“There’s a yarn turd in the kitchen.”


That was Aaron’s nonchalant comment about the ball of Skye Tweed that I mistakenly dropped on my way into the living room to seam some of the Sunrise Circle. I’m not sure why this monotoned observation gave me fits of giggles but I hope some of you think it’s funny too. :-)

Contest winners are as follows:

Prize #1 (Cotton-Ease + pattern): to blogless Jennifer who wrote the following:

“…I am pregnant with twins (a boy and a girl) and am knitting up blankets for them in that terracotta cotton ease and the lime green based on YOUR wear test. ;) I would love to have the three skeins and jacket pattern to knit a jacket they could both wear that would match! As I am facing the prospect of bedrest, will have plenty of time to knit…”

What a sweet comment! Upon careful reflection, I decided it wouldn’t be fair to send yarn for only one sweater so I’m going to send her some lime Cotton-Ease for a second one. She’ll certainly have time to knit, although I think the seed stitch will get old fast!

Prize #2 (Lorna’s Laces sock yarn): to the always fabulous Liz K. over at Crossroad Knits.

Prize #3 (Rellana Flotte sock yarn): to Chris, cohabitant with the infamous duo, Chaos and Mayhem. Go wish her a speedy recovery!!

Ladies, please email me (elinor AT knitlawrence DOT org) your addresses and I’ll send your loot this week!

Thanks for playing, everyone! I’m glad some of you de-lurked to say ‘hello’! My inbox was flooded with comments so it will be a few more days before I can back to many of you. I appreciate all of your positive comments and warm welcome to my new home on teh internets. Olga‘s comment, in particular, made me laugh out loud:

“Love what you’ve done to your new place! Those wood floors are fab-tas-ic! So much light – makes the place look larger! Love the landscaping too. Anyhoo- just came by to drop off cookies for the house warming…”

Now, if I could figure out a way to get blog readers to send me cookies… Hmm… must work on that…

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18 comments so far

  1. Jessica on

    Yarn turd. Too funny.

  2. tiennie on

    Your yarn turd comment and Olga’s comment both crack me up! Congrats to the winners!

  3. schrodinger on

    Yarn turd – how to make yarn (almost) unappealing. Congrats to the winners.

  4. Liz K on

    Yay! I won! I’ve been lusting for honey-colored yarn lately. I’ll send you my address in e-mail.


  5. Jennifer on

    Hooray! I emailed you with my address. You are too kind to send the lime as well! Now I just need to finish too blankets and two jackets before they enter kindergarten…ha. Thank you, thank you.

  6. Chris on

    Eek! A yarn turd! *holds nose* ;) Aw, thanks for the well wishes and the prize!

  7. kodachromeknits on

    It does look like a turd. Ha! I’m giggling too.

  8. Tanya on

    Yarn turd…that is so funny!

    Congrats ladies on your winnings!

  9. stacey on

    :) hee – it so does look like a yarn turd! i would have stopped short to double check what it was!

  10. Kim on

    Oh the yarn turd is too funny :) If you figure out how to get cookies via blogs, let me know!! :D

  11. nova on

    Too funny! Yay for the winners!

  12. amandacathleen on

    I’m now in a fit of giggles!

  13. Emily on

    Yarn turd! that’s hilarious! reminds me of when we used to fool my dad by coloring and shaping silly putty to look like a cat turd! very funny

  14. pamela wynne on

    Hee. “yard turd” is somehow even funnier than just “turd.”

    What’s your favorite cookie??

  15. stephanie on

    This kind of reminds me of my husband, who refers to those slivers of almost-used-up bars of soap as “soap poops.”

  16. carrie m on

    that’s too funny. i’m more inclined to leave little linty pieces of yarn all over. my boyfriend says, “there’s always yarn underfoot here.”

  17. lomester on

    He is so funny!

  18. cashmerecafe on

    :) that’s a good one. And -like others have commented – it does look like a turd.

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