WIP Review

Do you ever have trouble finding an on-the-go project? A purse project? A mindless project? I struggle with this. As far as I’m concerned, all projects start out as purse projects but then get too big, too complicated or too fiddly. While I would love to devote myself only to big, complicated projects, life intervenes. It seems that I’m rarely just knitting. I’m watching Beatrix, reading, studying, waiting at an office or sitting in the car and knitting. As a result, I have too many WIPs that have been cast aside because they require too much attention.

Let me show you a few. First up, the second Drunken Bee sock. The first was so beautifully knit by Stella, who must think I’m such an idiot for not yet having finished a second sock. I have knit and reknit this one too many times. It’s a good thing I’ll only be knitting one! My mistake was to assume I could knit this on the go. Halfway down the leg, I still haven’t memorized the chart. I cannot wait to turn the heel, if only for the reward of stockinette sole stitches! In spite of everything, it really is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s just the perfect pattern/yarn combination. That’s really what drives me to finish it!


Next up, a cabled cardigan for Beatrix. I’m making this up as I go. I’ve finished the front and back but before I cast on for the sleeves, I have to track the kid down to measure her arms. It would appear that I forgot to do this when I planned the body. That means I also have to do some math to make sure the sleeve cap fits. Partly because I don’t want to knit the sleeves and partly because I think it looks adorable without them, I wish I had made this a vest instead of a cardigan. I will definitely be making a baby vest in the near future. Besides, everyone knows toddlers hate sleeves, right?


Speaking of baby knitting, I feel I ought to include some photos of a couple of unblogged projects: diaper soakers. *yawn* I know this doesn’t interest most of you – wool soakers certainly do not interest me but sadly, they are the most frequently used hand knit items in my house. Skip to the end for pretty fair isle pictures!


Yarn: more of that awful Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted
Pattern: Ottobre Design’s wool soaker pattern, size large


Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed
Pattern: Picky Pants, longies version with short rows

And now, the WIP that cannot pretend to be a purse project: my Ivy League Vest.

Ivy League Vest

I started the ribbing on US 2s like the pattern suggests but it was way, way, way too small. I wish I’d swatched the ribbing and not just the chart. I sought Glenna’s advice because she’s nearly done with her ILV. She said rip. I ripped. I started over on US 4s for the ribbing.

Ivy League Vest

Pattern: from Interweave Knits Holiday 2007 by Eunny Jang
Yarn: Harrisville New England Shetland in Sandalwood, Oatmeal, White, Wedgwood, and Midnight Blue.

I replaced Woodsmoke (teal) and Loden (dark green) with the light and dark blues. While I like the overall effect of the suggested colors, I dislike teal so much that I knew I would hate knitting the vest. I also cut out Pearl (gray) and decided to use extra Oatmeal to fill in for Pearl because I’m cheap and I didn’t think having one less color would much matter.

Knitting Daily did an interesting piece on how to fit this vest. It’s worth checking out if you’re interested in the project.

Ivy League Vest

I’m not entirely thrilled with how my waist decreases look with the purled faux seam stitch on either side but I think it will be alright.

Ivy League Vest

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33 comments so far

  1. tiennie on

    Such pretty WIPs! No wonder you’re having a hard time knitting on the go with these. They’re all so lovely.

  2. Jodi on

    Those are all lovely WIPs! I especially like the little cabled cardi. I must admit I’m a huge fan of vests for babies and kids — so practical. I just converted the Oz vest from Louisa Harding’s Natural Knits for Babies and Moms to knit in the round, and it was so much fun.

  3. Bertha on

    I’m about to start a vest for June (Blank Canvas Child’s Vest by Cari of Dogsstealyarn), I can’t wait! She only has one sweater vest (and it’s not handknit!) but she wears it constantly. It’s the perfect layer for in-between temps. But I can’t wait to see Beatrix’s cardigan! It’s looking very promising so far and YOUR vest is stunning!

  4. Kellie on

    Great WIPs! I can’t decide which one I like the most. I really like the color substitutions you’ve made on your ILV – I can’t wait to see the FO!

  5. Knittypants on

    So many great projects. I love the soakers, who’d think diaper covers could be so cute.

  6. schrodinger on

    Don’t feel bad about that second sock – I only just finished mine today and the pattern was pretty easy to memorize. You have some great WIPs, I can see why it’s so hard to carry them around though.

  7. Jen on

    I love seeing your little wool soakers! Olive lived in hers–they’re so darling, and surprisingly cool.

  8. Glenna C on

    Those drunken bees do look gorgeous if complicated! Some time I’d like to make a pair…

    Your ILV colours are great and I think you’ll be glad not to have to worry about the tight ribbing. At least if it’s slightly loose, you know you’ll be able to layer the vest with different shirts pretty easily, rather than feeling something tight around your tummy. ;)

  9. stacey on

    looks like you need some simple stockinette socks! :) the vest is beautiful!!! Love your color subs – I’m not a fan of teal either, but I love the shades of blue.

