FO Parade: Three Sweaters in One Post!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my striped socks! I had no idea striped socks would cause such a stir. I must say that the opposite striping was less of a design element and more of my inner cheapskate trying squeeze out as much sock as possible from two skeins. I’ll put together a tutorial on better striping in the coming weeks.

For now, I have not one but THREE finished objects for you! The Ivy League Vest is the only real FO, the others are December knits I haven’t yet blogged.

#1: The Good


Pattern: Ivy League Vest by Eunny Jang, Interweave Knits Winter 2007

Yarn: Harrisville New England Shetland in Oatmeal, White, Sandalwood, Wedgwood and Midnight Blue

Needles: US 4

Modifications: I used blues instead of a teal/loden combination, omitted Pearl (gray) and sized up (37.5″) because my gauge was almost 8 sts/in instead of 7 sts/in. I also knit the ribbing on US 4s. When I cast on on 2s, it was too small so I did all of the ribbing on 4s.


In this picture, the back view looks stretched out at the bottom but it’s not. I just didn’t notice the weird distortion until after I put the camera away.


My only regret is that I didn’t make this longer. It fits fine and I’ll wear it but I would love a few more inches. I thought about extending it early on but decided that 14″ from underarm to bottom would be enough. I’ll know better next time.


#2: The Bad

This next FO is a sweater that I started in September when I met Christy in Portland. I finished it in October but it required some fixing so I let it stew until December when I finished it up for good.


Pattern: DROPS 91-8

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes

Needle: US 8

Modifications: I knit the medium size but since my gauge was off 1 st/4″, I should have gone down. The shoulders are too wide and while I can live with dropped shoulders, this made the arms WAY too long. I cut off both sleeves near the underarm and reknit them down to the cuff. I decided to reknit the sleeves completely to get the shaping to fit in the appropriate places.

I think the sweater is OK, although I probably wouldn’t knit this again unless I were using a very rigid yarn. Knit Picks WoTA is a little too drapey for my taste. The other problem is that I haven’t yet found a clasp to keep this closed so I haven’t worn it. I would like to wear it open but the fronts just flap around and look peculiar so this will be a closed bolero for me!

#3: The Ugly

Finally, the raglan from Hell. I’m calling it the Top Down-Bottom Up-Top Down Raglan. I knit this in December and never got around to blogging it because frankly, I hated this project. Nothing about it worked. I used Barbara Walker’s Classic Raglan Pullover pattern, knit a swatch, washed the swatch, measured, calculated stitch counts and knit from top to bottom. It should have been the perfect sweater because I did everything you’re supposed to do! Well, it wasn’t. Not even the FO pictures I took came out properly so this is all you get. This sweater is one for the closet.


Pattern: Barbara Walker’s Classic Raglan Pullover from Knitting from the Top (with lots of guidance from Elizabeth Zimmermann)

Yarn: Beaverslide 90/10 Worsted Weight in Glacier Heather, about 4 skeins

Needles: US 8

The only redeeming aspect of this sweater was the yarn. Beaverslide is a dream to work with and it stands up to frogging like you wouldn’t believe! I will definitely be buying more. It’s just the perfect tweedy wool. It would be much better for cables too! I intend to wear this sweater in spite of my complaints about it. However, I will not rule out frogging it at a later date to reuse the yarn!

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53 comments so far

  1. Bertha on

    Whoa, the vest looks AMAZING on you! It looks so great with that clean, white shirt! Wow.

  2. Mintyfresh on

    The vest is so freaking awesome, that it makes up for the other two. Great job!

  3. Stella on

    Yeah, ditto what minty said. The vest is stunning, and I actually kinda like the drops cardi, too.

    I fully support frogging and recycling the pullover. Beaverslide is too nice to sit in the closet!

  4. Kristy on

    I love the vest! The color changes you made are beautiful, and it looks like it fits you well, too! I also prefer a longer body on sweaters/vests. Somewhere between 15 and 16 inches works for me.

    The bolero looks nice. I hope you find a closure so you can wear it!

    I’m sorry about the third sweater. The yarn does look wonderful, though. I really want to try Beaverslide someday!

  5. Jodi on

    Gorgeous vest! It’s very cute on you, and I like the color subs.

    Too bad about the Beaverslide sweater. What a bummer.

  6. gleek on

    i so love the vest! that’s an amazing knit! sorry about the “ugly” sweater. at least that first one is so great that it overpowers the others! :)

  7. Tuulia on

    I love the vest, it is very pretty!

  8. nova on

    The vest is amazing, even if it is a little on the short side. And your bad and uglies are better than some of my goods!

  9. ann on

    Oh my gosh, that vest is amazing. Swoon.
    Look at it this way — you win some and lose some, right? Imagine the disappointment if the vest had been a loser.

  10. Ashley on

    Oh, the vest, the vest, the vest! So, so great.

  11. Chris on

    The vest is great at least! And it’s reassuring to hear that others have the same sorts of FO issues I do. Hence my knitting nearly nothing but socks for ages…

  12. Jillian on

    Your Ivy vest looks awesome. I recently finished Drops 91-8 myself in KnitPicks WoTA and have yet to blog about it because I’m so meh about the results. I altered the sleeves too and the whole thing is just too big and floppy on me. It is my second Drops pattern that just hasn’t worked out!

  13. Kristin Helene on

    I simply LOVE your vest!!! The colors are beautiful, and it fits you perfectly!!!

  14. Kelly on

    ohhhh your vest is fantastic and you finished it sooo quickly!
    I had the same thought about the length with my cable vest. Will know for next time I guess.

  15. grumperina on

    Looking fabulous… especially the Fair Isle vest!!!

