innards of the cake, it bulges to the right. Why is that? I would expect it to explode in the direction I pull. Anyone? Erin? Adam? People who know physics? You now know what absurd things I think about as the semester draws to a close. I’m studying for finals and the MCAT but hey, what’s up with my yarn cake? I am easily distracted at the beginning of May.

A physics problem

Lastly, once I realized that I was on track to complete one pair of socks per month, I decided that I had to cast on for a mindless stockinette pair for my May socks. I actually started these weeks ago but there has been a shocking dearth of knitting around these parts so they are only now making an appearance. I cast off the first one this afternoon and I’ll probably start the second one later this week.

Simple stockinette sock

While my knitting seems interminably stuck in the pinks and purples, locally grown asparagus adds a nice splash of color to my day! If only my tomato plants would GROW! It is so hard to pick out tomato plants at the nursery because each variety is supposed to be the BEST TOMATO YOU’VE EVER TASTED. I may have planted close to 20 plants. I have no willpower when it comes to the best tomato ever tasted.

Fresh asparagus!

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24 comments so far

  1. mai on

    i love the pink and purple! great colors. and would you believe, that after telling you i probably wouldn’t ever run a marathon, i signed up to run the marine corps marathon in october? i’m so nervous i could poo myself ;)

  2. Theresa on

    The MCAT, huh? Eeek! Good luck.

    I’ve been so into asparagus, too, lately. I even convinced my husband that he likes it!

  3. Kellie on

    Mmmm…that asparagus looks fabulous. I just read a post on Martha Stewart’s blog about the asparagus that she grows, so now I’m seriously considering planting a patch. Good luck with your tomatoes. If you ever eat an heirloom tomato that you think is especially tasty, just save the seeds. That way, you don’t have to stand in the nursery and try to choose!

  4. liz K on

    All the farm-fresh spring produce has me soooo happy.

  5. Michelle on

    I’m currently growing three of the BEST TOMATO YOU EVER TASTED variety. I do the tomato dance every afternoon when I water my babies. My actual baby is trying to eat my tomato babies though. It brings up a tough ethical decision that I’m not ready to face.

  6. Bertha on

    Mmm, picot! Such a pretty sock!

    I’m not a runner, but I’m aspiring to be as even though I’ve been diligently going to the gym for months, I’ve hit a plateau in my weight loss. I never run though because I get so out of breath! I’m think I’m going to try that couch – 5k program and see how that works for me.

  7. gleek on

    those cables are really lovely! look at how they pop in that color. this one’s gonna be a winner.

  8. Amy on

    Well, *I* think that Brandywines are the best tomato I’ve ever tasted. :) I’m so, so looking forward to summer again.

    Love the cardigan, and the sock! Nothing wrong with your color choices for either.

  9. Rachel on

    Nice photos, and good luck with your marathon decision! We haven’t even bought our tomatoes yet, but I’m looking forward to eating them this summer! My favorites are the Roma variety.

  10. nova on

    I have never met a fresh grown tomato that I didn’t like. I know very little of physics and will defer to those more knowledgeable on the subject. Good luck with the studying. MCATs….ergh.

  11. Linda on

    Hey, if they would only give out skiens of yarn instead of medals I’m sure I would run faster!!! Or a 1/2marathon where you actually have to stop in at “X” number of yarn shops COOL!!!

  12. dana on

    Yes, the runners high is real. And I also think that the ABSENCE of the runners high puts me in a wierd funk.

    A half marathon with yarn sops along the way? Now for some reason I don’t think we would be able to break 2 hours with yarn distractions. Perhaps an all-you-can-grab yarn buffet at the finish line would get us to run sub-2:00!!!!!!!!!!

    The time requirements for training for the full 26.2 was taxing and I don’t know how I could do it without hiring help!!! I think I am going to wait until we are done having kids. I’ll just stick to halves until then. Plus if you stick to a half or less for a year or so, you can build up your speed and general conditioning so that when the time comes for the big kahuna, you’ll be SOOO ready to rock and roll.

  13. Karma on

    Ha! I just went to a nursery sale and I swear that every. single. tomato variety’s tag said, “One of our favorites!” Sheesh. :) I guess they’re all going to be especially delicious this year!

  14. lucy on

    Good luck knitting all your lovely projects!

  15. Susan on

    OMG how I love asparagus. Around these parts we won’t get it for a couple weeks yet, I think. And I don’t think you CAN have too many tomatoes. I would live on tomatoes in August, if I could :)

  16. Chris on

    The cardi is gorgeous already.

    Mmmm… asparagus…

  17. Stephanie on

    Where did you score that asparagus?? I tried to get some at the farmer’s market last week but I missed the last of it by about thirty seconds. You must have been smart enough to go early.

  18. leslie on

    good luck with your marathon decision.
    i am so looking forward to home grown produce. your photos are gorgeous.

  19. Mintyfresh on

    I have no idea why yarn cakes deform like that–but now that I think of it, a lot of mine do, too. Only the really big ones start to sag like that, though. does yours really sit on its side the whole time? Mine are usually upright, with the yarn pulling out the top, so maybe that accounts for the sag on the bottom side . . .

    Also, I don’t know Mai, and I’m sure she isn’t checking back at the comments, but I would just say to train carefully and be prepared for Marine Corps, because from what I know it’s a tough marathon for a first marathon. It ends UPHILL (I’ve watched wheelchair competitors roll slightly back when they just desperately wanted a rest).

  20. stacey on

    nothing wrong with starting with a 1/2 marathon! that is huge!!!!

    love the simple socks – you are more on track than me this year! I have to get moving!

  21. Debby on

    I am amazed at all you are able to do! the KH cardigan is lovely and is on my mental queue of must knits. Some of our local knitters have made it and it is just as nice in person as it looks on your blog.

  22. Lara on

    I say go for the half marathon! That sounds much better to me. 26 miles, in all honesty, sounds ike a nightmare!

    The cardigan is looking great! Cabeling without a needle is so much easier!

  23. Ann on

    The cardi is coming along nicely – love the cables!

  24. Andrea on

    I love the sock a month idea. I just found your blog from “a friend to knit with” I read about the San Francisco marathon. I tried to get entry into that race this year and didn’t make it. I live near Lake Tahoe so I am going to do a half marathon up at the lake in September. I love knitting and agree that a non-sedentary activity is a good match for knitting, so I run. I’m looking forward to more posts.

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