Maybe a new project

I know I have some other projects in need of finishing but I bought this yarn (Queensland Kathmandu DK Tweed) at a WEBS clearance sale in early November. Actually, I bought a lot of it. More on that later.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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17 comments so far

  1. Theresa on

    So far, looks very promising.

  2. stacey on

    tweed. green. love……

  3. nubiancraftster on

    Oh wow that is looking pretty!

  4. Chris on

    It’s nice stuff, isn’t it? I bought some of the aran to make Arwen.

  5. Laura on

    Lovely stitch definition…one can practically hear the “crunch” of the yarn.

    I am planning to indulge in some Thanksgiving swatching for new projects as well. Have a lovely holiday!

  6. Knittypants on

    Looking good :-)

  7. Abby on

    ohhh how exciting I luv a new project. can’t wait to see more…
    luv Abby

  8. handknit168 on

    my friend and I love the colour of tweed yarn , but can’t find any at HK. What a pity.

  9. Nicole on

    Love. I love this yarn. The colour. The tweed. The colour. Did I mention the colour?

    Happy thanksgiving to you!

  10. femiknitter on

    Oh, so pretty. Tweedy and cabley. I can’t wait to see what it is!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Alisha on

    That is a great yarn!!

  12. Amy on

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! The swatch is beautiful and definitely looks like Debbie Bliss.

  13. tiennie on

    Very pretty! Hope you had a great holiday!

  14. nova on

    I almost bought a sweater’s worth of this exact same color is the exact same weight and then I stopped myself. After the skye tweed fiasco of 2007 I had to stop the insanity (I bought 4 sweaters’ worth…4.) But your little bit here looks awesome. Maybe I should have bought the…no. Live vicariously…

  15. Erin on

    Lovely yarn!

  16. Debby on

    What a pretty green, just in time for the season! Wondering what you are making with it…

  17. gina L on

    I love that color! I’ve got to buy some- thanks for the tip. I too am wondering what you are making?????

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