Welcome to My New Home

on WordPress! I can’t move my Haloscan comments from Blogger over to WordPress but that’s a small pittance to to pay.*

I hope you’ll change your .rss feed subscriptions over to my new domain, exercisebeforeknitting.com. What can I say? It’s so much easier to type than exercisebeforeknitting.blogspot.com.

I thought I’d celebrate my new home by offering a new pattern and hosting blog contest. I’ve made the final edits on the baby jacket pattern I worked up last winter. Many thanks to blogless Lisa, Kellie and Kelly for test knitting the pattern for me! You’ll find a link to the pattern in the menu on the right.

There are three prizes up for grabs:

1. A copy of the baby jacket pattern and three skeins (207 yds/skein) of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) in the gender-neutral color of Terracotta. It’s too dark to take accurate pictures of the yarn now but the link will give you an accurate representation. The version shown here was knitted in white Cotton-Ease.


2. Two skeins (215 yds/skein) of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock (80% superwash wool, 20% nylon) in Sunshine for you solid-color knitters. The color isn’t quite so orange as the picture would indicate but it was the best I could do in low light.


3. One 100-g ball (420 m) of Rellana Jubilaumsgarn Flotte sock yarn (75% superwash wool, 25% polymide) for you variegated-color knitters. Actually, I’m not sure whether this is self-striping of variegated.

Leave me a comment telling me which prize you’d like and I’ll draw three winners on Sunday, October 7th!

Three weeks of no blogging means I have lots to show you! Stay tuned for sweater knitting, a blogger rendez-vous, stash expansion and a very special UFO.

*Blogger fucking sucks.

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99 comments so far

  1. amandacathleen on

    I was just thinking… I wonder if she updated her site and bloglines just didn’t catch the feed, I haven’t seen her post in awhile! *L* Lovely new site, your going to love wordpress!!!
    Put me in for the cotton ease, pretty please.

  2. Nubiancraftster on

    Congratulations on the move. WordPress is soooo much better than blogger. I moved right after Blogger went BETA and I love it.

    The lornas laces yarn looks yummy. Hope I win!

  3. Emma on

    Congrats on the new home!

    I am trying to work on my collection of solid sock yarn, so I would go for the Lorna’s. I’ve been in a yellow mood lately too, so it’s perfect!

  4. karin on

    congrats on the new home!

    I, too, am working on my collection of solid sock yarn (I always seem to comment after people who have just said exactly what I want to say!), so the Lorna’s would be a most welcome addition!

  5. Bertha on

    Would love to knit June that sweater in the Terracotta Cotton-Ease!

  6. sarah lou on

    the jacket pattern is too darn cute. i’d love any of the treats, just for following you over… ;) but since no one has, i’ll go for the black/white variegated or maybe self-striping. :)

  7. whoneedsgauge on

    Yay for the switch! Now that we are neighbors on wordpress, maybe we will ‘see’ more of each other! :oP

    I like the yellow. Your pattern looks so cute though, when I have some kids it will definitely be on my list!

  8. Annie on

    Please enter me for the baby jacket pattern and the cotton-ease! I have never tried cotton-ease and I have a baby! She will look adorable in that jacket! Pick me! Pick me! :-)

  9. Stella on

    Happy blogwarming! The new digs look great.

    I’ve got a friend with a baby on the way in December, so I think I’ll toss my name in for the baby jacket — so cute!

  10. Jodi on

    Happy moving day! The jacket is lovely — that’s my vote.

  11. Theresa on

    Congratulations! I love the jacket, too, but I don’t complain about any prizes.

  12. Sharon on

    HUGE congrats on the new casa!! I heart wordpress.

    I’d love the jacket pattern – too cute!!

  13. Valerie on

    Congrats on your new home. Your new blog looks great. I’d love the baby jacket, it’s really cute.

  14. Mintyfresh on

    Congrats on having your own domain! There’s something so satisfying about owning your own little part of the internet.

