My Psychic Secret Swapper

Check out the crazy loot from Christine in the SP10 reveal package!! Wow! There is too much here to fit in one frame! And all of it so perfect! Aaron is quite tired of listening to me gush so now it’s your turn! And seriously, you should all follow that link over to her blog. She has some really interesting posts. The freakiest? This one. *shudder*
1. Vegan Cupcakes by these folks, a book I’ve coveted since reading the New York Times article
2. Lots of chocolate, both milk and dairy free
3. RSPCA dish towel
4. Cloth book/rattle for Beatrix
5. A fold-out postcard of her town in NSW
6. Super cute necklace by Karin Taylor
7. A skein of Merino Cashmere 4-ply in Geranium from The Knittery (!!!)
8. Rebecca Baby & Kids magazine
9. Some great laminated patterns (I don’t know what I did with those pictures…)
10. This really funny card (Christine, are you saying I’m That Mom? Kidding, of course I am…)
10. A Princess Beatrix t-shirt (where did she find that??)
Thanks so much, Christine!!! I hope you were as spoiled as I was this swap!!!

Actual knitted items will reappear later this week. Beatrix is cutting her top teeth and no one is sleeping well at all at my house. Knitting has been temporarily placed on the back burner while the three of us focus on survival.

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