  10. Chris on

    That Drunken Bee sock is SO COOL. I know just what you mean about the simple, portable projects that become not so much…

  11. gleek on

    lots of beautiful stuff on the needles! i love those drunken bee socks.

  12. Kristy on

    I can see how you’re having purse-knitting problems! Maybe you need to start a stockinette sock?

    I like the color changes you made for the vest! It’s going to be great!

  13. Stella on

    I most certainly do NOT think you’re an idiot. Reason #1: I haven’t even STARTED my second sock. And #2: Um, Ivy League Vest? Yeah. Idiots knit those all the time.

    I’m sorry the chart’s giving you such headaches — but it really is looking lovely.

  14. christie on

    That ILV is gorgeous! Great color choices.

  15. Pat on

    I love the corrugated ribbing on your beautiful vest – those gorgeous colors just peeking through…love it!!
    yep – you need a stockinette sock for take along…

  16. Annie on

    I think those wool soakers are adorable! And your Ivy league vest is stunning.

  17. Linda on

    The vest is gorgeous, but yes Eunnie has a thing for the purled fake seam……I don’t care much for that part of her patterns. But your vest looks wonderful.

    Maybe I can help you with the sleeves of Beatrix’ cardigan. When I did my white cardi I used the book “Knitting in the old way” to do short row sleeve cap shaping. If you have access to the book it is on page 115 (try the library). Then you can visualize the sleeve as you go. It worked great for me, and one perk, less finishing! You see, you pick up the stitches on the shoulder as you go and then work your way to the cuff …. in the round!!!!! It’s great. well, just a thought anyway. Good luck with it!

  18. Linda on

    Just in case you were curious the white cardi is here : http://lindaknittingblog.blogspot.com/2007/09/summer-cardigan-finally-done.html

  19. Janelle on

    Thanks for the comment! I love your start on the Ivy League Vest, and the substitution of blues for the greens is really beautiful.

  20. jenna on

    Whenever I’m working on a mindless knit, I get bored and long for cables and such. And whenever I’m absorbed with shaping and complicated stitches I wish I was knitting stockinette in the round…yar. I’m no help. But I canNOT wait to see the Ivy League Vest! I hope to knit it someday when I’m brave like you. :)

  21. Bella on

    I have to agree 100% with Jenna. Socks/knitted toys/baby items tend to make the best purse knitting for me. I have not found an answer to the too complex/too boring dilemna – if I do I will surely let you know!

    Your WIPs look great! Seems like you have a nice amount of variety both category and difficulty wise. ILV looks amazing. The diaper soakers are cute! Most people might find them boring, but I think they are adorable, and you’ll probably see me knitting up a storm of them once I have kiddies as well.

  22. nova on

    That little soaker is just so cute. Seriously. Of all my knitting projects, none of them are (I feel) “on the go” projects. Okay, one of them is, but I am so over socks right now. Your vest is looking pretty great!

  23. Susan on

    Oh, those are all lovely! Esp. the fair isling.
    Does B find the Lamb’s Pride itchy? Just wondering.

  24. Kelley on

    Wow! I love the Ivy League Vest — I’ve been looking at that one, too! I struggle to find on-the-go projects, too, so I can knit without getting bored.

  25. mercysmama on

    I am very intrigued by the wool diaper cover! So you are using cloth diapers for her? Wow, I’d love to do that but have no idea where to start.

  26. Emily on

    Wow, that Drunken Bee looks fantastic in that color! I love it!
    And your Ivy League Vest is looking great too!

  27. Ann on

    The Ivy League vest is gorgeous – love it – have been thinking of it but not so keen on the fair isle. Thanks for visiting my blog & the nice comment.

  28. femiknitter on

    Wow, you’ve been knitting up a storm! Your Ivy League is looking fantastic. I think any concerns you have about decreases around the purl seams will block out. I love your color changes.

  29. Sue on

    They all look so beautiful. I cant wait to see how the baby jacket turns out too. The vest looks awesome in those colors too.

  30. peacockchic on

    wow that ILV looks absolutely FABULOUS!!! I love me some Eunny patterns. Speaking of which I need to get back to those Anemoi Mittens :)

  31. weaverknits on

    I’m with you on the anti-teal feelings; your color choice is great! And it looks like it’s coming along quickly, too!

  32. Mira on

    The colours on your ILV are so pretty..Nice colour comibination.

    I also think that vests look cute on toddlers! But can’t wait to see how Beatrix’s cardigan turns out. The cables are pretty

  33. Dani in NC on

    I can totally relate! Most of my knitting time comes when I am sitting at someone’s house, chatting over a cup of coffee. None of my friends are knitters, so they get touchy if I appear to be ignoring them while I knit. That means I have to carry something that requires very little thought on my part. One of these days I’m going to lock myself in a closet and knit something really cool!

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