    Oh how I want that solid sock yarn. That color! It’s so delightful :)

  15. Kristy on

    Congrats on the new place! I’d be happy to win some of that solid sock yarn.

    ps. I am shocked, *shocked* at your choice of language in this post :P

  16. Zarah on

    Woo hoo! The new site looks great. I love the mommy-jogger up in the corner. I’d love to win that Lorna’s Laces!

  17. queenmeadow on

    Congrats on the new place, I was wondering how things were going for you :).

    Sign me up for Lorna’s Laces or the Flotte sock yarn :) hehe, couldn’t choose just one.

  18. terhi on

    Your new blog home looks great, congratulations! I love Lorna’s Laces. :-)

  19. Laura from Italy on

    Compliments on your new site! I always read your blog and since I am pc impaired I hope I managed to do it right to keep tracks of you. I love all your FOs and projects. The yarn I prefer is the sock yarn both kinds. I have already used Lorna Laces and like it but never tried the other one. Here in Italy it is not easy to find nice sock yarn. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Knitting from Italy!

  20. Kelly on

    Love your new site!
    and here I am only getting to the button holes *hangs head in shame* so sorry!

  21. reluctantmango on

    Congrats on leaving Blogger behind – I like the new digs! My little one’s due Jan 7th, so I’d pick the jacket pattern and yarn, but wouldn’t be unhappy with the Lornas Laces either :)

  22. Ingrid on

    The new site looks great! I’ve already updated my bloglines feed.

    Please enter me in for prize #1.

  23. DeeDee on

    Congratulations on your move; hope you enjoy your new home. Love to have the Flotte sock yarn is I’m lucky enough to be a winner. Have lots of fun playing with and personalizing your new site, and rest assured that your regular readers won’t have a problem with the change.

  24. Michelle on

    Oh! Lornas! I’m sure you’ll be much happier with WordPress than Blogger. I totally don’t miss blogger at all! ;-)

  25. Liz K on

    Your new blog looks great! I am still wrestling with blogger, and if I ever get the time of inclination….

    anyway, that honey-colored sock yarn is lustable, but I am not choosy!

  26. jennie on

    Woo hoo! Welcome to the land of wordpress. You’ll love it, I promise. :)

    despite the lack of babies in my life, I’m obsessed with baby knits right now. Enter me for prize numero uno!

  27. Danielle on

    Welcome to the new digs! If you were inclined to send me any one of these prizes, I would not complain :)

  28. Clare on

    Your new site is lovely! And what amazing prizes…I love them all! But I would love the variegated sock yarn.

  29. Jennifer on

    Hi! This is the first time I have ever commented on a blog before! I love your blog – I am also a knitter/sewer and love it when I find a blog with similar interests.

    Anyway, I am pregnant with twins (a boy and a girl) and am knitting up blankets for them in that terracotta cotton ease and the lime green based on YOUR wear test. ;) I would love to have the three skeins and jacket pattern to knit a jacket they could both wear that would match! As I am facing the prospect of bedrest, will have plenty of time to knit….Thanks!

  30. ami on

    Congrats on the new blog home. It’s always been lovely and now it has a new lovely spot to match.

  31. Elizabeth on

    Welcome to WordPress – I’ve been very happy here. Your new site looks lovely. And oh my, I love that new baby sweater pattern – how I wish I had someone to knit it for! I think #2 (the Lornas) is probably more practical for me.

  32. Amy on

    Ooh, welcome to WordPress! We’ve missed you! It looks great over here. In case you haven’t found it yet, Akismet is the freaking bomb for spam reduction. Try it, you’ll like it. :)

    Can’t *wait* to see the things you’ve been up to, and I’ll squeal if I’m picked as the winner for #2. What a fun pattern!

  33. Michelle on

    Congrats on the move, the new digs look good!

  34. Kristina on

    good decision (on the move). I also am not fond of blogger. I would love to have a chance at the pattern/yarn choice. What a great, and generous idea. thanks!

  35. gleek on

    welcome to your new home! much better than blogspot for sure! :) i’d be interested in your baby jacket. i’ve loved it since i first saw it on beatrix.

