Kansas City Half Marathon 2007


I finished my first half marathon in 2:23! My goal was to finish before the marathon winner lapped me and although it was close, I made it with seven minutes to spare. I actually ran a 10:00/mile pace but a few bathroom stops along the way slowed me down. It was a really fun race and even though the thought of running it made me ill all last week, I’m contemplating another one in November. Is that crazy, Sharon?

Exercise before knitting, right? The Sunrise Circle took days to block but there are no pictures yet because I haven’t managed to get light, the photographer and the sweater in the same room at the same time. I’ll try for this week.


I cast on last week for the Katharine Hepburn Cardigan from Lace Style (Ravelry link here) using some Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in Chuck Berry that I bought on a cone from my LYS. I swatched this months ago using some leftover Nature Spun Sport from my Winter Sunrise hat and the gauge matched perfectly. Nature Spun Sport is one of my favorite yarns and considerably less expensive than the Louet Gems Opal the pattern recommends. This is not a color I would normally choose on my own; however, when I asked several clerks for their opinions of the light pink I had originally chosen, one suggested the pattern and color combination would be “very white, suburban, Republican housewife”. Needless to say, I selected a different color.


I’m hopelessly behind on comments and blog feeds but I hope to catch up when you all get back from Rhinebeck (I’m so jealous).

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41 comments so far

  1. mercysmama on

    Congratulations on the half-marathon! That is a great time- you must be so pleased!

    I can’t wait to run again- I have 1.5 weeks until our due date and then the dr said another 6 wks before running. How did you fare in running after having your wee one?

  2. Heather on

    fantastic! Congrats on the race – if you’re up to it go for the next one, good luck. :-)

    love the KH Cardi – good color, that is an accurate description of the light pink…

  3. Rachel on

    Congrats on the half marathon…A 10 minute pace for 13.1 miles is fantastic! :) If you felt good running, do it again–it’s not a crazy thought…it’s an admirable one!

  4. tiennie on

    Congratulations! That is really cool!

  5. gimmesanity on

    Yay!! I knew you’d kick ass! Girl, I’m already thinking about my next long run. If that’s crazy, then make some room for me in that padded room. I’m going to Guatemala next month and was invited to run the volcanoes!!! :) 20 miles, here I come….

  6. leslie on

    many, many congratulations on your half marathon…and great time too!

  7. Michelle on

    Wow on the half marathon! That’s great. I’m completely impressed with anyone that can finish even a 5k!

  8. Sue on

    Congratulations on the race. My sister used to run half marathons but gave up after a few years of knee pains. I love the KH sweater, and the color looks lovely.

  9. schrodinger on

    Congratulations on the half marathon – colour me impressed. Can’t wait until the planets align and we get to see the sunrise circle.

  10. kodachromeknits on

    WOW! You really live by the name of your blog. Good for you. Congratulations on a great accomplishment :)

  11. Kat on


    I love the stitch pattern on the KH sweater.

  12. Stella on

    That is so, so cool. Congratulations!

    The Hepburn is looking beautiful. Not at all suburban or Republican. :)

  13. Laura on

    Congrats on the half. My husband has run a number of them and it always amazes me how much it takes out of a person and how willing they are to run again.

  14. Jessica on

    Katharine Hepburn is looking lovely.

  15. Mintyfresh on

    Congrats on the half! (At first I thought you ran the full marathon and in that case DAMN you were world-class fast, so it’s comforting to know you’re mortal like the rest of us) :)

  16. Macoco on

    Congratulations on the half marathon! That is an amazing accomplishment. Your cardigan is looking so pretty and I can’t wait to see the finished sunrise circle.

  17. Zarah on

    Woo hoo! Way to go on your race! (And yes, you can totally do another one in November!)

  18. Linda on

    Contratulations on the half marathon! You must feel quite good about it! You did great. I enjoy reading your blog, as I am a runner too. And I continue to enjoy your encouragement to “get my butt out there and run before picking up those needles”. Thank you for your inspiration and again, congrats!

  19. Liz K on

    Wow! You really are Exercising Before Knitting! Great for you, Elinor!

  20. stacey on

    Congrats! What a great accomplishment!!!!! Love the sweater color – looks like rich berries…

  21. Theresa on

    Congratulations! And I love the sweater color. It’s just perfect. And now it’s even higher on my list knowing that there’s such a good yarn sub . . .

  22. weaverknits on

    Awesome work!!! I used to run half marathons before I destroyed some shin muscles (now I have to stick to shorter stuff), and just thinking: “I just ran for 2 hours straight” is the coolest thing. You must feel incredible!

  23. Kristy on

    Congratulations on the half! That’s really great!

    That’s too funny about the light pink yarn. I’m glad to hear you didn’t want to fit that description :)

  24. lobstah on

    Congrats on the half-marathon, that’s amazing! I feel like such a slug now ;)
    The Katherine Hepburn sweater is looking soooo gorgeous! I think you made the right call on the color.

  25. Christy/ Not Hip on

    Go you. My friend just invited me to run a half marathon with her at the end of this next spring. I think that I need to take her up on it, so I can make myelf ahere to a regular exercise schedule.

  26. Abby on

    Well done Elinor.
    What an inspiration. I am flat out gettingon the treadmill every morning…..
    luv Abby

  27. Sarah on

    Congratulations on beating your goal — and by seven minutes, to boot! I looove your Katherine Hepburn cardi. Such a great pink!

  28. Beth on

    Congratulations! That’s a great accomplishment!

    Your current project is beautiful. I love the stitch pattern. I have that book from the library right now and I’m going to have to check it out.

  29. Mira on

    Congrats on the half-marathon! Go Elinor!

    I just love the stitch pattern! and the yarn, wow!

  30. nova on

    How much do you rock?! Congrats, Elinor! Being the lazy girl that I am, that seems like an impossible accomplishment for me. Wow…go you!

  31. kelp! on

    A big congrats on the marathon! You go, girl!

    And thanks for the idea of subbing Naturespun for the Louet – I’m such a cheapo yarn buyer, and this is a great idea.

  32. gleek on

    congrats on the half marathon!! that’s awesome. you must be raring for more :)

  33. Nicole on

    Wow, to finish anything that has the word “marathon” in it is such an accomplishment! Congratulations.

    And yes, the brighter pink does transform the sweater from WASP to COOL.

  34. Chris on

    Congrats!! Oh, my, I do love that texture – I might have to look through that book again…

  35. Alisha on

    Holy moly you should be proud…that is so awesome!!

    I as well love the texture of that…beautiful!

  36. lomester on

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a great accomplishment!

  37. Christine on

    WOOO HOOO for you! I’m very proud of you! I also snorted a bit at the white, suburban, Republican comment. Good job on choosing a more deviant pink.

  38. jenna on

    Congratulations on the marathon!! Also, I tagged you…feel free to play along if you like! :)

  39. amandacathleen on

    Congrats on finishing!!
    Your cardi is lovely too, pretty color!

  40. pamela wynne on


  41. ck on


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