  16. Emily on

    Wow, the Ivy League vest is gorgeous! good job! all that fair isle looks daunting to me.

  17. Lisa on

    Well, that vest is gorgeous and more than makes up for the disappointment of the other two FOs. I am totally envious of that vest – it looks perfectly executed and finished. You should be proud to wear that one and exclaim, “Yep, I made it!”

  18. Julierose on

    I am new to your website–Luv, luv luv the vest–come on over and see my “uglies”–one which I frogged– let’s see–FOUR times!! and it still didn’t come out right! IMHO some projects just aren’t meant to be. I say once again–you should be soo proud of that vest…

  19. Laura on

    It’s gorgeous even with the cropped waist. I love the corrugated v-neck (if that is actually what it is). The color combo is perfect. Don’t you just love Harrisville shetland?

  20. Karma on

    I would be okay with a couple of meh projects if it meant that I would get a Fantastic one out of the deal… your vest is incredible!

    Thanks for reminding me about the Beaverslide; I do want to try that yarn sometime.

  21. Blu486 on

    Your Ivy League vest is absolutely stunning!

  22. stacey on

    the vest is stunning!!!! i may become a vest person yet!! too bad about the sweater. seems like even the best calculated and best laid plans fall apart sometimes. at least you can get some wear out of the sweater and if you want the yarn for something else, you can just frog!

  23. Rachel on

    Wow, those sweaters all look pretty nice to me, especially the vest. That’s a really impressive piece of work!

    I know what you mean about the shortness, though. I noticed that the models wearing the vests by Eunny were either long-torsoed, or the vest was too short. I think if I ever get the courage to knit that, I’ll make it longer too.

    Lovely work!

  24. Phoebe on

    Your vest looks so great! I’m planning on making that and will definitely lengthen it, but I wonder – do you think you had enough yarn left that you could’ve lengthened it with what you had, or will I need to buy extra? Thanks!

  25. alison on

    Elinor, you could probably only knit Bad and Ugly for the rest of the year and it wouldn’t matter because the Ivy League Vest is so beautiful. :)

  26. tiennie on

    Wow! 3 beautiful FOs – I am impressed! I love the vest on you – perfect with jeans and the white shirt.

  27. Lara on

    The vest is beautiful! You did a fantastic job! Even though it may not be long enough for your taste layering is very fashionable…so putting longer tops under it would be very cute!

  28. mai on

    wow, that vest is beautiful! and the bad and the ugly? i certainly wouldn’t use those adjectives!

  29. Ann on

    You look great in the vest & you have done a fantastic job! 3 garments in a row – wow- that’s amazing. I am not keen on sweater knitting but would not mind a vest – anything without sleeves.

  30. leslie on

    your vest is AMAZING!!!!
    i love it!
    and the raglan sweater would be one that i would wear everyday! i actually love it.

  31. femiknitter on

    Wow, that vest is fantastic! I’ve been on the fence about this pattern, but yours looks great. I like your color choices, too.

    I like the other sweaters, too. Anything made out of Beaverside is going to be good in my book. Best.yarn.ever.

  32. Jenny on

    I love the vest. I want to make it but I need more fair isle experience first.

  33. Amy on

    Gosh, that vest is stunning. I *will* knit one of Eunny’s fair isle patterns sooner or later.

    I propose either a little hair stick or a shawl pin for the bolero, and the Beaverslide seems too good to be shoved in a closet… frog and put it away for something you’ll wear and love?

  34. Laura on

    Catching up with a bit of blog housekeeping, I wanted to let you know that I have listed your lovely blog among my “You Make My Day” awards. I hope this isn’t in violation of the writers’strike…

  35. liz K on

    Your vest is just gorgeous — truly an inspiration!

  36. Emma on

    Wow, the vest is amazing. Great work–its really stunning.

  37. schrodinger on

    The vest is phenomenal. What a shame about the raglan, at least you had the pleasure of playing with the yarn.

  38. Annie on

    I just love that vest. The ribbing is so cool! It’s all in the details. :-)

  39. Cheryl on

    That vest is incredible!

  40. Liz on

    I love that vest! Well done on finishing it. I have added your blog onto my sidebar, hope it’s ok. I am having a bogoversary competition so come on over and visit!

  41. Meredith on

    I like the vest, but give the bolero love too! I think it would look great with an old vintage brooch. You can sometimes find really pretty ones at antique stores/thrift stores.

  42. Meredith on

    I meant you could use the brooch as a closure. Maybe I wasn’t clear about that.

  43. peacockchic on

    love the ivy league. Love it!

  44. Maud on

    Lovely! I’m going to start Eunny’s Autumn rose this week, but after that will Ivy League be on my needles.

  45. Erin on

    Wow, is that vest awesome or what?

  46. lucy on

    The vest is breathtaking. I wish I could master the courage and skill to knit it!

  47. del on

    What a vest! I just love Eunny’s patterns & you certainly did that vest justice. It’s amazing!

    I know you weren’t ecstatic about your other projects, but they look fantastic. Thanks for your honesty about them.

  48. weaverknits on

    What a perfect vest! The fit is fantastic. Interesting that fit was an issue on the two patterns that seemed so simple, right?

  49. jenna on

    Ok, so one was “bad” and one was “ugly”…but three finished garments in one post is impressive nonetheless! LOVE the vest.

  50. Moni on

    Thank you so much for you comment on my bubble scarf and my pictures :). Your Ivy League vest is absolutely stunning! Man! now I want one!

  51. Rebecca on

    I am stalking these Ivy League vests, yours is absolutely beautiful and I am green with envy.

  52. Mrs MJW on

    I love the colors you chose for the vest. very pretty. I can’t decide myself which ones to use.

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