  36. Elaine on

    Congrats on the move. I love the way the baby jacket looks, but alas no babies to give it to.

    So first choice is the Lorna’s second is the other sock yarn.

  37. ann on

    congrats on the bloggy move!
    I would LOVE the LL in sunshine. that’s one of my favorite colors!

  38. Beth on

    That baby jacket is so cute! I’ve been wanting to find a pattern to knit for my new niece and that one might be just the thing I need! Congratulations on your new blog home!

  39. Marianna on

    Congratulations on making the switch! I like yellow sock yarn, looks very pretty.

  40. Elinor on

    Hooray for a new home! And I’m in for the Lorna’s Laces. =D

  41. Megan on

    I hope you enjoy WordPress- I love it! Congrats on the move (and I don’t need in on the contest, just wanted to say hi)!

  42. Pat on

    I just changed my bloglines sub – I like your new home!
    LL in Sunshine would make a nice middle of the winter pair of socks!!

  43. rhoda on

    congrats on the move. it’s nice here. :) the baby jacket is super cute! My preference is the baby jacket. :)

  44. femiknitmafia on

    Welcome to your new home!! And of course I’ll update my subscription. You can’t get rid of me. [threat, promise? not sure]

    I like the baby jacket or the Shephard sock. fingers crossed.

  45. Jody on

    Congrats on your new home!

    I love the baby jacket pattern – what a great idea for a contest!

  46. adrienne on

    the jacket is very cute…but i think i will go for the variegated sock yarn.

  47. .: tani :. on

    congrats! the site looks great! i’m loving the baby jacket but i’ll put in for the LL. :)

  48. Lauren on

    The site looks really good. I like the muted colors. I’ll put my name in for the Lorna’s Laces. Thanks!

  49. Cathi on

    The site looks great, Elinor! Congrats!

    Love the b&w sock yarn. :)

  50. schrodinger on

    Wow, I feel like I’ve been away from bloglines for ages – glad I actually read my blogs and saw that you’ve moved. Love the new look, and you (along with so many others) have me thinking about getting my own domain set up… hmmmm. How cool that you’re having a little contest too – normally I would always want sock yarn, but the jacket is far to cute to resist :)

  51. mai on

    my biggest problem with blogger is the comments issue. other than that, i don’t have a huge problem with them!

    if you haven’t already done the drawing, i’d love to be included! i’m not picky, but would probably go for the lorna’s sock yarn.

  52. Chris on

    Welcome to WordPress! Hey, here’s some info on a plugin that will import haloscan comments. That’s just the first search result – you might find others.

    I would love the black & white yarn.

  53. kelp! on

    Congrats on your bloggy move! You give me too much credit for test knitting, really, because my baby jacket is still missing the sleeves. Damn row gauge!

    I do heart the yellow LL, since you’re having a contest and all…

  54. tiennie on

    Lovely new home! I’m glad you’re back!

  55. Karma on

    Just catching up with you at your new site; do you feel like you just moved house and you’re starting out fresh? :) The baby jacket is adorable; I wonder what size it goes up to? Miss Peanut is starting to wear 18 mo. already.

  56. whitknits on

    Congrats on the move…I’m a huge WordPress fan. The blog looks great!

    I do like that solid Lornas Laces!

  57. kris on

    congrats! the new place is looking very good!

    *lining up in the lorna’s queue*

  58. Connie on

    Love the new site! Love the baby sweater! I have a friend due at the end of the month – and she is not saying what she is having. I have printed it and will be starting today!

  59. Susanne on

    Oh that jacket is the sweetest! How clever of you. If I am fortunate enough to win, any of your prizes would be just fine with me! Congrats on your move, and yes I agree, Blogger FS!! I recently moved my blog too but haven’t done all the updating it needs. time…do you have any of that for a giveaway?? whew…need more time..

