I did a lot of knitting over the weekend because I was really nervous about having my wisdom teeth pulled today (only local anesthesia… so awful!) I finished the kimono but I haven’t yet pieced it. I’ve been working on mittens because it is so cold right now. These two mittens came from Folk Mittens, one of my favorite books. I can’t remember the brand of yarn I used for the gray mitten but it is 100% wool.

The Lapland mitten is made of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. This will be the fifth or sixth time I’ve made these mittens. I love the pattern. I’ve tried many color combinations but I like the suggested combination best. The mittens in this book (for the most part) are unlike other mittens I’ve made in that they are really thick and fit close to the hand so the wearer never has the slippery mitten problem.

I never knit both mittens in a pair together because it is too boring. Sometimes I have to (e.g. at the holidays) but I prefer to space them out if possible.

Thanks to all of the bloggers for welcoming me to the fold! I think this will be a lot of fun! Now I have to convince the other members of my knitting group to start blogs!

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7 comments so far

  1. jess on

    Congrats on startig a blog! Your knitting is so lovely! I couldn’t do one of those cute mittens.

  2. Theresa on

    I love Folk Mittens, but I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never knit any of the interesting mittens (just the basic ones). Yours look great – any chance we could see a straight-on view of the Lapland mittens? Maybe I should put them on my after-Christmas list . . .

  3. Elinor on

    I’ll post a straight-on view of the mitts when I finish the 2nd one. Maybe today or tomorrow.

  4. Kat with a K on

    Yet another welcoming you to the fold… saw the link from Kat and Kristen. Are you a New Englander too?

  5. Elinor on

    Yes, I’m from New England but I’ve been in the Midwest for 6 years. It’s a different world but it’s not as awful as New Englanders generally expect – I quite like it. :-)

  6. Linda on

    Great blog, Elinor! I’ve bookmarked it already. Your projects (mittens included) are amazing….Keep those photos coming.

    BTW, thanks for commenting on my blog, and thanks for the tip about Knit Lawrence. If the timing’s right the next time DH and I are out that way, I’ll definitely want to stop by!

    Rock on!

  7. erica on

    I see you are in Lawrence. Are you studying at KU? I did my undergrad at KU in the early 1990s and loved it. I learned to knit at the Yarn Barn.

    Your mittens are wonderful. The Lapland mittens are beautiful. I’ve looked at them many times recently as I’m knitting my own mittens.

    Also welcome to the Midwest Knitters blog ring.

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