My Mission: A Second Sock


The wonderful Stella knit me a Drunken Bee with BMFA Socks That Rock in “Pond Scum” (isn’t that a great name?) This is a much more accurate representation of the true color of Pond Scum. I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it on domesticrafts earlier this summer.


Isn’t it just gorgeous? *gush* I can’t wait to start in on the second one! Speaking of which, I seem to have lost every US 1 circular needle and DPN I’ve ever owned (no small number). I’ll cast on for #2 as soon as I buy find the requisite needles!

As if this beauty weren’t enough, Stella also sent along a coveted misocrafty bag and some SOAK*!


Thanks so much, Stella!!

*When I opened this package, it occurred to me that SOAK packets look a lot like GU energy gel. I will be sure to keep the SOAK in the laundry room and the GU in the kitchen…

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24 comments so far

  1. tiennie on

    Gorgeous sock! Stella did awesome. You’ll have fun knitting that second one. Enjoy your gifts!

  2. schrodinger on

    That pattern is really great isn’t it? What a lovely sock, made extra-special with the bag – nice!

  3. Macoco on

    Gorgeous pattern and nice color! Pond scum is a great name. Goes to show that scum can be pretty too. ;)

  4. gleek on

    what a gorgeous sock and pattern! definitely had to throw that into my queue.

  5. Chris on

    WOW – gorgeous sock!! You’ll have fun knitting the second one.

  6. stacey on

    yes – keep them very far apart!!! :) beautiful sock – that color is amazing!

  7. femiknitter on

    That is such a wonderful sock–the pattern, the color–I love it! I find it intersting that this STR Pond Scum really looks closer to a solid than many of the other almost solid colorways (which I totally prefer).

  8. Stella on

    I had so much fun knitting this for you, Elinor. I’m so glad you like it! The pattern’s a lot simpler than it looks — I think you’ll have a blast knitting up the mate.

  9. Kelli on

    LOVING the new site! Bravo! And that sock. Wow. I think I may actually have to take up this sock nonsense.

  10. Glenna C on

    Ooooh, that sock looks great! I love the pattern.

  11. Ella on

    No GU here. But oh my gosh, I could just imagine myself screwing up and washing my hand knits in it! EWWWWW

    I love the sock. I love the color name! Can’t wait to see a completed pair! Go team!

  12. Lara on

    Those socks are gorgeous! Color…pattern…and the knitting! You really knit fabulous socks. Wish I could!

  13. Heather on

    fantastic! that will be a fun project to finish.

  14. pamela wynne on


  15. Jen on

    Luck duck! I love those little pouches! the sock looks to be a perfect fit too!

  16. Kristy on

    Beautiful sock! And Soak does look like Gu! It would be a misfortune to mix them up :) (I love Gu. I still have it sometimes even though I can’t really run anymore)

  17. nova on

    I really like soak, it smells fantastic; but, I would imagine it would not taste very good at all! Gorgeous sock, I love all the Drunken Bee love happening in blogland right now!

  18. Lolly on

    Such a pretty version of the sock! even if it is called pond scum ;)

  19. Debby on

    I love the clever color names — strange as it sounds, I’m sure we all knew exactly the color of that sock before the photo!

  20. Alisha on

    That is going to be a great pair of socks! I love the color!

  21. Knittypants on

    What a fabulous sock, and the color is such a gorgeous green.

  22. kelp! on

    Oooh, you got the pond scum! I’ve been eyeing the Drunken Bees pattern, too…

  23. Erin on

    I love that name! The sock looks fantastic! I’ve unfortunately lost my small sock needles to the cats… they like to chew the cords and you know you just can’t do the magic loop when the cords have snags all in them.

  24. Mintyfresh on

    Having that delightful color on your needles is going to make picking up those socks a joy every time! What a fabulous pattern for you.

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