Hand Knits in Action

Thank you for all of the sweet comments about my DROPS cardigan! In spite of a few quibbles with it, I am quite pleased with the outcome! And the yarn! Oh, the yarn. You all need some Queensland Kathmandu DK Tweed. Did I mention that it’s the same as Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed? I suspected as much but a trip to my LYS confirmed it: the Jo Sharp yarn color numbers are exactly the same as the Queensland color numbers. Coincidence? I doubt it.

I thought I’d distract you this morning with some hand knits in action:


This Bea Ellis hat and Lamb’s Pride scarf I made Aaron are the only things I’ve knit him that see reliable wear. To be fair, they’re the only things I’ve knit him that are very nice. You should see this sweater I made him pre-blog – it’s positively hideous. In any case, his gloves aren’t very warm and I thought I would make him a pair of thrummed mittens for nighttime dog walking. He’s long maintained that mittens are far inferior to gloves in terms of dexterity but then again, dog walking requires little of that. And certainly, there will be very little range of motion in these babies. I got the idea from Jenna and then Pam had to go and cast on for some and, well, here you go.

Thrummed Mittens

In a rash of vacation startitis, I also cast on a few more projects. At least the rest of you can blame holiday knitting. I swore off that this year so I have no excuse. Below, a top-down raglan in Beaverslide wool and the second Drunken Bee to match the sock Stella so ably knit for me. I keep casting on for more because none of these are (yet) purse projects. The sweater was ideal until it grew too big to fit in the purse. The sock was great for the ribbing but I haven’t yet memorized the pattern and so I can’t knit and do anything else. The mitten pattern is easy to memorize and nice and portable but the thrums are decidedly not easily transportable.

Top-Down Raglan

The Second Sock Challenge

I’m not even going to add these to my Ravelry project list until they’re done because I don’t really want to see my WIP list go up. What denial, eh?

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12 comments so far

  1. Chris on

    Knitters are experts at rationalization and denial, aren’t we?! :)

    I love the Katmandu/Jo Sharp Aran (haven’t used the DK) – I have a box of the Katmandu all set for making Arwen…

  2. stacey on

    Gotta love the denial. It makes all those piles of WIP’s go away… :) My trip to Webs I may just have to pick up some of the Kathmandu. It looks heavenly….

  3. Stella on

    I’m so tempted by the thrums, too. I have no need for them in Portland really, but they just look so cozy!

    Ooh, and I spy me some pond scum! YAY.

  4. gleek on

    those thrummed mittens are HOT HOT HOT! and i do mean that literally as well ;)

  5. nova on

    I stopped adding my WIPs to Ravelry because the total would have been ridiculous. This is also why I no longer update stash acquisitions in Ravelry. Speaking of stash acquisitions, I just bought enough Kathmandu Aran Tweed for 2 sweaters. It’s just a little ridiculous.

  6. Kristy on

    It’s hard to find good purse knitting sometimes. I’m struggling with that too :)

    So WIPs don’t exist if they’re not on Ravelry? Embrace the WIPs– it’s more fun that way :)

  7. Sally, The Fearless Knitter on

    Forgot to reply to your last post regarding the bind-offs. I think that sometimes designers make decisions based on accessibility rather than suitability. A beginning knitter may understand bind-offs, whereas k2tog, ssk, etc. will look scary. And it isn’t, but we all begin at the beginning.

  8. Christine on

    Man, there’s nothing better than seeing those you love staying warm with your knitted items! Great pic of dad & baby!

  9. jenna on

    Yeah! Welcome to the Thrummed Mitten Club!! They’re going to be so nice. :)

  10. kaitlyn on

    What an adorable photo!

  11. tiennie on

    Sweet picture of your family!

  12. weaverknits on

    Beautiful hat! I love handknits in action, especially on men.

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