Knitting and Sewing for Toddlers

Lately, knitting and blogging have taken a back seat to other stupid mindless time wasters hobbies like crossword puzzles, Scrabble and Boggle. Is it knitting-related to play Scrabulous and Scramble with other knit bloggers on Facebook? In any case, I have been terrible about checking in with all of you so I hope to get back on track this week.

In the meantime, I have been knitting and sewing a few projects for Beatrix, as I mentioned in my last post. I promise not to turn this into a baby clothing circus blog – that is, sock knitting will return next time – but the kid needs some sweaters and sun dresses make summer diapering and swimming so much easier that I can’t resist the temptation.

Pull, Tricotez Calin (No 470)

Pattern: No. 23 Pull in 24 mos. size, Phildar Tricotez Calin (No. 470) from Spring/Summer 2007

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in Blue Denim

Needles: US 7

This expression is Beatrix for “ICK! WOOL IN SPRINGTIME! TAKE IT OFF NOW!” She was particularly uncooperative so this is the only picture you get. I will probably try again next winter when it fits her (and also when it’s not so hot out). As with all Phildar baby patterns, this was super easy and the seaming took nearly as long as the knitting. I made the usual modification of picking up stitches for the neck and button bands instead of knitting them separately.

Last week, I made some progress on the little cardigan but I need to rip and re-knit one of the fronts so we are not on such great terms right now.

Classic Elite Cotton Bam Boo

The yarn in Classic Elite Cotton Bam Boo, which has great stitch definition but could probably pass for Knit Picks Shine Sport. While I like this yarn for a baby sweater, I cannot imagine knitting one for me with it – I would expect an adult sweater to lose its shape quite quickly.

Finally, have a peek at the toddler sewing projects! I am making several dresses for B, all from the same, very simple pattern (Butterick B4712). Here is the first one.



I am using extra wide, double-sided bias tape for the neck and armholes because my seaming is pretty ugly there. Fortunately, bias tape hides everything. Not until I uploaded this photo to Flickr did I see the near perfect stitching here. Please believe the rest of the garment looks like that! No? Would you believe most of it? OK, some of it and we’ll leave it at that.


Finally, this is the next one in the queue, all cut and pieced but missing a zipper and some top-stitching.


That’s it for this edition of the baby blog. Tune in next time for some finished Latvian socks!

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23 comments so far

  1. Christy / Not Hip on

    I love the contrast between the “eww, yucky” sweater pose and the prim and proper sundress pose. I like them both. And I believe the stitching is just splendid.

  2. Michelle on

    Oh, how I love that first photo of B in her new sundress! Such a beautiful ham!

  3. gleek on

    B looks so cute! i love bias tape. it’s the answer to all sewing problems, methinks.

  4. Chris on

    And here I thought that sweater picture was “Mom!! Put down the camera and pick me up!” What a lucky little girl – lovely sweaters and adorable sundresses!!

  5. stacey on

    those are great. the little animal dress is so cute!

  6. MarĂ­a on

    She is so cute and all of your projects looks great!

  7. Macoco on

    I love that dress and she seems so much happier to be wearing it than the sweater! But I’m sure she’ll love that sweater next winter.

  8. lucy on

    I have to say how cute she is in her new dress and sweater!

  9. tiennie on

    She is so cute! I have this urge to check out facebook but I’m worried that I’ll be sucked into it and then all my time will be gone! Scrabble online is calling to me though. :)

  10. Mintyfresh on

    It took me forever to come comment on this because I’m ignoring my bloglines entirely with all the scramble!! love those little dresses. adorable.

  11. Rachel on

    Very cute dresses and pullover!

  12. Ann on

    B looks so cute in her dress – I love the cherry dress. I think your sewing is fabulous – wait till you see mine.

  13. Laura on

    The simple summer dresses are the best. Love the splashy prints. Love Beatrix’s impish smile! Now is the time to smother her in wool and simple, crisp summer dresses.

  14. Emily on

    Sooo cute! What fabric is the zoo animals??? I’ve been looking for that type of fabric! I love it! and good job on the sewing, it looks great.

  15. Rachel on

    Great projects! And who could ever get bored of looking at cute baby photos?

    I just discovered “annypurls” on ravelry. She has some gorgeous patterns and they reminded me of you. Go take a look – I especially love the little bags with animals in the pockets. Even the free patterns are sweet!

  16. sue on

    Oh a little girl who loves to wear dresses, so sweet. I think the sweater looks lovely too although I dont think she likes wearing it. I am sure in time she will though.

  17. Hege on

    She is so cute in her new dress!!

  18. Rae on

    I LOVE that zoo animal dress! So cute!

  19. nova on

    This is fiercely sweet. And two things, 1) I am on facebook and 2) I have the scrabulous application…you know in case you are looking for another scrabble-rouzer.

  20. leslie on

    your little girl is just precious!
    i love your sewing projects…..and your stitches are perfect!
    how about the half wall? did you find a solution?

  21. Schrodinger on

    Wow, you can really see which project she prefers eh. Personally, I like them both, particularly the adorable animal print.

  22. sabrina on

    I really love your photos! Where is that awesome fabric from? Too cool!

  23. Jenifer on

    Hi. I came across your site looking for a sweater to knit for my little girl. I just love the one you knit for Beatrix in Denim Blue but can’t find the pattern anywhere. Can you send me the pattern by email? I’d be really grateful! I’m a newbie knitter and having a hard time finding sweaters that aren’t girly girly for my little one.

    This is the pattern I’m searching for:
    No. 23 Pull in 24 mos. size, Phildar Tricotez Calin (No. 470) from Spring/Summer 2007


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