FO: Thrummed Mittens

Thrummed Mittens

Pattern: from Yarn Forward

Yarn: 1 skein Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Onyx and about 2.5 oz bluefaced leicester fleece? roving? I take pride in not knowing the difference.

Thrummed Mittens

The end product is great. These will be the warmest mittens Aaron will ever have. The pattern is well written.

Now, for the rest of it. While this was an interesting (and stashbusting) project, the novelty soon wore off. I loathe Lamb’s Pride. I bought a few skeins of this as a relatively new knitter – before I knew better – and it’s just been stewing in stash for about 8 years. I hate that it’s a single ply, that it pills if you look at it funny, that it felts whether you’d like it or not, that it’s so very hairy. Its only redeeming quality is that it is no longer in my stash.

Thrummed Mittens

As for the thrums, I made 161 of them per mitten. In the process, I covered my living room in a fine layer of sheep fuzz. Realizing that my thrums looked remarkably like the clumps of undercoat that Petunia leaves all over our house, I decided to work in one, “personalized” Petunia thrum on the thumb. I couldn’t help it. The sad thing is that I probably should have just combed the dog out instead of buying fiber!

I’ve been hoping to finish up some of my UFOs this week so that I can start on the Ivy League Vest from the Winter 07 Interweave Knits. I bought some Harrisville New England Shetland at my LYS last week, swapping blues for the teal and loden. Glenna has a nice one going and she’s inspired me to give it a try.

Ivy League Vest

You will have to look elsewhere for 2007 retrospectives and 2008 resolutions. You saw the projects, you know what I made this year. You also know that I will not likely knit exclusively from my stash for the next year so why pretend? I am looking forward to a new 2008 project gallery set in Flickr, the beginning of a new semester and an end to media hype about year-in-reviews (Talk of the Nation today? a complete waste of air time), resolutions and diets. I wish you all the best in 2008!

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25 comments so far

  1. Knittypants on

    It’s kind of refreshing not to hear more resolutions and retrospectives. It makes me tired to think about them too much.

    An Ivy League Vest, that will be beautiful to watch grow.

  2. Glenna C on

    Yay for an ILV, and for the thrummed mitts! I want to do a pair of those too, especially since the temperatures keep dropping. Nice job on yours.

  3. liz K on

    I skipped the retrospectives and resolutions too. I think it might be a useful exercise for some, but I’d prefer to just get on with it!

    I’ve been seeing lots of thrummed mittens lately, and was wishing that I lived somewhere that got cold enough to be worth the effort…now, maybe not so much.

  4. gleek on

    happy new year! i’m also looking forward to 2008! you know, i HAVE to do a retrospective because my memory is CRAP lately!! :) i can’t remember everything that i did the year before! hahaha.

  5. Chris on

    Oh, those look wonderfully warm! Hee hee – but by using sheep fuzz instead of dog fuzz, the mitts won’t smell like wet dog when they get wet… Happy New Year!

  6. Mira on

    Happy new year Elinor!

  7. nova on

    I have a gallery and then there is flickr, I felt like the recap would have been overkill for me, and resolution oi. I am with Liz, I would rather get on with the business of living and doing. Happy New Year! Oh, and those mittens? Awesome.

  8. weaverknits on

    The mittens are GORGEOUS. I hope they see action, like the hat in your recent post. There’s something so attractive about men in handknits, especially working!

  9. Pat on

    So are they TOO warm? Can you move your fingers? I have wanted to make some, but am not sure.
    Gorgeous colors for your vest!

  10. alison on

    Happy New Year to you, Elinor! Hmmm… I was going to knit the Bird in Hand mittens with Lamb’s Pride. Although felting in a mitt is OK, I think. We’ll see. Those thrummed mittens look so great, and so warm!

  11. Sharon on

    Thrummed mittens must be “in”. Althougth, mittens in the midwest are alway “in”. Yours look so warm and toasty. Can’t wait to see your ILV in your new colors.

  12. Jen on

    What beautiful mittens! LOL about taking pride in not knowing the difference. I don’t either. :)


  13. tiennie on

    Those are fantastic! Happy New Year!

  14. femiknitter on

    You thrummed mittens look great, even if you aren’t a fan of the main yarn you used. They’re gonna be super warm.

    I like the colors you’ve chosen for the vest. I’m on the fence with that pattern, and I am curious to see how yours looks.

  15. Macoco on

    Those mittens looks so warm and fluffy. I used some Lamb’s Pride a few weeks back and it is extremely hairy. My entire shirt/pants would be covered at the of the knitting session!

  16. grumperina on

    Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! No year in review, and no promises about knitting from the stash! Me neither!!!

  17. schrodinger on

    Happy New Year to you! And congrats on the sweet thrummed mitts.

  18. Rachel on

    Hee hee, I love the special “signature” thrum that you included!

    The colors for your Ivy League Vest look great. And I applaud your commitment to looking ahead and not wasting time dwelling on the last year. As for me, I will probably do a year in review anyway because I am always desperate for blog content. :)

  19. Brenda on

    Happy New Year! I love the colors for your Ivy League vest! Soft and rich simultaneously.

    Great mittens too, and I’m certain they will be very warm.

    I’m with you on ignoring the whole 2007 retrospective/2008 resolution thing.

  20. stacey on

    those look super cozy……the colors for your vest will be wonderful! soft and rustic…

  21. yaiann on

    I *heart* that pie plate! Where did you get it?

  22. Mintyfresh on

    Those mittens are ginormous! They will definitely keep you toasty warm.

  23. Jen Sirois on

    I do retrospectives because it’s second nature to me. I’m a teacher and I journal and reflect on my and my student’s progress all the time. I love the retrospective, but I certainly understand the desire to leave them out! :)

    Beautiful mittens! I did a pair of thrummed mittens a few years ago for my fiance’s grandmother and she loved them! I used fiber that she had spun and hand-dyed to make them, too. She used to teach workshops on natural dying. Too bad she doesn’t have her spinning wheel or supplies anymore. She gave them away a year before the boy and I got together.

  24. Nicole on

    At this point, I too am a little weary of year-end reviews. Time to move on to 2008, I say.

    Your trums are lovely. So are the colours for your vest. Can’t wait to see it in all its stranded glory.

  25. Marilyn on

    Is there a web site that shows how to put the thrum in a slipper or mitten while knitting. I cannot get mine to look correct I am sure I am doing it wrong when I knit it with the regular stitch.

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