I promised to post yesterday but I fell asleep. Oops! Boy, do I have some serious knitting content for you! I had to send a bunch of gifts yesterday in a mad dash so I never took pictures of my mom’s sweater or my brother’s brioche hat. Neither were too exciting. The hat was white and maroon, since those are the color’s of the little brother’s college and he’s in the basketball pep band. Also, I forgot finished product photos of little cousins wearing elf stockings. They were cute but frankly, my hands will thank me if I never use size 13 DPNs with double-stranded bulky yarn again. That was a recipe for carpal tunnel syndrome! I don’t know how big-needle/yarn scarf knitters can stand the achy wrists and hands. Maybe that’s why it seems like the trendy knitters either move on to real projects on real needles with real yarn or quit. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have anything against scarf-only knitters, I just cannot relate.

OK, so my father-in-laws socks (see dk blue/medium blue sock in progress) are taking forever. I made the mistake of swatching on sz 3 needles instead of the 6s I had intended (the yarn is worsted weight). So now I’m stuck with REALLY thick socks for a man with sz 11.5-12 feet. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’ve been slaving over the first one not only because I need these done by Sunday but also because I need the needles to finish my sister-in-law’s second sock (the plum-colored sock is the first in the pair). Nothing like leaving these to the last minute. In my defense, I am a graduate student so it is not as if I’ve been loafing around for the last few months!

Still, in order to get the gift knitting done, I’ve rented a stack of movies including Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer , the Marx Brothers’ Go West and At the Circus , Mad Hot Ballroom , State and Main and Intolerable Cruelty. Yes, I know – that’s a lot. You have to understand that we do not have tv service so movies on DVD or VHS are the only option for sedentary zombie days. I’ve seen book holders online and I plan on buying one but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I would prefer reading but as long as I’m knitting socks on DPNs, that seems a little unrealistic.

This is the point in marathon knitting when knitting seems less fun and more of a pressing obligation. As a result, I frequently knit much less than normal after the holidays and in January. To keep up my progress, I’m going to meet the ladies of Knit Lawrence for an informal meeting on Friday evening. Maybe they can save me from the interminable sock! (Note to self: get to know people with small feet…)

I have three more pictures for you. First, the aforementioned Dr. Seuss socks that my husband doubts any sane human being would ever wear. Second, the unfelted flower pin still needing a center bobble and its ends woven in. The pin will be for my stepsister-in-law. Third, a Christmas stocking I made for my friend Julie last year. Because I was an idiot and did not write down the final dimensions, I asked if I could borrow it so that I could make a duplicate for her husband. We won’t likely see them until after Christmas so they won’t have a pair of stockings until next year but I do need to make a second one for him. I went to my LYS to look for the same yarn although I didn’t see it, I was in a rush so I’ll go back later when things calm down to get some. I hope they have it. I don’t want to have to go to Kansas City (30 minutes away) for one skein of yarn. Some of you may scoff at that drive but since I’m from Massachusetts, my geography worldview is a little skewed. A half hour drive is way too long for yarn.
I promise to post once the gifts are finished and before I wrap everything up.

Happy knitting, gift knitters!

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4 comments so far

  1. Theresa on

    Wow! That is a lot of knitting content! I feel your pain – the only thing keeping me from casting on a whole bunch of fun new projects is knowing that I’ll have more fun with them in January if I finish up the obligations now. I should post on that next week. Thanks for the reminder . . .

    Love the comment about distance – I go to school in RI, where – if it’s more than 15 min away – you have to block out a whole afternoon for the trip. Now that I’m moving out to San Diego (June), people talk about hour long commutes as “not bad.” Egads!

    Oh, and as far as movies, go – I love Netflix. Whole seasons of TV shows on DVD, sans commericals, and whenever YOU want to watch. Definitely good for knitting.

    Good luck with the homestretch. At least you have tonight. We have the first of 6 straight days of family gatherings. Nothing like a little Christmas . . .

  2. Makenzie on

    the brioche hat was interesting… i had to try the cast-on a few times before i got it right. i also had some trouble with the decreases on the dpn’s. the stitches would get all twisted and the color wouldn’t be right. i figured it out in the end… it was definitely a fun pattern and i liked making it. Many more to come!

  3. Kristen on

    you were certainly busy! Those plum colored socks caught my eye – what yarn is the “main” part of the sock? (it looks heathery from here – I did a quick scan to see if it’s posted somewhere and am sorry if I’m just missing it.)

    I agree with your take on eatting “right” and exercising and admire that you’re a vegan. I was on that path (almost there with a few exceptions) but got incredibly ill; long story short being a vegetarian/vegan isn’t in my cards for this life. The nutritionist I saw gave me hope, and helped me to get back onto a “food plan” that didn’t overwelm me. Now I just need to adopt you’re “exercise before knitting” theory… :)

  4. Elinor on

    Ha! Exercise before knitting is key!

    It’s not very heathery. It’s Dale of Norway Falk superwash yarn. I’ve got some more and I plan on another pair of socks soon so I’ll post better pics. In the meantime, http://www.dale.no/dale/dg/eng/homeeng.nsf

    Veganism is more than a big commitment- it requires major lifestyle changes. Most vegans I know transitioned into it over a period of years. I was a lacto-ovo veggie but I went to a boarding school for high school and needed to return to meat in order to get protein. Cafeteria-style meals were not veg friendly. I went back in college and vegan a year ago when I realized I had a dairy allergy. It’s not for everyone but it works with my lifestyle right now.

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