FO: A Sun Dress for Celeste


Pattern: New Look #6688

Fabric: Chocolate Lollipop in the “Tan Sweet Swirls” print


One of B’s little friends just marked her first birthday. Since I don’t know how to do sleeves yet, winter apparel was, sadly, not an option. Instead, I made her a sweet little sun dress for next summer. She has the most darling chestnut hair and dark eyes so I went looking for a pretty brown print that would complement them. Brown isn’t a color one typically sees on babies so I thought it would be especially interesting in a very twirly little dress. I absolutely adore this pattern but it would be overkill in a traditionally girly print. I hope her parents will agree.


I was initially intimidated by the lining but actually, lining this made the edges so much cleaner. I will be lining everything from now on! More pictures over at Flickr.

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32 comments so far

  1. Emma on

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love it.

  2. grumperina on

    Adorable. Absolutely lovely!!! I’d love something like that adult-sized (and not brown)!

  3. amandacathleen on

    so sweet!! I love the swirls!
    My mom taught me a trick for sewing in sleeves that makes them much easier. Instead of sewing the seam for the sleeve (making into a tube) and then sewing it into the armhole, 1st sew the sleeve into the armhole and then sew the seam for the arm. It’s easier to get the arm in right when its flat. I hope that makes since to you! I loved to sew little dresses for Corra. And unlike Allysa, Corra loved to wear them!

  4. Penelope on

    Ooh…I want one in my size. In the BROWN! AmI the only one that happens to? I see something for a two-year-old and want it to wear for myself? maybe that’s a problem….

  5. gleek on

    what a great print! i love brown on my little girl. it’s such a great color for fair baby skin.

  6. tiennie on

    Oh my – this will surely be loved! I think it’s the most beautiful little girl dress I’ve ever seen. Love that it’s not all pink and frilly! It would definitely be one I would buy.

  7. Sue on

    Ooh what a gorgeous and delightful dress. I love the print too, so stylish. You are so clever.

  8. Elizabeth on

    This is just beautiful. I love both the print and the pattern. Lovely job. I know what you mean about linings – they’re kind of a pain, but they make everything look so clean and pretty.

  9. pamela wynne on

    Really, really lovely. Tres chic for wee one.

    You haven’t done sleeves yet? I haven’t done lining yet! We should take the leaps together. :)

  10. nova on

    Oh, I love this. It’s boocoo fantastic!

  11. Chris on

    She is one lucky little girl – it’s gorgeous!

  12. kris on

    omg! that is just one gorgeous dress. can you make me one in a size 34 years, please?! ;-)

  13. Amy on

    Elinor, that is completely and utterly phenomenal. Seriously. Amazing!

  14. Sarah on

    Aww, that is too cute!

  15. Stella on

    Oh, nice work! I love that fabric, and I agree that it’s much better suited to the pattern than a girlier print would be. It looks so crisp!

  16. Sharon on

    Very pretty and will look fantastic on a little girl. Sleeves are not difficult once you get a little practice.

  17. kelly on

    would you believe I actually broke down and bought a sewing machine??? ekkkkk!!

  18. Lulu on

    This is so cute! I love it so much it makes me think about improving my sewing skills so that I can make one!

  19. Lisa on

    I love that dress! I want one for myself!

  20. Johanna on

    Wow, that is awesome! I love non-traditional colors for babies. Great job!

  21. schrodinger on

    That dress is fantastic. I really *LOVE* that fabric!!

  22. Beth on

    That is just teh cutest dress. I love that brown fabric. Your Sunrise Circle Jacket is beautiful, too.

  23. Erin on

    Such a cute dress. I love the print!

  24. Kristy on

    So cute! I love the sophisticated print on a girly dress. I’d love to have it in my size :)

  25. Mira on

    That’s so sweet. Fabric’s real pretty too! Great job!

  26. jenna on

    That is a gorgeous dress! Your little one will look beautiful in it!

  27. Karma on

    What a sweetie pie dress! Yes, the lining is the ultimate finisher. Lovely work, dearie!

  28. kelp! on

    I LOVE that dress! Who wouldn’t want that adorable thing on their daughter? Your sewing is really stunning.

  29. Allegra on

    I love love LOVE the dress!! how adorable! great fabric! I want one in my size!

  30. knittingbadge on

    The dress is so beautiful. I love the fabric and pattern. Well done. Any advice for a new sewer looking for a sewing machine. What is good?

  31. Mintyfresh on

    Oh my god, I’m just seeing this now and I LOVE IT. I love the sophisticated fabric for a baby (I just love the fabric, period), and the dress is so beautiful and well made! I suddenly want a baby (something I’ve never wanted) so you can make it a cute little dress.

  32. Kate Corrie on

    How pretty is this!! I’ve been looking for versions on google and yours came up. I love the cross over detail at the top and the brown is perfect to hide little spillages throughout the day. Did you find your pattern came up a little big?

    I agree that its the perfect twirly dress!

    If you’d like you can check out my nautical attempt of new look 6688 on my kate corrie sewing blog at

    Have you made this since?

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