  60. Olga on

    Love what you’ve done to your new place! Those wood floors are fab-tas-ic! So much light – makes the place look larger! Love the landscaping too.
    Anyhoo- just came by to drop off cookies for the house warming and let you know I love love the Lorna laces sunshine sock yarn, they seem so cheerful and gee whiz happy! Congrats on the move!

  61. Elspeth on

    Ooh, that black and white yarn is gorgeous! Congrats on the move. I moved to wordpress last year and really enjoy it.

  62. kitkatknit on

    I traveled over from Blogger to WordPress last year and don’t regret it. Me, I’d love the yellow sock yarn. Thanks!

  63. lorinda on

    Welcome to WordPress; you won’t regret your move! Sorry you can’t move comments over.

    Either one of the sock yarns would be loverly!

  64. Sharon on

    Glad your happy with your move to WordPress. I’d love a chance at the baby jacket but would be just as happy with the verigated sock yarn!

  65. Lorette on

    I love your new home! I’d go for the Cotton Ease, as you just can’t have too much Cotton Ease! That baby jacket is just the cutest thing.

  66. Christina on

    Well, I have friend expecting that would love the baby jacket but boy I have a Cookie A sock pattern screaming for that yellow/orange Lorna’s but I’m sucker for variagated and/or self striping sock yarns. Gash darn it, pick for me, please?

  67. Kimberly on

    I have been quietly reading your blog for a while. The new site is nice! So is Lorna’s Laces Sock Yarn! Throw me into that pool!

  68. susan on

    welcome to wordpress, i used to be on vox and it was not a user friendly place.

    i like the yellow lorna’s laces.

  69. Julie on

    That baby sweater is absolutely adorable! That’s the prize I’d want, although I certainly wouldn’t say no to either of those beautiful sock yarns either :-)

    p.s. Yes, Bogger does suck; I left it quite some time ago and don’t miss it one little bit!

  70. Jen C. on

    The new layout/colors are great!

    Enter me for the pattern/cotton-ease.

  71. Alli on

    Yay for WordPress! I always have a hard time leaving comments on people’s blogger blogs.
    Your new banner is really nice!

    Please enter me for the Sunshine Sock yarn.

  72. Renee on

    I would love to win the Lorna’s Laces. I can’t wait to see the DROPS jacket – the pattern looks lovely.

  73. Kenyetta on

    Congrats on the move! Looks good.
    I would love to win the baby sweater pattern.

  74. dana on

    hi there. i am pretty new the blogging world so i just picked blogspot randomly. what inspired your switch to wordpress? the shorter address is nice…but unfortunately, i’d have to switch names to get the domain. hmph!


    p.s. either yarn (no babies!)

  75. 5elementknitr on

    I agree about it suckin’ to not be able to move your comments. The blog sites hold those things hostage like the cell phone co.’s used to hold people hostage because you couldn’t take your number with you!

  76. lisa on

    Congratulations! I moved my blog to wordpress at the end of July (from livejournal). What. a. good move! I also lost all the comments, but like you, I didn’t care! The thing I do still need to do is put the livejournal pics on flickr and link to those so I can totally shut down the lj account. I’d be happy with any of those prizes, but especially #2, but any would be great!

  77. Johanna on

    Congrats on the new home! I’d love #3 if I won!

  78. Tanya on

    Compliments on your move to the new site! Lol I am still building my site…it is slowly coming along!

    Honestly, love all the yarn, yummy yellowish orange…but would have to ask on the cotton ease. A girl i work with is preggers with twins (her first and only babies) and i have been looking to make something like this for her, (then pick a different but coordinating yarn for 2nd baby) we know they are fraternal girls! Congrats again!

  79. heide on

    I left Blogspot in disgust way back in January and I’m much happier now. Both of the yarns are beautiful, especially the yellow. Then again, the baby jacket is sweet too.

  80. Kel on

    Welcome to wordpress, it’s sooooo much better than Blogger. :)

  81. Jen on

    Congrats on the move, the domain name, and the cuuuuute pattern. I love Beatrix’ little baby foot. Those are some good yogi toes. :)

  82. Ühltje on

    I have changed the feed right away. Way to go. And if I’m also contesting (being in the Netherlands) I would really love the Lorna’s Laces. I normally never ‘do’ yellow, but this one looks so delicate and I have knit with Lorna’s Laces once before and it was a dream.

