Catching Up!

Thanks for your positive comments about the new design and the new pattern! It’s good to be back. It’s been a busy month chez ExerciseBeforeKnitting and I’ve missed all of my blog friends quite a bit! Fortunately, I was able to meet up with one of those bloggers in real life last weekend! Aaron, Beatrix and I were in Portland for a family event and staying on the same block as Knit/Purl so I met Christy there for some great stash expansion and terrible photo-taking. We had a great time and we both came home with some Shi Bui sock yarn and cheap Rowan Kid Classic.


I have three or four scarves made out of Kid Classic so I thought I’d add to the color range with some red. Every summer for the last few years, my LYS has sold this for cheap at a sidewalk sale and I’ve made scarves with it. I don’t believe I could ever stand a sweater made partly of mohair but it does make a light but very warm scarf.


Since my Sunrise Circle was almost done when I left for Portland, I threw a new project in my bag so that I wouldn’t have to carry around a huge, bulky sweater. It was the most rational thing to do, really! I cast on for DROPS Jacket No. 91-8 with some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Coal. Because I couldn’t quite make the stitch gauge, I imagine my jacket will overlap in front a bit but I’m fine with that. I’ll probably buy a nice pin to tack it closed. I now have the fronts, the back and one sleeve done with another sleeve and lots of border ribbing to go. And then there’s the seaming on the Sunrise Circle…


That’s a big pile of pieces in need of seaming. *sigh* These days, it’s easy to work in knitting time while studying but finishing requires my full attention so it will have to wait!

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17 comments so far

  1. Smuddpie on

    Hi, Elinor, I’m glad to have “found” you again. I had just been thinking that it had been a long time since you’d posted, and here you are. Love the baby jacket. Put me on the list for prize #1, please!

  2. Hanna on

    I’m also glad I found you again! I’d been subscribed to your old feed, so it was nice to find your new home.

    On another note, I’ve just started a blog to publicize knitting blog contests: WiKnit (supposed to be a play on “win it”). Would you like to be the very first contest on it?

    And please put me on the prize list for #1!

  3. stacey on

    nice new digs!!!!!

    I’m seaming also – I find if I don’t pay full attention, I mess up!

  4. Danielle on

    Beautiful yarns, projects, and photos!

  5. weaverknits on

    Lovely new blog! I’m a big fan of simple. The baby jacket in your previous post is adorable; just the thing for fall.

  6. Amy on

    Wow, I *love* that sock yarn. Gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  7. nova on

    I like the new site E! And lucky you to have fun in Portland with fun bloggy friends!

  8. Kristy on

    Lovely yarn! I really like that rich brown sock yarn :)

    I hope you’re able to find some finishing time. Both of those jackets look like they’ll be perfect for this fall!

  9. Abby on

    Wow…. I quite missed ur blog while u were gone but I am so glad u are back now. I luv the new look.
    luv Abby

  10. Johanna on

    That DROPS pattern is great, and I’m dying to try some of that sock yarn!

  11. pamela wynne on

    So jealous of your Portland visit!
    Happy new blog home!!

  12. Stella on

    So glad you enjoyed your trip to Portland! I’m a big fan of Shibui Sock, and that color is beautiful.

    Happy seaming!

  13. Kelli on

    Nice new site! I can’t wait to see what you do with that beautiful yarn.

  14. Brenda on

    Like your new digs! Beautiful colors in the yarns!

  15. Sue on

    Ooh that top yarn looks gorgeous. What a lot of seaming you have to do, and you knit things so quickly considering you have your hands busy with a toddler too.

  16. Alisha on

    Love the yarn.

    That pile of pieces looks so so promising!!! Can’t wait to see them together!

  17. Michelle on

    Wow, I didn’t realize you are in Lawrence! We lived in Manhattan many years ago while my husband attended veterinary school. Now I live an hour from Portland. Small world….

    Since I don’t knit socks (yet?), put me on the list for #1. Thanks!

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