  83. Rachel on

    I like your new place! Updated my feeds already.

    While I think that jacket is adorable, I have no ‘lil ones to knit for at the moment (seems to go in waves with my friends!), so I’d go with the solid sock yarn if chosen. I don’t normally do yellow, but for some reason, on this dreary, rainy day, that color is calling! :)

    Congrats on your new home!

  84. Nicole on

    Congratulations on the new site!

    All the prizes look wonderful, but if I have to choose just one I’ll pick the Lorna’s Laces – it would be the perfect colour to brighten up a dreary winter day.

  85. Emily on

    Love your new look! Good point about the tediously long blogspot addresses – mine is really ridiculous since I chose a long title…

    That jacket is adorable – I think I’d like that prize, should I be fortunate enough to win!!!

  86. Phoebe on

    Like the new website, congratulations! I would love the Lorna’s Laces.

  87. Kate on

    I’m on blogger, and I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. I’m thinking about moving- maybe as a present to myself for my first blogoversary? Let us all know how you find wordpress.

    I love the Lorna’s Laces, but is the comp open to non-americans?

  88. Hanna on

    Hmmm, I thought I commented a couple of days ago, but I must not have hit submit or something!

    I was still subscribed to your blogger rss feed, so it was really great to find you again! I’d love to enter your contest, #1 please!

    Also, I’ve started a new blog to spread the word about knitting blog contests: it’s called WiKnit – please let me know if I could post about your contest on it!

  89. Hanna on

    p.s. I apologize for the exclamation point overload in that last comment. I think I must have had too much coffee today…

  90. Sue on

    Ooh your new site looks wonderful. I love the baby jacket, and any of the prizes would be wonderful. You are so nice for holding a contest with such lovely giveaways.

  91. Alisha on

    Congrats on the move. I am off to change the address in my sidebar!!!

  92. Kathy R on

    I just discovered your blog and am adding it to my list as I can tell it is right up my alley.

    And wow! A contest to boot!

    I’d love to get any of the three prizes, but since I’m knitting socks left and right, I’d prefer one of those two.

    I hope to have my own blog someday, time permitting…

  93. susan on

    I have seen so many people saying how they hate blogger. Being fairly new to blogging (and using blogger) I’ve never really been sure why. Maybe after doing this for more time I’ll understand. I do like the new look, that’s for sure. Any of the prizes would be well received but the baby stuff would come in handy as a co-worker of my husband is going to be a daddy soon.

  94. lomester on

    LOVELY new home.

    If you choose me… i want 1!

  95. Christy/ Not Hip on

    I’m in for number 1…like the new site design.

  96. Patty on

    The baby jacket pattern is wonderful! Is that your little one in white? So cute. I have a new grandson and would love to enter the contest for the pattern and Cotton Ease.


  97. Kim on

    Hi! I just found your blog through Ravelry. I am hoping to get some good inspiration to put exercise before knitting in my house too! :)
    I’d love to enter the contest, I like all 3 prizes, so I would take any of them :)

  98. kodachromeknits on

    I agree with the “Blogger Sucks” sentiment, but alas, I’m still at Blogger. (Right now, I’m trying to install Haloscan comments to replace the lousy comment function of blogger.) Your move inspires me to make the move in the coming future as your blog is looking fantastic!

    As for the prizes, I’d love the baby jacket pattern with the cotton yarn as my brother and sister-in-law had a baby girl this past August and I must have a knitted xmas gift ready for her soon. (Okay, I *mustn’t*–I wanna!). Her name is Grace :)

    Thanks for the contest!!

  99. alison on

    Hi Elinor! Perhaps you’re drawing right this second, but I’ll try to squeeze my name into the hat anyway. (That was a weird metaphor.) That LL sock yarn looks simply scrumptious, and I’d love it.

    Congrats on the new site! :)

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